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Autocad Interview Questions & Answers

Below we have listed all the Autocad Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Autocad Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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Which one of the following system variables determines the visibility of the control points of a pline spline curve?
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ou are designing a floor plan and know the length and angle of one of the wall segments to be 1500mm and 30 degrees. This is to be followed by a wall 2000mm long at 90 degrees to the first. Which one of the following is the correct input?
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In order for the grid command to work correctly two settings have to be established.
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Which one of the following system variables disables the prompt which asks for attribute values, and causes attributes to be set to their defaults?
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Which one of the following allows the value of the system variable PICKBOX to be changed whilst in the ERASE command?
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To continue drawing a line from the last known point, enter
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The text option that prompts the user for two endpoints and then automatically calculates the text height and positions the text between the two points is chosen from this AutoCAD prompt Align/Fit/Center/Middle/Right/TL/TC/TR/ML/MC/MR/BL/BC/BR Which one is correct?
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Which one of the following statements is False?
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Which one of the following BEST defines a "prototype" or "template" drawing?
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Which of the following statements is true?
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The following two commands used one after the other BOUNDARY then pick inside an area ERASE ALL R LAST produces which of these results
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The shape above is based on a 10 unit module. which is the correct set of codes to draw this shape, starting at the lower left and moving anti clock wise
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Which one of the following is the maximum number of layers which can be defined in an AutoCAD drawing?
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Why does AutoCAD allow you more than one layout?
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When drawing a digital watch measuring 30mm x 25mm, which one of the following would be the BEST set of drawing limits to use?
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Which one of the following commands can be used to turn the grid through 45 degrees ?
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The effect of freezing a layer is to?
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When using AutoCAD for the design of a mechanical component measuring 1000 mm by 500 mm, the dimensions would normally be entered at a scale of?
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Which one of the following commands would be used to limit the movement of the cursor to specified increments?
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The effect of QTEXT being ON is to?
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