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Networking Interview Questions & Answers

Below we have listed all the Networking Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Networking Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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Client Server Interview Questions & Answers (36)

Client-Server Computing Interview Questions & Answers (52)

Computer Networks Interview Questions & Answers (139)

Corba Interview Questions & Answers (18)

LAN Interview Questions & Answers (11)

MAN Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Networks and Security Interview Questions & Answers (21)

TCP/IP Interview Questions & Answers (54)

WAN Interview Questions & Answers (11)

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Why is OSI model layered?
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What is the differnce between Unshielded twisted pair(UTP) and Shielded twisted pair(STP) ?
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What is the difference between L3 Switch and Router, If they Perform the same function why we need both of them?
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Why we use cross cable to connect same devices?
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What is the difference between Client and desktop Operating systems?
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In which OSI layer does a telecom sector stand for ?
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piggy backing is a technique for a)acknowledge b)sequence c)flow control d)retransmission
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How many layers in networking?
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Draw and label AF-INET socket address structure
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What do you mean by Twisted-pair Cabling ?
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How intervlan communication takes place in a layer 3 switch. Also the configuration details.
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Which of the following involves context switch a)privileged instruction b)floating point exception c)system calls d)all e)none
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What are the two types of OLTP?
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What is TCP/IP ? what is the use of TCP/IP?
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What is networking?
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Hi. This is Ajay Rawat. I want to Configure Linux Server for Internet Sharing from Linux to windows system. Can any body tell me how to do it?I have four Pcs and I want to configure one for LInux and other three for windows..............?
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What is CIDR?
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What is the use of kerberos protocol ?
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What is meant by Transparency?
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What is Subnetting? Why is it used?
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