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Hardware Interview Questions & Answers

Below we have listed all the Hardware Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Hardware Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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Following are sub categories for which Interview Questions & Answers are available under Hardware Interview Questions & Answers. Please select the appropriate sub-category:-

8085 Interview Questions & Answers (88)

8086 Interview Questions & Answers (111)

A+ and Basic PC Interview Questions & Answers (29)

Basic Input Output System Interview Questions & Answers (11)

Bluetooth Interview Questions & Answers (112)

CD-ROM drive Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Central processing Unit Interview Questions & Answers (16)

Computer Architecture and Design Interview Questions & Answers (45)

Electronics Interview Questions & Answers (28)

Embedded Systems Interview Questions & Answers (41)

Floppy disk Interview Questions & Answers (12)

Hard Disk Interview Questions & Answers (12)

Hardware and Software Design Interview Questions & Answers (35)

Hardware Design Interview Questions & Answers (31)

Intel Interview Questions & Answers (24)

Microprocessor Interview Questions & Answers (101)

Motherboard Interview Questions & Answers (11)

Random Access Memory Interview Questions & Answers (11)

X86 Interview Questions & Answers (55)

Zip Drive Interview Questions & Answers (10)

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What is DHCP & how it works?
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What is the Difference between Intel Core 2 duo & Dual Core & which one is better for processing?
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What is the window XP repair console command?
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What is the full form of http?
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How would I describe the CPU (central processing unit) component of a computer system.
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What is the difference between the Physical drive and the Logical Drive. How do we Identify? How do to configure the logical drive
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What is the BIOS full form?
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Why do we call motherboard a motherboard?
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What is the Reason that when we Start the System the Mouse Cursor is Displays At the Center of the Screen?
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Which port can the keyboard be connected to? which device connects to parallel port? which of the following is the newest type of connector for a printer interface?
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If the system is not booting what can we do?
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What is unit of speed of microprocessor? Explain it in details? What AMR and CNR on motherboard? What do you mean by F.S.B. as well as bus mastering?
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How can i repair the hard disc, when the computer starts there is sound in the hard disc?
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What is the harddisk and how many types of haddisk are there?
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What is the difference between fat32,ntfs?
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What about the Cache memory? and it usage?
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What is BIOS battery?
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What are the Alt (Option) and Control (Ctrl) keys for?
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What is Hal in windows?
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Which operating system is suitable for distributed computing and requirement?
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