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IBM Certification Exams Interview Questions

Below we have listed all the IBM Certification Exams Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any IBM Certification Exams Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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IBM DB2 DBA Certification Exam Interview Questions & Answers (12) Exam Mode | Learning Mode

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What does the ATTACH clause in the ALTER FRAGMENT statement do?

A. It adds extents to a table.
B. It attaches a raw data file to a table
C. It combines two unregimented tables
D. It combines two fragmented tables

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An iSeries installation is using Linux as a firewall between the public Internet and an OS/400
WebSphere server, and as a DMZ between the WebSphere server and the production OS/400

partitions. Which of the following ports and protocols should be allowed through the DMZ so
WebSphere can access the production data with JDBC?

A TOP port 8471
B UDP ports below 1024
C TOP ports between 63900 and 64500
D UDP port 8471 and TCP ports 6390 to 6450
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A customer created a hosted Linux partition on a 4-way i820 with iStar processors. The partition was created to utilize one shared processor unit, 1024MB of memory, and no other hardware. It
railed immediately when IPLed. The SRC code indicated that the partition does not have the
proper resources to IPL. What must be done to IPL this partition?

A Assign a dedicated LAN resource to this partition.
B Assign a dedicated CD/DVD device to this partition.
C Assign a dedicated console resource to this partition.
D Assign a dedicated processor to this partition.
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Which three can be locked?

A. a row
B. a page
C. a column
D. a key
E. shared memory
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Which two solutions, once installed and configured, can be used to move workloads without disruption? (Choose two)

A. XIV partitions
B. XIV Data Mover (XDM)
C. SAN Volume Controller
D. XIV Data Migration Function
E. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Replication V4
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What is the system catalog?

A. A catalogued set of index criteria
B. A set of tables created by the administrator.
C. A set of tables that managed the operating system
D. A set of tables that describe the structure of the database
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A client application on OS/390 or OS/400 must access a DB2 server on AIX. At a minimum, which
of the following products is required to provide DRDA Application Server functionality on the DB2
server for AIX?
A.DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition
B.DB2 UDB Workgroup Server Edition
C.DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition and DB2 UDB Workgroup Server Edition
D.DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition and DB2 UDB Enterprise Server Edition
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An iSeries administrator is planning a disaster recovery restore. What is the correct restore sequence to assure that the Linux partition will start?

A After completing Restore menu option 21, restore the NWSD followed by the storage spaces.
B Restore the system with Restore menu option 21.
C Restore the storage spaces followed by the Linux NWSD.
D After completing Restore menu option 21, re-create the NWSD from a RTVCFGSRC member.
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An application bound with isolation level Uncommitted Read updates a row. Which of the following is true regarding the locking of this row?
A.No row lock is acquired when the row is updated.
B.The row lock is released when the cursor accessing the row is closed.
C.The row lock is released when the application issues a COMMIT statement.
D.The row lock is released when the cursor accessing the row is moved to the next row.
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Given the following table definitions: CREATE TABLE employee (empid INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, emp_fname CHAR(30), emp_lname CHAR(30) ) CREATE TABLE payroll (empid INTEGER, weeknumber INTEGER, paycheck DECIMAL(6,2), CONSTRAINT fkconst FOREIGN KEY
(paycheck>0 AND weeknumber BETWEEN 1 and 52)) The appropriate indexes exist to support the tables created with the previous CREATE statements. Which two of the following operations can cause the enforcement of a constraint defined on PAYROLL?
A.Update of a row in PAYROLL
B.Deletion of a row in PAYROLL
C.Deletion of a row in EMPLOYEE
D.Addition of a new column to PAYROLL E.Rollback of a row deletion on PAYROLL
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Which two of the following SQL data types should be used to store a small binary image?
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A mainframe customer is planning to replace several ISV application sets and significant home written applications with a single application set.
Which of the following products should be mentioned by the System z Sales Professional?

A. WebSphere Application Server
B. z/VM
C. WebSphere with SOA
D. Domino

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The manager of the IT department indicates that their company is pursuing a website expansion because of growing e-business sales. Which of the following people will be able to provide the necessary information to perform ROI analysis for this project?

A. Webmaster
B. Office manager
C. Marketing manager
D. Purchasing manager

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On an i810 with V5R3, what is the largest Network Server Storage Space (*NWSSTG) that can
be created?
A 10GB
B 64GB
C 100GB
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Given that the SQL statement SET LOCK MODE TO WAIT has not been executed, if a statement attempts to alter a row that another process has locked, what happens?

A. The lock is released
B. An error is returned
C. The row is immediately updated.
D. The row is updated after the lock is removed.
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Which of the following describes a benefit of running Microsoft Windows based applications on an Integrated xSeries Server?

A. SupportLine includes support for Windows issues.
B. iSeries provides support for hot-spare Windows servers.
C. Software Maintenance includes release updates for Windows.
D. Windows service packs are automatically installed with iSeries PTFs.
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Which of the following describes an advantage that Linux on iSeries brings to an enterprise?

A Runs all Linux binaries unchanged
B Server consolidation with support for dynamic resource allocation
C Support for high capacity tape drives not otherwise available to Linux
D Provides dedicated, RAID-5 protected, disk drives from OS/400 controlled disk lOAs

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An iSeries customer has a hosted Linux partition installed with a file system size of 6GB. At some later date, the drive is getting full. How can they correct the problem in the least disruptive

A Create a new partition and reinstall Linux, then restore the data to the new larger partition.
B Create another storage space, link it to the NWSD, then use the Linux Disk Management interface to add it as a spanoed volume
C Create a new, larger Network Server Storage Space, attach it to the Linux partition, and use
Linux to copy the data from the original Network Server Storage Space.
D Create a new Network Server Storage Space, link it to the NWSD, and use the Linux Disk
Management interface to mount the new disk on the original directory.
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A redistribute command fails during processing of database partition group DPG1. Which
of the following commands will return the database partition group to its original partition map?


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Disk space for a table is allocated in one or more units called what?

A. tblspaces
B. extents
C. blobs
D. chunks
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