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    Database Interview Questions & Answers

    Below we have listed all the Database Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Database Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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    Subcategories for Database Interview Questions - The following are sub categories for which Interview Questions are available under this category. Please select the appropriate sub-category:

    Clipper Interview Questions (51)

    DBA Interview Questions (487)

    Firebird Interview Questions (136)

    Hierarchical Interview Questions (25)

    Informix Interview Questions (28)

    Microsoft Access Interview Questions (35)

    MS SqlServer Interview Questions (799)

    MYSQL Interview Questions (248)

    Network Interview Questions (90)

    Object Relational Interview Questions (43)

    PL/SQL Interview Questions (143)

    PostgreSQL Interview Questions (127)

    Progress Interview Questions (107)

    Relational Interview Questions (77)

    SQL Interview Questions (561)

    SQL Server Interview Questions (505)

    Stored Procedures Interview Questions (48)

    Sybase Interview Questions (274)

    Teradata Interview Questions (71)

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    explain the data manipulation command in hierarchical model
    View Answer
    What is pl/sql?
    View Answer
    What is SQL Indexes?
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    The query I'm running in peoplesoft on a regular basis has been generating the same results for 4 weeks now. This is rather peculiar since I am also aware of the changes in the information being entered in the database. I am afraid the query is not capturing these updates. What could be wrong? What should we be watching out?
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    Explain the different types of SQL server 2005?
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    Explain design constraints in database management system ?
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    What is the return type of user defined procedure in ms sql?
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    how many tables can a single database hold?
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    Hi, I already installed Solaris in my System for Oracle DBA purpose,Thats ok ,I don't have drivers to access Internet, I can install but which are compatible for my PC..... My Config::::MSI Mother Board AMD Processor, On windows Nvidia Drivers & realtek drivers are working.... Please Help me.......... Thanks @naresh@
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    If the current date/time is 2004-10-14 13:05:34, what would be the output of the MySQL statement "select date_format(sysdate(),'%b-%Y-%d-%i');"
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    How can we delete constraints related to views?
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    what is data partitioning?
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    What is different between two tier and three tier architecture?
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    How can you search a pattern?
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    What is the solution for invalid user name and password when you are connected to database through oledb and put it on the form?
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    What is dynamic data replication?
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    State the ACID rules?
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    Explain the role of indexing in databases?
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    Explain about the Storage and physical database design?
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    Explain about post relational databases?
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