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IBM Certification Exams Interview Questions

Below we have listed all the IBM Certification Exams Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any IBM Certification Exams Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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IBM DB2 DBA Certification Exam Interview Questions & Answers (12) Exam Mode | Learning Mode

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On the XIV System, what is the approximate rebuild time for a 1 TB drive that is 50% utilized?

A. 5 minutes
B. 15 minutes
C. 30 minutes
D. 120 minutes
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Which two solutions, once installed and configured, can be used to move workloads without disruption? (Choose two)

A. XIV partitions
B. XIV Data Mover (XDM)
C. SAN Volume Controller
D. XIV Data Migration Function
E. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Replication V4
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Given the following table definition: COUNTRY c1 INTEGER name CHAR(20) Which of the following SQL statements will remove all rows from the table named COUNTRY?
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A mainframe customer is planning to replace several ISV application sets and significant home written applications with a single application set.
Which of the following products should be mentioned by the System z Sales Professional?

A. WebSphere Application Server
B. z/VM
C. WebSphere with SOA
D. Domino

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Assuming the proper privileges, which two of the following would allow access to data in a table T1 using the name A1?
C.CREATE INDEX a1 ON t1 (col1)
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A prospect is considering a new e-business solution. They are comparing the iSeries
to a Linux solution from a local systems integrator. Which of the following iSeries

advantages should be emphasized?

B. Initial cost
C. Reliability of hardware and software
D. Availability of i5/OS or Linux as the base OS
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.A table called EMPLOYEE has the following columns: NAME DEPARTMENT PHONE_NUMBER
Which of the following will allow USER1 to modify the PHONE_NUMBER column?
A.GRANT INDEX (phone_number) ON TABLE employee TO user1
B.GRANT ALTER (phone_number) ON TABLE employee TO user1
C.GRANT UPDATE (phone_number) ON TABLE employee TO user1
D.GRANT REFERENCES (phone_number) ON TABLE employee TO user1
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The DBA can set the registry variable DB2_HASH_JOIN on or off because:
A. hash joins may require more resources to run.
B. hash joins are not used unless outer joins are requested.
C. If hash joins are enabled, no other join method can be used.
D. Hash joins are only needed when the tables are portioned using hash keys.
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When defining a volume on a thin-provisioned pool on an XIV System, the size of the volume is limited by

A. the hard capacity of the volume
B. the 2 TB maximum volume size on XIV
C. the hard capacity of the storage pool
D. the soft capacity of the storage pool
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A new Linux IOA has been added into a system, but it is not reporting into the hyper visor as
viewed through the primary partition display I/O resources screen. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the problem?

A The IOA is incorrectly installed.
B The bus is not allocated to the Linux partition.
C Empty slots on a shared bus are defaulted to unallocated, so it will not report in until the slot
is allocated to a running partition.
D For IOAs to report in, the IOA must first be allocated to the primary partition, then the hyper visor can register them as a resource.
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Where is fragment information stored?

A. in the system catalog tables
B. in the physical logs
C. in the reserved pages
D. in the first page of the database tblspace
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Which of the following commands will allow a Linux on iSeries administrator to quickly scan backup tapes for files saved via a tar command on a Linux system?

A The Linux command mt
B The Linux command cpio
C The OS/400 command RST option(*print)
D The OS/400 command DSPTAP option(*savrst)
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Certkiller .com has asked for a proposal to combine several computing groups within their company. They have an i810 that is fully utilized, a small HP/UX system with
an engineering application, and almost 40 Microsoft Windows servers with very low utilization. They also plan to add a Linux firewall. Which of the following will establish the requirements?

A. Use Workload Estimator to establish the requirements for the i5/OS, AIX, Linux, and
Windows workloads.
B. Use Pilot Predict to model the existing and proposed workloads. Factor in the mutually agreed growth factor.
C. Propose an iSeries running LPAR with i5/OS, Linux, AIX, and IXS to handle the combined and proposed workloads.
D. Propose a study to review the applications, processing, storage, communications, and other considerations for all existing and proposed systems.

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Which of the following DB2 UDB isolation levels will lock no rows during read processing?
A.Read Stability
B.Repeatable Read
C.Uncommitted Read

D.Cursor Stability
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Given the following DDL statement
organize by (
(D12″ ;D11″))
How many indexes will be created?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

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What is the minimum privilege required to allow USER1 to access table data?
A.READ privilege on the table
B.SELECT privilege on the table
C.REFERENCES privilege on the table
D.SELECT privilege WITH GRANT OPTION on the table
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An iSeries Linux partition has been created without a physical network card assigned. When
signed on to OS/400, users are able to use FTP and Telnet to the Linux partition. However, attempts to establish a terminal connection to Linux from their PCs fail. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the problem?

A Datagram forwarding was not enabled in OS/400 TCP/IP.
B The Linux configuration did not have proxy ARP enabled.
C The Linux Ethernet adapter was not enabled.
D The Linux feature code was not ordered.
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Which of the following occurs if an application ends abnormally during an active unit of work?
A.The unit of work remains active
B.The unit of work is rolled back
C.The unit of work moves to CHECK_PENDING
D.The unit of work moves to pending state
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A prospect has multiple Intel servers installed and would like to replace them with new application software on an iSeries. How can the disk requirements be determined?

A. Add a growth factor to the total amount of disk on all existing processors.
B. Complete a sizing based on the application volumes, number of users, and file requirements.
C. Use an equal number of disk arms because response time is dependent on the number
of disk arms.
D. Check on each server for unused disk space and propose the amount of disk currently being actively used.

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With database logging, where are transaction records first placed?

A. in a temporary database table
B. in the logical log buffer
C. in the primary chunk
D. in the physical buffer
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