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IBM Certification Exams Interview Questions

Below we have listed all the IBM Certification Exams Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any IBM Certification Exams Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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IBM DB2 DBA Certification Exam Interview Questions & Answers (12) Exam Mode | Learning Mode

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When creating a regular DMS table space, what is the minimum number of extents that must be specified?

A. 1
B. 3
C. 4
D. 6
E. 8
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A new Linux IOA has been added into a system, but it is not reporting into the hyper visor as
viewed through the primary partition display I/O resources screen. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the problem?

A The IOA is incorrectly installed.
B The bus is not allocated to the Linux partition.
C Empty slots on a shared bus are defaulted to unallocated, so it will not report in until the slot
is allocated to a running partition.
D For IOAs to report in, the IOA must first be allocated to the primary partition, then the hyper visor can register them as a resource.
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Where is fragment information stored?

A. in the system catalog tables
B. in the physical logs
C. in the reserved pages
D. in the first page of the database tblspace
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What is a requirement to connect a V6R1 IBM i host to an XIV Storage System?

A. XIV firmware V10.0.8
B. Host Attachment Kit V1.0.1
C. SAN Volume Controller (SVC)V4.2
D. Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) V2.1.1

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Which two of the following table space attributes can be changes after the table space has been created?

A. Page size
B. Extent size
C. Transfer rate
D. Table space type
E. Table space name
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Certkiller .com says they feel constrained by the iSeries as a proprietary system. The customer believes they could correct this situation if they were on an open system. Which of the following should be discussed with this customer?

A. LPAR capability on the iSeries allows multiple operating environments.
B. Windows 2003 runs native on the iSeries with support for many types of software.
C. Web enablement of 5250 applications with iSeries Access for Web removes old-looking green screens.
D. WebSphere Portal Server Experience implementation allows many WebSphere products to run on the iSeries.

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A prospect has multiple Intel servers installed and would like to replace them with new application software on an iSeries. How can the disk requirements be determined?

A. Add a growth factor to the total amount of disk on all existing processors.
B. Complete a sizing based on the application volumes, number of users, and file requirements.
C. Use an equal number of disk arms because response time is dependent on the number
of disk arms.
D. Check on each server for unused disk space and propose the amount of disk currently being actively used.

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Which statement correctly changes the next extent size?

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If there is a lock on an adjacent key, an insert will fail if the isolation level is set to what?

A. committed read
B. repeatable read
C. share read
D. indexed read

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Given the following SQL statement: GRANT REFERENCES ON TABLE tab1 TO USER usera
Which of the following describes what USERA is allowed to do?
A.Create a read?only view using TAB1. B.Alter TAB1 to add a check constraint.
C.Define a primary key or unique constraint on TAB1.
D.Define a dependent table where TAB1 is the parent.
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Why is a hash function advantageous in an expression-based distribution?

A. Because it creates an even distribution of data.
B. Because it creates an unevn distribution of data.
C. Because it does not do expression testing
D. Because it places all data in one dbspace.
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What are three advantages of fragmentation?

A. higher availability
B. reduced disk space requirements
C. parallel scans are possible with PDQ
D. finer granularity of archives and resources
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A customer has ordered a 10 module XIV System. How many interface modules are active in this configuration?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6
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Which isolation level does a database without logging default to?

A. committed read
B. dirty read
C. mode ANSI
D. repeatable read
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Which of the following commands will allow a Linux on iSeries administrator to quickly scan backup tapes for files saved via a tar command on a Linux system?

A The Linux command mt
B The Linux command cpio
C The OS/400 command RST option(*print)
D The OS/400 command DSPTAP option(*savrst)
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On the XIV System, what is the approximate rebuild time for a 1 TB drive that is 50% utilized?

A. 5 minutes
B. 15 minutes
C. 30 minutes
D. 120 minutes
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An iSeries prospect is deciding between the proposed eServer i5 520 and a used i270 running V5R2. Which of the following considerations should impact the customer's decision?

A. IBM will not transfer software to a used machine.
B. The i270 uses SPD cards that will not be supported after V5R3.
C. The customer must pay the Currency Access Fee with Software Maintenance.
D. IBM requires an inspection fee for a Hardware Service contract for used equipment.
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Which of the following Service Tools User Profiles is restricted from connecting to the Linux console?

C 11111111
D 22222222
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When defining a volume on a thin-provisioned pool on an XIV System, the size of the volume is limited by

A. the hard capacity of the volume
B. the 2 TB maximum volume size on XIV
C. the hard capacity of the storage pool
D. the soft capacity of the storage pool
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A table is defined using DMS table spaces with its index, data, and long data separated into different table spaces. The table space containing the table data is restored from a backup image.
Which of the table's other table spaces must also be restored in order to roll forward to a point in time prior to the end of the logs?

A. Long table space
B. Index table space
C. Temporary table space

D. Index and long table spaces

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