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PeopleSoft Interview Questions

Below we have listed all the PeopleSoft Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any PeopleSoft Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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PeopleSoft Enterprise applications are designed to address the most complex business requirements. They provide comprehensive business and industry solutions, enabling organizations to: * Significantly improve performance. * Web services integration.

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Component Interface Interview Questions & Answers (40) Exam Mode | Learning Mode

PeopleCode Interview Questions & Answers (68) Exam Mode | Learning Mode

PeopleTools Interview Questions & Answers (29) Exam Mode | Learning Mode

PS Admin Interview Questions & Answers (77) Exam Mode | Learning Mode

PS Mixed Interview Questions & Answers (212) Exam Mode | Learning Mode

SQR Interview Questions & Answers (23) Exam Mode | Learning Mode

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Which is not a part of AE Program, Options would be?
3.0 Rating
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Where is Unicode used?
4.2 Rating
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For the servlet layer on the web server, what version of the Java Servlet API are the PIA Java Servlets coded to with PeopleTools 8.4?
4.8 Rating
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Is WebSphere certified on PeopleTools 8.1x?
3.4 Rating
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Question based on changing prompt table, what happens when changing from NO EDIT-TO-EDIT option?
4.4 Rating
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In which server, PS Query definition is stored?
3.5 Rating
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Which of the following are true with respect to validate sign in with database option enabled in psadmin?
3.0 Rating
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If Customer wants to use a new Image in HRMS, where it is stored?
3.1 Rating
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Why did PeopleSoft bundle IBM WebSphere Advanced Single Server Edition rather than Advanced Edition?
4.9 Rating
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The following is an entry from the application reviewer LOG File: start Field=PERSONAL_DATA.EMPLID-RowInit Temps=1 Stack=4 Source=233. What does the Source= 233 parameter in the above LOG file entry identify?
4.9 Rating
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In Call Section ? Action it is possible to leave the Program ID with blank Value in certain cases. True or False
3.2 Rating
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Which of the following is NOT TRUE in Component Interface (CI) Architecture?
4.9 Rating
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How to create the Department sequrity

with navigations

plz help it

2.9 Rating
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What is the output when Query is split?
3.9 Rating
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How can a subclass call a method or a constructor defined in a superclass?
4.4 Rating
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What Record Changes does not affect Database?
4.1 Rating
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IBM How should Web Application Servers be used with PeopleTools 8.1x and PeopleTools 8.4?
4.4 Rating
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How will you get a single output by combining two or more queries?
3.1 Rating
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The physical, dedicated tables are locked at the time the Application Engine program is loaded into memory. True or False
4.3 Rating
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In which platform does Crystal and Psnvision works?
4.6 Rating
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