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MYSQL Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

MYSQL Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

MySQL, the most popular Open Source SQL database management system, is developed, distributed, and supported by Oracle Corporation. The MySQL Web site ( provides the latest information about MySQL software. MySQL is a database management system. A database is a structured collection of data.

Try MYSQL Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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MySQL Basics Interview Questions & Answers (3) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

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MYSQL Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try MYSQL Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What are the advantages of Mysql comparing with oracle?

Answer: MySql has many advantages in comparison with Oracle.<br><br>1 - MySql is Open source, which can be available any time <br><br>2 - MySql has no cost of development purpose.<br><br>3 - MySql has most of features , which oracle provides <br><br>4 - MySql day by day updating with new facilities.<br><br>5 - Good for small application.<br><br>6 - easy to learn and to become master.<br><br>7 - MySql has a good power the Source:
Question: Which version of MySQL supports Subquery?

Answer: mysql 4.0 onwards support subquery. Source:
Question: What is SERIAL data type in MySQL?

Question: How we can count duplicate entery in particular table against Primary Key ? What are constraints?

Answer: The syntax in the previous answer (where count(*) > 1) is very questionable. suppose you think that you have duplicate employee numbers. there's no need to count them to find out which values were duplicate but the followin SQL will show only the empnos that are duplicate and how many exist in the table:

Select empno, count(*)

from employee

group by empno

having count(*) > 1

Generally speaking aggregate functions (count, sum, avg etc.) go in the HA Source:
Question: What happens when the column is set to AUTO INCREMENT and you reach the maximum value for that table?

Answer: It stops incrementing. It does not overflow to 0 to prevent data losses, but further inserts are going to produce an error, since the key has been used already. Source:
Question: What are the objects can be created using CREATE statement?

Answer: Following objects are created using CREATE statement:

VIEW Source:

Answer: The column exhibits the same behavior as a single timestamp column in a table with no other timestamp columns. Source:
Question: How to display nth highest record in a table for example?How to display 4th highest (salary) record from customer table?

Answer: Query: SELECT sal FROM `emp` order by sal desc limit (n-1),1If the question: "how to display 4th highest (salary) record from customer table."The query will SELECT sal FROM `emp` order by sal desc limit 3,1

Question: What are all the Common SQL Function?

Answer: CONCAT(A, B) ? Concatenates two string values to create a single string output. Often used to combine two or more fields into one single field.

FORMAT(X, D) ? Formats the number X to D significant digits.

CURRDATE(), CURRTIME() ? Returns the current date or time.

NOW() ? Returns the current date and time as one value.

MONTH(), DAY(), YEAR(), WEEK(), WEEKDAY() ? Extracts the given data from a date value.

HOUR(), MINUTE(), SECOND() ? Extracts the given data from Source:
Question: Explain about MYSQL and its features?

Answer: MYSQL is a relational data base model and most widely RDBMS all over the world. It provides multi user access to databases. Source code for this database is available under General public license. It became popular for web applications and this is widely used. Performance and reliability became its features. Source:
Question: Explain about normalization?

Answer: Applying specific rules (normal forms) to the database is the primary process. These rules should be applied in the order specified starting with the first normal form. These rules should be adhered by every database they are
1) Each column should have only one value
2) Repeating columns of data cannot be done. Source:
Question: Explain about a security flaw which is present while creating a username?

Answer: Naming MYSQL databases has to be very careful because any database starting with the test name can be accessed by every one on the network. Make sure that you don?t start the databases naming with test. It should be used only for experimental purposes only. Source:
Question: Describe the use of %ROWTYPE and %TYPE in PL/SQL

Answer: %ROWTYPE allows you to associate a variable with an entire table row.
The %TYPE associates a variable with a single column type. Source:
Question: State some of the features of MYSQL?

Answer: Some of the features presented by MYSQL are
1) Multiple storage engines, Native storage engines, Partner developed storage engines, custom storage engines, community developed storage engines and commit grouping.
Some of these features present in MYSQL are not present in most popular RDBMS. Source:
Question: How to enter Characters as HEX Numbers?

Answer: If you want to enter characters as HEX numbers, you can enter HEX numbers with single quotes and a prefix of (X), or just prefix HEX numbers with (Ox).

A HEX number string will be automatically converted into a character string, if the expression context is a string. Source:
Question: What is Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)?

Answer: Online Transaction Processing or OLTP manages transaction based applications which can be used for data entry and easy retrieval processing of data. This processing makes like easier on simplicity and efficiency. It is faster, more accurate results and expenses with respect to OTLP. Source:
Question: Explain about MyISAM table?

Answer: This feature is a default type for tables. This table is not so much considered for transactions because it is not considered as safe but this kind of table is very fast in execution. The maximum key length is 1024 bytes and 64 keys per table. Size of this table entirely depends upon the operating system. Source:
Question: What is the Oracle rowid counterpart in MySQL?

Answer: As row id is in oracle same as id is in mysql but in mysql there is no concept of rownum. Source:
Question: How will retrieve nth level categories from one query in mysql ?

Answer: SELECT c1.CategoryID c1.Name c2.CategoryID c2.Name
FROM category AS c1 category AS c2
WHERE c1.CategoryID c2.ParentID
ORDER BY c1.CategoryID c2.CategoryID Source:
Question: What does "tee" command do in MySQL?

Answer: "tee" followed by a filename turns on MySQL logging to a specified file. It can be stopped by command notee. Source:

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