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A Strategic Business Unit is: ► A) Part of an organization for which there is a distinct external market for goods or services. ► B) A subsidiary responsible for a significant volume of business ► C) The corporate centre ► D) Parts of an organization targeting the same customers through different channels and facing different competitors
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Why is game theory useful in developing competitive strategy? ► A) Game theory emphasizes short-term tactics to be employed in competitive strategies rather than a long-term strategy. ► B) Game theory is about thinking how competitors will respond in both the short term and the long term. ► C) Games assume competition between different players so game theory is especially useful in describing how competition occurs. ► D) Given the inter-dependence of competitors, game theory helps an understanding of how the decisions of one competitor affects upon another.
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You don't have any experience, Why I would appoint you for this post?
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Three ways of sustaining competitive advantage are? ► A) Price-based strategies, differentiation, and diversification ► B) Price-based strategies, differentiation, and lock-in ► C) Change, adaptation and efficiency. ► D) Monopoly, cartel and market sharing
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Which of the following explanations best defines the meaning of hyper-competitive strategies? ► A) Hyper-competitive strategies are about how to compete in fast changing business environments. ► B) Innovation in terms of bases of competitive strategy ► C) Hyper-competitive strategies are about building bases of sustainable differentiation. ► D) Hyper-competitive strategies acknowledge the bases of competitive advantage may not be sustainable and that disruption of the status quo may be important.
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What is meant by focused differentiation? ► A) Concentrating on a particular feature of a product or service to achieve differentiation ► B) Concentrating on differentiation as the primary means of achieving competitive advantage ► C) Providing a high-perceived value service or product to a selected market segment, this justifies a substantial price premium. ► D) Simultaneously seeking to achieve differentiation and a price lower than that of competitors
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The fundamental requirement for a successful price led strategy is: ► A) Reducing the cost base of the organization ► B) The lowest cost base of competing organizations ► C) Prices lower than competition. ► D) Lower quality products or services than competition.
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Sustainable differentiation is most likely in the following circumstances? ► A) Where the bases of differentiation are valuable to the buyer ► B) Where the bases of the differentiation strategy are difficult for competitors to imitate ► C) Where it is difficult for buyers to shift their buying allegiances ► D) All of the above
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Lock-in, as described by Hax and Wilde, is achieved when? ► A) An organization achieves a proprietary position in its industry. ► B) Customers are tied into long-term contracts. ► C) An industry is dominated by a major player. ► D) Customer preferences are recorded in a CRM database.
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Competitive advantage based on differentiation derives from? ► A) Being the lowest cost producer in the industry and offering the lowest prices ► B) Having the broadest range of different goods and services in the industry ► C) Having processes and systems, which are different from competitors ► D) Offering products or services, which offer different benefits from competitors' and which are valued by buyers.
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The equivalent to competitive advantage in public services is? ► A) Outsourcing ► B) Best value ► C) Superior services ► D) Best practice.
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A differentiation strategy is defined as? ► A) Higher quality products or services than competitors ► B) Innovation of products or services greater than competition ► C) Providing different products or services, which draw upon competences or resources, which competitors do not have. ► D) The provision of products or services that offer benefits different from those of competitors and that are widely valued by buyers.
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A successful hybrid strategy is: ► A) Impossible to achieve in practice ► B) A strategy, which seeks to provide high-perceived value justifying a substantial price premium usually to a selected market segment ► C) The period of time when an organization is changing its strategy ► D) A strategy, which seeks simultaneously to achieve differentiation and a price lower than that of competitors
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How might an organization sustain and win a price war? ► A) By having a lower cost structure ► B) By cross-subsidizing one business from another ► C) By having "deeper pockets" to fund short to medium term losses ► D) All of the above
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