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Oracle Interview Questions & Answers

Below we have listed all the Oracle Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Oracle Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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Subcategories for Oracle Interview Questions & Answers :-

Following are sub categories for which Interview Questions & Answers are available under Oracle Interview Questions & Answers. Please select the appropriate sub-category:-

Backup and Recovery Interview Questions & Answers (15)

Concepts and Architecture Interview Questions & Answers (62)

Data Access Interview Questions & Answers (19)

Database Administration Interview Questions & Answers (88)

Database Security Interview Questions & Answers (33)

Distributed Processing Interview Questions & Answers (17)

General Oracle Interview Questions & Answers (198)

Memory Management Interview Questions & Answers (123)

ONT Interview Questions & Answers (12)

Oracle Architecture Interview Questions & Answers (29)

Oracle Backup and Recovery Interview Questions & Answers (14)

Oracle Forms 3.0 Interview Questions & Answers (65)

Oracle Forms 4.0 Interview Questions & Answers (64)

PL-SQL Interview Questions & Answers (105)

Programmatic Constructs Interview Questions & Answers (11)

Scenarios Interview Questions & Answers (20)

SQL In Oracle Interview Questions & Answers (61)

SQL Plus Interview Questions & Answers (101)

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What are Drawback of cursor?
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How many codds rule should oracle satisfies
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what is place holder column? where we can use other than formula column?
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The initialization parameter file has LOG_CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL = 60; What does this mean?
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What is function overloading?an example of function overloading in oracle?
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what are phantom rows?
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Explaint the nvl2 function
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How many control files are required to create a database?
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What is the difference between groupby and orderby?
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A table is created with an INITRANS value of 2. Which value would you choose for INITRANS of an index created on this table?
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What is a basic difference between having and where clause?
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What is the prefix for dynamic performance views?
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What is the difference between object library and pl/sql library
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When you issue the command ALTER SYSTEM ENABLE RESTRICTED SESSION, what happens to the users who are connected to the database?
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Which parameter specified in the DEFAULT STORAGE clause of CREATE TABLESPACE cannot be altered after creating the tablespace?
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What packages are associated with the LogMiner utility?
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If you have two redo log groups with four members each, how many disks does Oracle recommend to keep the redo log files?
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What is a dirty buffer?
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What is the maximum number of database writer processes allowed in an Oracle instance?
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What are the valid status codes in the V$LOGFILE view?
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