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Check Point Certification Exams Interview Questions & Answers

Below we have listed all the Check Point Certification Exams Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Check Point Certification Exams Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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Check Point Certification Exams Interview Questions & Answers

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Which of the following calculations is used when selecting countermeasures?
A. Annualized Rate of Occurrence
B. Single Loss Expectancy
C. Annualized Loss Expectancy
D. Business Impact Analysis
E. Business Continuity Plan
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Which of the following should be included in an enterprise Business Continuity Plan (BCP)?
(Choose THREE.)
A. Accidental or intentional data deletion
B. Severe weather disasters
C. Employee terminations
D. Employee administrative leave
E. Minor power outages
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Why should the number of services on a server be limited to required services?
A. Every open service represents a potential vulnerability.
B. Closed systems require special connectivity services.
C. Running extra services makes machines more efficient.
D. All services are inherently stable and secure.
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_______ intrusion-detection systems learn the behavior of a machine or network, and create a
A. Behavioral analysis
B. Statistical anomaly
C. Network
D. Pattern matching
E. Host
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If a firewall receives traffic not explicitly permitted by its security policy, what should the firewall
A. Nothing
B. Do not log and drop the traffic.
C. Log and drop the traffic.
D. Log and pass the traffic.
E. Do not log and pass the traffic.

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All of the following are possible configurations for a corporate intranet, EXCEPT:
A. Value-added network
B. Wide-area network
C. Campus-area network
D. Metropolitan-area network
E. Local-area network
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Which of the following represents a valid reason for testing a patch on a nonproduction system,
before applying it to a production system?
A. Patches may re-enable services previously disabled.
B. Patches are a kind of virus.
C. Patches always overwrite user data.
D. Only patches on vendor-pressed CDs can be trusted.
E. Patches usually break important system functionality.
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_______________________________ occurs when an individual or process acquires a higher
level of privilege, or access, than originally intended.
A. Security Triad
B. Privilege aggregation
C. Need-to-know
D. Privilege escalation
E. Least privilege
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Which of the following is NOT a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) recovery strategy?
A. Delegating risk to another entity, such as an insurer
B. Manual procedures; alternative solution to technology available
C. Deferring action; action waiting until a later date
D. Reciprocal agreements with another organization
E. Doing nothing; no action taken to recover the technology
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(n) ________________ is a one-way mathematical function that maps variable values into
smaller values of a fixed length.
A. Symmetric key
B. Algorithm
C. Back door
D. Hash function
E. Integrity
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Which of the following best describes an external intrusion attempt on a local-area network
A. Internal users try to gain unauthorized access to information assets outside the organizational
B. External-intrusion attempts from sources outside the LAN are not granted permissions or rights
to an organization's information assets.
C. External users attempt to access public resources.
D. External intruders attempt exploitation of vulnerabilities, to remove their own access.
E. Internal users perform inappropriate acts on assets to which they have been given rights or
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What is single sign-on? An authentication method:
A. that allows users to authenticate once, and then uses tokens or other credentials to manage
subsequent authentication attempts
B. that stores user credentials locally, so that users need only authenticate the first time, a local
machine is used
C. requiring the use of one-time passwords, so users authenticate only once, with a given set of
D. that uses smart cards, hardware tokens, and biometrics to authenticate users; also known as
three-factor authentication
E. that requires users to re-authenticate for every resource accessed
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Which type of access management uses information about job duties and positions, to indicate
subjects' clearance levels?
A. Discretionary
B. Role-based
C. Nondiscretionary
D. Hybrid
E. Mandatory
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To comply with the secure design principle of fail-safe defaults, what must a system do if it
receives an instruction it does not understand? The system should:
A. send the instruction to a peer server, to see if the peer can execute.
B. not attempt to execute the instruction.
C. close the connection, and refuse all further traffic from the originator.
D. not launch its debugging features, and attempt to resolve the instruction.
E. search for a close match in the instruction set it understands.
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Which of the following tests provides testing teams some information about hosts or networks?
A. Partial-knowledge test
B. Full-knowledge test
C. Zero-knowledge test
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When should procedures be evaluated?
A. When new functional users join an organization
B. On the anniversary of the procedures' implementation
C. Each time procedures are used
D. Whenever business processes are modified
E. When new exploits and attacks are discovered
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You are considering purchasing a VPN solution to protect your organization's information assets.
The solution you are reviewing uses RFC-compliant and open-standards encryption schemes.
The vendor has submitted the system to a variety of recognized testing authorities. The vendor
does not make the source code available to testing authorities. Does this solution adhere to the
secure design principle of open design?
A. No, because the software vendor could have changed the code after testing, which is not
B. No, because the software vendor submitted the software to testing authorities only, and did not
make the software available to the public for testing.
C. Yes, because the methods were tested by recognized testing authorities, and the source code
is protected from vandalism.
D. Yes, because the methods are open, and the system does not rely on the secrecy of its
internal mechanisms to provide protection.
E. No, because if a software vendor refuses to reveal the source code for a product, it cannot
comply with the open-design principle.
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A(n) ______________________________ is a quantitative review of risks, to determine how an
organization will continue to function, in the event a risk is realized.
A. Monitored risk process
B. Disaster-recovery plan
C. Business impact analysis
D. Full interruption test
E. Information security audit
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Virtual corporations typically use a(n) _______ for maintaining centralized information assets.
A. Off-line repository
B. Floppy disk
C. Data warehouse
D. CD-ROM burner
E. Colocation
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Which type of access management allows subjects to control some access of objects for other
A. Discretionary
B. Hybrid
C. Mandatory
D. Role-based
E. Nondiscretionary
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