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Check Point Certification Exams Interview Questions

Below we have listed all the Check Point Certification Exams Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Check Point Certification Exams Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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Which of the following are common failures that should be addressed in an organization's
Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ? (Choose THREE.)
A. Connectivity failures
B. Accounting failures
C. Hardware failures
D. Utility failures
E. Personal failures
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Which of the following are appropriate uses of asymmetric encryption? (Choose THREE.)
A. Authentication
B. Secure key-exchange mechanisms
C. Public Web site access
D. Data-integrity checking
E. Sneaker net
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A _______ attack uses multiple systems to launch a coordinated attack.
A. Distributed denial-of-service
B. Teardrop
C. Birthday
D. FTP Bounce
E. Salami
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Which of the following equations results in the Single Loss Expectancy for an asset?
A. Asset Value x % Of Loss From Realized Exposure
B. Asset Value x % Of Loss From Realized Threat
C. Annualized Rate of Occurrence / Annualized Loss Expectancy
D. Asset Value x % Of Loss From Realized Vulnerability
E. Annualized Rate of Occurrence x Annualized Loss Expectancy
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Which of these metrics measure how a biometric device performs, when attempting to
authenticate subjects? (Choose THREE.)
A. False Rejection Rate
B. User Acceptance Rate
C. Crossover Error Rate
D. False Acceptance Rate
E. Enrollment Failure Rate
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You are a system administrator managing a pool of database servers. Your software vendor
releases a service pack, with many new features. What should you do? (Choose TWO.)
A. Eliminate the testing phase of change control.
B. Read the release notes.
C. Refuse to install the service pack.
D. Install the service pack on all production database servers.
E. Install the service pack on a database server, in a test environment.
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A(n) _______________ is an unintended communication path that can be used to violate a
system security policy.
A. Covert channel
B. Integrity axiom
C. Simple rule violation
D. Inferred fact
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Who should have physical access to network-connectivity devices and corporate servers?
A. Customers and clients
B. Accounting, information-technology, and auditing staff
C. Managers and C-level executives
D. Only appropriate information-technology personnel
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ABC Corporation's network is configured such that a user must log in individually at each server
and access control. Which type of authentication is in use?
A. Role-based access control
B. Three-factor authentication
C. Single sign-on
D. Hybrid access control
E. Mandatory sign-on
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Which of these strategies can be employed to test training effectiveness? (Choose THREE.)
A. Create a survey for managers, to see if participants practice behaviors presented during
B. Provide feedback forms for employees to rate instruction and training material, immediately
after training has ended.
C. Include auditors before and after the training. This checks to see if the number of security-
related incidents is reduced, because of the training.
D. Give incentives to employees who attend security-awareness training. Perform spot-checks, to
see if incentives are displayed.
E. Test employees on security concepts several months after training has ended.
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What is mandatory sign-on? An authentication method that:
A. uses smart cards, hardware tokens, and biometrics to authenticate users; also known as three-
factor authentication
B. requires the use of one-time passwords, so users authenticate only once, with a given set of
C. requires users to re-authenticate at each server and access control
D. stores user credentials locally, so that users need only authenticate the first time a local
machine is used
E. allows users to authenticate once, and then uses tokens or other credentials to manage
subsequent authentication attempts
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_________ is a smaller, enhanced version of the X.500 protocol. It is used to provide directory-
service information. (Choose the BEST answer.)
A. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
B. X.400 Directory Access Protocol
C. Access control list
D. Lightweight Host Configuration Protocol
E. Role-based access control
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____________________ educate(s) security administrators and end users about organizations'
security policies.
A. Security-awareness training
B. Information Security (INFOSEC) briefings
C. Acceptable-use policies
D. Continuing education
E. Nondisclosure agreements
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Which of the following is an integrity requirement for Remote Offices/Branch Offices (ROBOs)?
A. Private data must remain internal to an organization.
B. Data must be consistent between ROBO sites and headquarters.
C. Users must be educated about appropriate security policies.
D. Improvised solutions must provide the level of protection required.
E. Data must remain available to all remote offices.
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Which TWO of the following items should be accomplished, when interviewing candidates for a
position within an organization?
A. Hire an investigation agency to run background checks.
B. Verify all dates of previous employment.
C. Question candidates, using polygraphs.
D. Contact personal and professional references.
E. Run criminal-background checks.
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Why does the (ISC)2 access-control systems and methodology functional domain address both
the confidentiality and integrity aspects of the Information Security Triad?
Access-control systems and methodologies:
A. are required standards in health care and banking.
B. provide redundant systems and data backups.
C. control who is allowed to view and modify information.
D. are academic models not suitable for implementation.
E. set standards for acceptable media-storage devices.
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Operating-system fingerprinting uses all of the following, EXCEPT ________, to identify a target
operating system.
A. Sequence Verifier
B. Initial sequence number
C. Address spoofing
D. Time to Live
E. IP ID field
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Which of these choices correctly describe denial-of-service (DoS) attacks? (Choose THREE.)
A. DoS attacks do not require attackers to have any privileges on a target system.
B. DoS attacks are nearly impossible to stop, once they begin.
C. DoS attacks free the target system of excessive overhead.
D. DoS ties up a system with so many requests, system resources are consumed, and
performance degrades.
E. DoS attacks cause the attacked system to accept legitimate access requests.
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_______ is the process of confirming that implemented security safeguards work as expected.
A. Penetration testing
B. Exploitation
C. Baselining
D. A vulnerability
E. A countermeasure
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Which of the following entities review partner-extranet requirements?
A. Information systems
B. Shipping and receiving
C. Marketing
D. Requesting department
E. Chief Information Officer
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