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Telecommunications Interview Questions & Answers

Below we have listed all the Telecommunications Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Telecommunications Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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Telecom Interview Questions & Answers (20)

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How to explain what is ss7?
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What is TCSM ?
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Frequency at which VOICE is sampled is? a) 4 KHz b) 8 KHz c) 16 KHz d) 64 KHz
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What is the need of CPG message in ISUP protocol?
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What is the best Rx power and Tx power at good RF Conditions?
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Time taken for 1 satellite hop in voice communication is? a) 1/2 second b) 1 seconds c) 4 seconds d) 2 seconds
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A software that allows a personal computer to pretend as a computer terminal is ? a) terminal adapter b) bulletin board c) modem d) terminal emulation
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To send a data packet using datagram , connection will be established? a) before data transmission. b) connection is not established before data transmission. c) no connection is required. d) none of the above.
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Memory allocation of variables declared in a program is? a) allocated in RAM. b) allocated in ROM. c) allocated on stack. d) assigned to registers.
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The status of the Kernel is? a) task b) process c) not defined. d) none of the above.
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Can I connect several computers to the Internet with Global Telecom Broadband?
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What is the type of signaling used between two exchanges? a) inband b) common channel signaling c) any of the above d) none of the above.
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When a C function call is made, the order in which parameters passed to the function are pushed into the stack is? a) left to right b) right to left c) bigger variables are moved first than the smaller variales. d) smaller variables are moved first than the bigger ones. e) none of the above.
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What is the maximal decimal number that can be accommodated in a byte? a) 128 b) 256 c) 255 d) 512
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What are the terms and conditions of using Global Telecom Broadband?
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How do I signup?
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What is the procedure if I want to move house?
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Who can I contact if I continue having problems with my Broadband service?
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What is the nominal voltage required in subscriber loop connected to local exchange?a) +48 voltsb) -48 voltsc) 230 voltsd) 110 volts
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What equipment do I need in order to be able to access Broadband?
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