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    Question :
    What is Normalization? Explain all the normal forms?

    Posted by: vishal umakkar on 5/18/2008

    Contact vishal umakkar Contact vishal umakkar
    Category Database Interview Questions
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    Added on 5/18/2008
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    Normalization : The process of decomposing tables to eliminate data redundancy is called Normalization.

    1N.F:- The table should caontain scalar or atomic values.
    2 N.F:- Table should be in 1N.F + No partial functional dependencies
    3 N.F :-Table should be in 2 N.F + No transitive dependencies

    Posted by: Pankaj    

    Contact Pankaj Contact Pankaj

    1)It is the process of organising data in a table.

    2)It is the process of reducing redundancies(duplicates) in a table.

    3)Normalization process is set of rules and each rule is called one normal form.

    These are 5 types:
    1 NF,2 nd NF,3 rd NF,Boyce Codd NF 4th NF,5th NF

    Posted by: kumar    

    Contact kumar Contact kumar

    Normalization is the process which is used to remove redundancy from tables.
    1normal form- In first normal form attribute value should be atomic.
    i.e. value which we cant further divided.
    2NF- In 2NF. It should be in 1NF and every non prime attributes are fully functionally depended on prime attributes.
    3NF- Firstly it should be in 2 NF. and there is no transitivity i.e. a->b, b->c then a->c will not present in table.
    Others are 4NF,5NF

    Posted by: Richa    

    Contact Richa Contact Richa

    Normalization is the process to decompose the database and remove the redundency from the database.

    The types of normalization are.

    1)1 NF
    2)2 nd NF
    3)3 rd NF
    4)Boyce codd NF
    5)4 rth NF
    6)5 th NF

    Posted by: nicku    

    Contact nicku Contact nicku

    Normalization is a systematic way of ensuring that a database structure is suitable for general-purpose querying and free of certain undesirable characteristics insertion, update and deletion anomalies that could lead to a loss of data integrity.

    Posted by: Nitin    

    Contact Nitin Contact Nitin

    Normalization is the process of organizing the data to remove the anomilies (an unusual occurance of duplicate or missing objects), in this procecss relations are decomposed with anomalies in order to produce smaller and well-structured relations.

    PJNF (Project Join Normal Form)
    DKNF (Domain Key Normal Form)

    by applying these we get the well structured database.

    Posted by: Danish Afzal    

    Contact Danish Afzal Contact Danish Afzal

    Normalization is the name given to the process of simplifying the relationship among data elements in a record. Normalization replaces a collection of data in a record structure by another record design which is simpler,more predictable and therefore more manageable.
    There are :-1NF,2NF,3NF,4NF,BCNF(Boyce codd Normal Form),5NF

    Posted by: purnesh    

    Contact purnesh Contact purnesh

    Normalization is the process by which we can convert the database into varies also remove the redundancy.types of NF:-

    Posted by: purnesh    

    Contact purnesh Contact purnesh

    The conversion of an object instance to a data stream of byte values in order to prepare it for transmission.
    Most restrictive isolation level. When it's used, the phantom values cannot occur. It prevents other users from updating or inserting rows into the data set until the transaction will be completed.

    Posted by: AISHA SHAIKH    


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