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Microsoft Access Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Microsoft Access Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Microsoft Access is a powerful program to create and manage your databases. It has many built in features to assist you in constructing and viewing your information. Access is much more involved and is a more genuine database application than other program currently available.

Try Microsoft Access Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Microsoft Access Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Microsoft Access Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What format should my database be saved in to allow different versions of Microsoft Access to open the database?

Answer: MS Access is not backwards compatible. To share tables between different versions of MS Access, you can link the tables between two different databases. However, only the tables in the converted database would be available. Source:
Question: What is the size limitation of an Access database?

Answer: Size limitation does not pertain to number of records in a table within a database. Forms, reports, macros, and modules also contribute to database size, but is rather minimal compared to tables containing records. It is recommended that if large amounts of data will be maintained or constantly deleted and new data imported, put your tables in another database and link the tables back into the main database. The utilities for database compression and repair will run much more quickly. In Access Source:
Question: Explain about Microsoft access?

Answer: Microsoft access name has been changed to Microsoft office access. This software incorporates relational database management system which combines GUI (graphical user interface) with Microsoft Jet database engine. It can import and use data from Access, SQL, oracle, etc. This software is used to build application software. Source:
Question: How do you import data from another access database?

Answer: The process of importing data from another Access database follows these general steps they are.
? Preparing the document for import operation and make sure that extensions are not in .mde or .accde because in that extension you can import only tables.
? Source should be closed automatically when the process is completed
? Make sure that you have permission for read and write. Source:
Question: Explain about creating a report tool by using the report tool and report wizard?

Answer: Report tool creates a report very fast because it will not ask you for much information for creating your report. It displays the entire field but it may not be the polished data source you are opting for.
Report wizard allows you to create a table by giving you options on what to appear and what not to appear. You can specify the relations, grouping and sorting between the tables. Source:
Question: Explain the steps for this message ?could not delete from the specified tables??

Answer: This error is caused by delete query and when the unique property is set to no.
Following are the steps which should be taken to solve the problem.
1) Delete query should be opened and if it is not opening then press F4
2) Clicking the query properties underneath the query designer will give you options.
3) In that options you need to locate unique records property and should set it to yes. These options are present in query property sheet. Source:
Question: How can I open an MS Access database that has been converted to a current version?

Answer: MS Access is not backwards compatible. A workaround to share tables between different versions of MS Access would be to link the tables between two different databases. All objects in the database would not be available. Source:
Question: how to insert and retrive images on MSACCESS using java

Answer: First thing we need to do is set the column type as OLE Object. While saving the data into the column of type OLE Object, save the data as byte array, while retrieving the image from the column read the value, put the value into byte array and then convert the byte array to image type and display the same. This is very simple. Source:
Question: How do you create an append query?

Answer: Append query can be used if you would like to add new rows of data to an already existing table. The process of creating an append query follows these steps they are.
? Basic step should be to create a select query
? After selecting the query you need to append the query
? Destination fields should be selected for each column in the query
? Records can be appended by using the function to run. Source:
Question: When I assigned a primary key to my table in Microsoft Access, I was expecting my data to be sorted. Am I using the correct procedure?

Answer: Some developers occasionally rely on indexes to sort their data, but shouldn't. That's because an index is an internal Jet operation that relies on internal rules to speed sorting, which is not the same as actually performing the sort. Records are not stored differently or changed. The sort is not performed until an action is being taken against the data like a query. This is not the same as simply opening a table in its Datasheet View. Although an index often appears to sort data, those Source:
Question: Explain about managing data tasks?

Answer: Data can be managed by using the features of Import text wizard and export text wizard. Here you can save the operation for future use. First you should edit the specification name after clicking it you can make changes to the text box. Path can also be changed by clicking and modifying the changes in text box. Changes to the description of the file name can be made by making a change in the text box and then saving the changes to the path, specification name by pressing enter. Source:
Question: How does Microsoft Access database recover free space?

Answer: From Database Manager run "Compact and Repair Database" Source:
Question: I am using the Switchboard Manager in MS Access. I am getting an error message "There was an error executing this command."

Answer: The Switchboard manager in MS Access offers only limited information on errors that occur within the database. Execute the selection directly from the database window to get more detailed information on the error. Source:
Question: Explain about the various features present in MS Access?

Answer: Microsoft access has huge benefits for a programmer and end user. Some of the benefits are
? Relative compatibility with SQL and VBA.
? Microsoft SQL server desktop engine is embedded into the Access suite along with Jetdata base engine which can further help you in programming.
? MS Access allows forms to contain data which is altered as changes are made to the underlying table.
? It has features which support the creation of all objects in the underlying server. Source:
Question: State some criteria`s and their effects on a ms access database?

Answer: It is possible to enter one or more criteria in the rows which can affect your database significantly.
>=?Callahan? this returns all the various records from Callahan to the end of the alphabet.
Date() This field returns all the data pertaining to the current date.
???? This is used when you want to know all records which contain zero length string. This can be useful to know whether your customers have fax numbers or so. Source:
Question: I am designing an Access database form. How can I get my next control in the form to be automatically selected?

Answer: By default, Access waits until you press Enter before it selects the Next control on your form. However, this is a wasted keystroke you can eliminate by setting each control's Auto Tab property to Yes. This Property also requires that you set an input mask. Once the data you're entering satisfies the input mask, the Auto Tab property Automatically selects the form's next control. We don't recommend you Use this feature unless you can apply it consistently; otherwise you'll ju Source:
Question: Would you like to easily automate your MS Access database through menu driven selections?

Answer: This can be accomplished by creating a form with customized buttons that point to macros. An easier way is to use MS Access' built in function called "Switchboard Manager". This can be located in Tools/Add-Ins. Source:
Question: How do you add a developer to a trusted publishers list?

Answer: Whenever a developer is signing into the code project you will have three options they are disable the macro, enable the macro and explicitly trusting the publisher. You can trust the publisher by allowing from the control panel of the windows. Always have an option left to enable or disable the macros because sensitive information regarding your code can be leaked out within fraction of seconds. Source:
Question: Can I use ExecuteReader() in if-else. Because in my code which is in C# ExecuteReader() in if is executing and in else it is not please tell me the solution.

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: What is Replication Manager?

Answer: Replication manager creates an replica to the current application.
or simply you can say "which is corbon copy or object of current Access Application". Source:

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