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Question: Operating-system fingerprinting uses all of the following, EXCEPT ________, to identify a target
operating system.
A. Sequence Verifier
B. Initial sequence number
C. Address spoofing
D. Time to Live
E. IP ID field

Answer: C. Address spoofing

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Question: Operating-system fingerprinting uses all of the following, EXCEPT ________, to identify a target
operating system.
A. Sequence Verifier
B. Initial sequence number
C. Address spoofing
D. Time to Live
E. IP ID field


C. Address spoofing Source: CoolInterview.com

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____________________ educate(s) security administrators and end users about organizations'
security policies.
A. Security-awareness training
B. Information Security (INFOSEC) briefings
C. Acceptable-use policies
D. Continuing education
E. Nondisclosure agreements
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Which of the following is the BEST method for managing users in an enterprise?
A. Enter user data in a spreadsheet.
B. Implement centralized access control.
C. Deploy Kerberos.
D. Place them in a centralized Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.
E. Use a Domain Name System.
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You are considering purchasing a VPN solution to protect your organization's information assets.
The solution you are reviewing uses RFC-compliant and open-standards encryption schemes.
The vendor has submitted the system to a variety of recognized testing authorities. The vendor
does not make the source code available to testing authorities. Does this solution adhere to the
secure design principle of open design?
A. No, because the software vendor could have changed the code after testing, which is not
B. No, because the software vendor submitted the software to testing authorities only, and did not
make the software available to the public for testing.
C. Yes, because the methods were tested by recognized testing authorities, and the source code
is protected from vandalism.
D. Yes, because the methods are open, and the system does not rely on the secrecy of its
internal mechanisms to provide protection.
E. No, because if a software vendor refuses to reveal the source code for a product, it cannot
comply with the open-design principle.
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Distinguish between the role of the data owner and the role of the data custodian. Complete the
following sentence. The data owner is the:
A. Department in the organization responsible for the data's physical storage location. The data
custodian is anyone who has access the data for any reason.
B. Person or entity who accesses/and or manipulates data or information, in the course of
assigned duties. The data custodian is a person or process with the appropriate level of
privilege to access the data.
C. Person or entity ultimately responsible for the security of an information asset. The data
custodian is the person or entity responsible for imposing and enforcing policies and
restrictions, dictated by the data owner.
D. Person or process that originally creates the information. The data custodian is a role that
shifts to any person or process currently accessing the data, and passes to the next person or
process to access the data.
E. Person or entity responsible for imposing and enforcing policies and restrictions, dictated by
the functional user. The data custodian is a person or process who accesses and/or
manipulates the information.
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____________________ is the state of being correct, or the degree of certainty a person or
process can have, that the data in an information asset is correct.
A. Confidentiality
B. Integrity
C. Authenticity
D. Privacy
E. Availability
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Which of the following is NOT a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) recovery strategy?
A. Delegating risk to another entity, such as an insurer
B. Manual procedures; alternative solution to technology available
C. Deferring action; action waiting until a later date
D. Reciprocal agreements with another organization
E. Doing nothing; no action taken to recover the technology
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What is single sign-on? An authentication method:
A. that allows users to authenticate once, and then uses tokens or other credentials to manage
subsequent authentication attempts
B. that stores user credentials locally, so that users need only authenticate the first time, a local
machine is used
C. requiring the use of one-time passwords, so users authenticate only once, with a given set of
D. that uses smart cards, hardware tokens, and biometrics to authenticate users; also known as
three-factor authentication
E. that requires users to re-authenticate for every resource accessed
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A (n) _______ occurs when intrusion-detection measures fail to recognize suspicious traffic or
A. False positive
B. False negative
C. CIFS pop-up
D. Threshold
E. Alarm
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Why should each system user and administrator have individual accounts? (Choose TWO.)
A. Using generic user names and passwords increases system security and reliability.
B. Using separate accounts for each user reduces resource consumption, particularly disk space.
C. By using individual login names and passwords, user actions can be traced.
D. If users do not have individual login names, processes can automatically run with
root/administrator access.
E. A generic user name and password for users and security administrators provides anonymity,
which prevents useful logging and auditing.
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Embedding symbols in images or common items, such as pictures or quilts, is an example of
A. Espionage
B. Transposition cipher
C. Key exchange
D. Arithmancy
E. Steganography
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At ABC Corporation, access to critical information resources, such as database and e-mail
servers, is controlled by the information-technology (IT) department. The supervisor in the
department grants access to printers where the printer is located. Managers grant and revoke
rights to files within their departments' directories on the file server, but the IT department controls
who has access to the directories. Which type of access-management system is in use at ABC
A. Centralized access management
B. Role-based access management
C. Hybrid access management
D. Decentralized access management
E. Privileged access management
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A _______ _______ posture provides many levels of security possibilities, for access control.
A. Layered defensive
B. Multiple offensive
C. Flat defensive
D. Reactive defensive
E. Proactive offensive
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Which TWO of the following items should be accomplished, when interviewing candidates for a
position within an organization?
A. Hire an investigation agency to run background checks.
B. Verify all dates of previous employment.
C. Question candidates, using polygraphs.
D. Contact personal and professional references.
E. Run criminal-background checks.
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Which of the following are common failures that should be addressed in an organization's
Business Continuity Plan (BCP) ? (Choose THREE.)
A. Connectivity failures
B. Accounting failures
C. Hardware failures
D. Utility failures
E. Personal failures
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If e-mail is subject to review by individuals other than the sender and recipient, what should be
clearly stated in the organization's e-mail policy?
A. Technologies and methods used to monitor and enforce the organization's policies
B. Senior management and business-unit owner responsibilities and delegation options
C. Clear, legally defensible definition of what constitutes a business record
D. Consequences for violation of the organization's acceptable-use policy
E. No expectation of privacy for e-mail communications, using the organization's resources
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When should procedures be evaluated?
A. When new functional users join an organization
B. On the anniversary of the procedures' implementation
C. Each time procedures are used
D. Whenever business processes are modified
E. When new exploits and attacks are discovered
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_______ involves gathering pieces of information and drawing a conclusion, whose sensitivity
exceeds any of the individual pieces of information.
A. Inference
B. Social engineering
C. Movement analysis
D. Communication-pattern analysis
E. Aggregation
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Public servers are typically placed in the _______, to enhance security.
A. Restricted Entry Zone
B. Open Zone
C. Internet Zone
D. Demilitarized Zone
E. Public Entry Zone
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_________________ is the process of subjects establishing who they are to an access control.
A. Identification
B. Authentication
C. Authorization
D. Validation
E. Biometrics
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Which of these strategies can be employed to test training effectiveness? (Choose THREE.)
A. Create a survey for managers, to see if participants practice behaviors presented during
B. Provide feedback forms for employees to rate instruction and training material, immediately
after training has ended.
C. Include auditors before and after the training. This checks to see if the number of security-
related incidents is reduced, because of the training.
D. Give incentives to employees who attend security-awareness training. Perform spot-checks, to
see if incentives are displayed.
E. Test employees on security concepts several months after training has ended.
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