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Clipper Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Clipper Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Clipper is a xBase compiler, which is a computer programming language, that is used to create software programs that originally operated primarily under DOS. Although it is a powerful general-purpose programming language, it was primarily used to create database/business programs. Clipper was a typical database development language and DOS based. Originally is was used as a replacement programming language for Ashton Tate's DbaseII database environment that could be compiled and executed as a standalone application.

Try Clipper Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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Clipper Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Clipper Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What are the features of Clipper VO?

Answer: There is no Clipper VO; CA Visual Objects is an object oriented Clipper super-set that runs under Windows and creates Windows executables. Source:
Question: Why do not you use GNU autoconf or SCONS for building?

Answer: The short answer is that if you get it from CCP4, it does. If you get it from me it doesn't, becuase autoconf is unreasonably complex and I have better things to fill my head with.
The long answer is that when Paul (who is an autoconf guru) and I set up autoconf for clipper it took us a week, and required sufficient specialist knowledge that I couldn't really maintain it. By contrast, when I set it up with SCONS, it took me less than a day and was easily maintainable, however at that Source:
Question: Is it possible to break NetLibs encryption?

Answer: NetLib's SDE was designed to be a moderately secure scheme to keep unauthorized users and programmers from accessing data. It was not designed to foil the skilled, dedicated hacker. If you have data of an extremely sensitive nature that you believe certain people are actively trying to compromise, you should look at an extremely secure scheme such as "DES" or "PGP" encryption.
Question: What versions of Clipper does NetLib support?

Answer: NetLib supports Clipper 87 through 5.3. Source:
Question: Why not PHENIX, the Zelinka/Otwinoski libraries, etc?

Answer: I'm writing this library to solve my own problems, and to help CCP4 developers transition to OO programming. You should find the best tool for the problem you need to solve, and use that. If Clipper fits the task, then I am happy to provide advice on implementation and make changes which do not lose generality.
Having said that, it is certainly possible to use CLipper in association with CCTBX. Source:
Question: What is the license for Clipper?

Answer: If you get it from here, the code is licensed under the LGPL with an additional clause allowing for the distribution of binaries without object files. If you get it from CCP4, it is licensed under the CCP4 library license. Source:
Question: Do I need CCP4?

Answer: No. CCP4 is an optional dependency which is only needed if you want to access CCP4 file formats. Source:
Question: What is NetLib for Clipper?

Answer: NetLib is a multi-faceted networking library for CA-Clipper. While it focuses on network functionality it also has many features which make it valuable even on a stand-alone system.
Question: What are the operating systems under which Clipper can operate?

Answer: MSDOS and clones and emulators. Source:
Question: How is file locking handled in Clipper?

Answer: if flock()=.T. then
endif Source:
Question: What does CLIPPER stand for?

Answer: ► A clipper is a fast or prestigious ship.
► CliPPer = C Plus Plus
► cLIpper = LIbrary
► clippER = ER, thats enough acronym for now.
► Or if you prefer, "Cross-crystal Likelihood Phase Probability Estimation and Refinement, which is what I hope it will be used for. Source:


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