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DBA Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

DBA Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

DBA is also an abbreviation for doing business as - a term sometimes used in business and legal writing. dBA is an abbreviation for A-weighted decibels. A database administrator, frequently known just by the acronym DBA, is a role usually within the Information Technology department, charged with the creation, maintenance, backups, querying, tuning, user rights assignment and security of an organization's databases.

Try DBA Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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DBA Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try DBA Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What happens if a tablespace clause is left off of a primary key constraint clause?

Answer: This results in the index that is automatically generated being placed in then users default tablespace. Since this will usually be the same tablespace as the table is being created in, this can cause serious performance problems. Source:
Question: What is a database profile?

Answer: Each database user is assigned a Profile that specifies limitations on various system resources available to the user. Source:
Question: What is DKNF in case of DBMS?

Answer: A relation is said to be in DKNF if all constraints and dependencies that should hold on the the constraint can be enforced by simply enforcing the domain constraint and key constraint on the relation. Source:
Question: What are the basic element of Base configuration of an oracle Database?

Answer: It consists of one or more data files. one or more control files. two or more redo log files. The Database contains multiple users/schemas one or more rollback segments one or more tablespaces Data dictionary tables User objects (table, indexes, views etc.,) The server that access the database consists of SGA (Database buffer, Dictionary Cache Buffers, Redo log buffers, Shared SQL pool) SMON (System MONito) PMON (Process MONitor) LGWR (LoG Write) DBWR (Data Base Write) ARCH (ARCHiver) CKPT (Chec Source:
Question: What is Storage Manager in case of DBMS?

Answer: Storage Manager, in case of DBMS, is a Program Module that provides the interface between the low-level data stored in database, application programs and queries submitted to the system. Source:
Question: How is it possible to select generate a select set for the query in the query property sheet?

Answer: By using the tables/columns button and then specifying the table and the column names. Source:
Question: What is DML Compiler?

Answer: DML Compiler translates DML statements in a query language into low-level instruction that the query evaluation engine can understand. Source:
Question: What are the different modals of windows?

Answer: Modeless windows Modal windows. Source:
Question: How would you determine who has added a row to a table?

Answer: A database trigger is a PL/SQL block that can defined to automatically execute for insert, update, and delete statements against a table. The trigger can e defined to execute once for the entire statement or once for every row that is inserted, updated, or deleted. For any one table, there are twelve events for which you can define database triggers. A database trigger can call database procedures that are also written in PL/SQL Source:
Question: What happens if the constraint name is left out of a constraint clause?

Answer: The Oracle system will use the default name of SYS_Cxxxx where xxxx is a system generated number. This is bad since it makes tracking which table the constraint belongs to or what the constraint does harder. Source:
Question: What is a Relation Schema and a Relation?

Answer: A relation Schema denoted by R(A1, A2, ..., An) is made up of the relation name R and the list of attributes Ai that it contains. A relation is defined as a set of tuples. Let r be the relation which contains set tuples (t1, t2, t3, ..., tn). Each tuple is an ordered list of n-values t=(v1,v2, ..., vn). Source:
Question: What is the use of ANALYZE command?

Answer: To perform one of these function on an index, table, or cluster: - To collect statistics about object used by the optimizer and store them in the data dictionary. - To delete statistics about the object used by object from the data dictionary. - To validate the structure of the object.. - To identify migrated and chained rows off the table or cluster. Source:
Question: Diffrence between a ?where? clause and a ?having? claus

Answer: The order of the clauses in a query syntax using a GROUP BY clause is as follows:
select ? by?having?order by?
Where filters, group by arranges into groups, having applies based on group by clause. Having is applied with group by clause. Source:
Question: What are the responsibilities of a Database Administrator?

Answer: * Installing and upgrading the Oracle Server and application tools.
* Allocating system storage and planning future storage requirements for the database system.
* Managing primary database structures (tablespaces)
* Managing primary objects (table, views, indexes)
* Enrolling users and maintaining system security.
* Ensuring compliance with Oracle license agreement
* Controlling and monitoring user access to the database.
* Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the d Source:
Question: What is a User_exit?

Answer: Calls the user exit named in the user_exit_string. Invokes a 3Gl program by name which has been properly linked into your current oracle forms executable. Source:
Question: What is E-R model in case of DBMS?

Answer: This data model is based on real world that consists of basic objects called entities and of relationship among these objects. Entities are described in a database by a set of attributes. Source:
Question: Name the architectural components of RMAN ?

Answer: RMAN executable
Server process
Target database
Recovery catalog database
Media management layer
Backup sets and backup pieces Source:
Question: What use of command line parameter cmd file?

Answer: It is a command line argument that allows you to specify a file that contain a set of arguments for r20run. Source:
Question: What is a Database system?

Answer: The database and DBMS software together is called as Database system. Source:
Question: To execute row from being displayed that still use column in the row which property can be used?

Answer: Format trigger. Source:

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