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Question: With regard to cell growth, achondroplasia does not affect membranous bone

Answer: True

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Question: With regard to cell growth, achondroplasia does not affect membranous bone


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With regard to cell growth, in metaplasia, there is a change of a type of differentiated cell to a type of undifferentiated cell
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With regard to cell growth, the main stimulus for hypertrophy is hormonal
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With regard to cell growth, hypocalcaemia can lead to enlargement of the parathyroid gland.
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With regard to cell growth, ionizing radiation can cause atrophy.
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The blood vessels surrounding an acutely inflamed site usually show progressive vasodilatation from the time of injury.
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Autolytic changes in the nucleus are pathognomonic of necrosis.
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Apoptosis does not usually cause inflammation.
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Acute inflammation usually occurs around necrotic tissues.
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Gangrene refers to tissue necrosis with or without infection.
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The epidermal and dermal epithelia grow downwards along the suture track.
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* Collapse/Expand Answer of Question The epidermal and dermal epithelia grow downwards along the suture track.


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The epidermal and dermal epithelia grow downwards along the suture track.

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Monocytes clean the debris left by phagocytes. Fibroblasts have a contractile function, which helps to produce a small scar.

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Monocytes clean the debris left by phagocytes.
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Early suture removal does not affect the granulomatous response.
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In ionizing radiation, undifferentiated tumors are usually more sensitive to radiation than differentiated tumors.
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In ionizing radiation granulation tissue, formation is delayed in wounds, which have been radiated?
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In ionizing radiation, cells experiencing hypoxia are vulnerable to radiation damage?
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In ionizing radiation, mitosis does not occur in irradiated cells?
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In ionizing radiation, cells in G1 phase of the cell cycle are most sensitive?
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What are the benefits of high-throughput expression analysis in molecular biological investigations?
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Abnormalities of blood clotting occur in sickle cell disease?
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