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Linux Interview Questions

Below we have listed all the Linux Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Linux Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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Linux is, in simplest terms, an operating system. It is the software on a computer that enables applications and the computer operator to access the devices on the computer to perform desired functions. The operating system (OS) relays instructions from an application to, for instance, the computer's processor. Linux (often pronounced LIH-nuhks with a short "i") is a Unix-like operating system that was designed to provide personal computer users a free or very low-cost operating system comparable to traditional and usually more expensive Unix systems.

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You have a problem installing an older CD-ROM drive on one of your Linux servers. You have checked the HOWTOs and FAQs but have not found your answer. Where could you go to search the newsgroups to look for
a solution?
Choose one:

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You have been given the job of administering a new server. It houses a database used by the sales people. This information is changed frequently and is not duplicated anywhere else. What should you do to ensure that this information is not lost?
Choose one

a. Create a backup strategy that includes backing up this information at least daily.
b. Prepare a proposal to purchase a backup server
c. Recommend that the server be made part of a cluster.
d. Install an additional hard drive in the server.
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What command allows you to set a processor-intensive job to use less CPU time?

A) ps
B) nice
C) chps
D) less
E) more
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You created a tarfile called myfiles.tar containing copies of all the files in your home directory. In order to save space you compress this file using gzip. After completing the operation, you do a listing of the contents of the directory to see how much smaller the compressed file is. How can you use the information from the listing to determine the percentage of compression?
Choose one:

a. Only the compressed file will be listed and not the tarfile.
b. Divide the reported size of the tarfile by the reported size of the compressed file.
c. Neither the tarfile nor the compressed file are listed as they are both moved to another directory by default.
d. Divide the reported size of the compressed file by the reported size of the tarfile.
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You issue the command jobs and receive the following output:
[1]- Stopped (tty output) pine
[2]+ Stopped (tty output) MyScript
How would you bring the MyScript process to the foreground?

Choose one:
a. fg %2
b. ctrl-c
c. fg MyScript
d. ctrl-z
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To display a list of all manual pages containing the keyword "date", what command would you type?
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You use the mount -a command to mount all your filesystems, however, you cannot access your CD-ROM. What could be the problem?
Choose one:

a. The CD-ROM is not defined in the fstab file.
b. The CD-ROM cannot be mounted using the mount -a command.
c. The command mount -a is not a valid command.
d. The correct syntax to mount all filesystems is mount fstab.
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Which partitioning tool is available in all distributions?

A) Disk Druid
B) fdisk
C) Partition Magic
D) FAT32
E) System Commander
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You have been assigned the task of determining if there are any user accounts defined on your system that have not been used during the last three months. Which log file should you examine to determine this information?
Choose one:

a. /var/log/wtmp
b. /var/log/lastlog
c. /var/log/utmp
d. /var/log/messages
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Which of the following user names is invalid?

Choose one:
a. Theresa Hadden
b. thadden
c. TheresaH
d. T.H.
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You want to make it possible for your users to mount floppy disks. What do you need to do?
Choose one:

a. Tell your users the password for root as floppies can only be mounted by root.
b. Edit the mtab file and add the user option on the floppy entry.
c. Edit the fstab file and add the ro option on the floppy entry.
d. Edit the fstab file and add the user option on the floppy entry.
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You have a computer with Windows 95 installed and want to install Linux on it. However, there is no free space available. How could you manage to install Linux on this computer with the least amount of effort?
Choose one:

a. Use fips to resize the partition containing Windows 95.
b. Repartition the hard drive; reinstall Windows 95 and then install Linux
c. You cannot run Windows 95 and Linux on the same computer
d. Create a directory under Windows 95 and install Linux in that directory.
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You have a new application on a CD-ROM that you wish to install. What should your first step be?
Choose one:

a. Read the installation instructions on the CD-ROM.
b. Use the mount command to mount your CD-ROM as read-write.
c. Use the umount command to access your CD-ROM.
d. Use the mount command to mount your CD-ROM as read-only.
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Bob Armstrong, who has a username of boba, calls to tell you he forgot his password. What command should you use to reset his command?
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Which file do you edit to set partitions to mount at boot time?

A) /etc/fstab
B) /etc/services
C) /etc/smb.conf
D) /etc/fstab.conf
E) /etc/mount.conf
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You have a file named phonenos containing names and telephone numbers. Each line contains the telephone number followed by the name. You want to sort the file by telephone number in ascending order. Which of the following commands will accomplish this.
Choose one:

a. sort phonenos
b. sort -c phonenos
c. sort -n phonenos
d. sort -r phonenos
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When you install a new application, documentation on that application is also usually installed. Where would you look for the documentation after installing an application called MyApp?
Choose one:

a. /usr/MyApp
b. /lib/doc/MyApp
c. /usr/doc/MyApp
d. In the same directory where the application is installed.
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If you type the command cat dog >& cat what would you see on your display?
Choose one:

a. Any error messages only.
b. The contents of the file dog.
c. The contents of the file dog and any error messages.
d. The contents of the file dog and the file cat.
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When you look at the /etc/group file you see the group kmem listed. Since it does not own any files and no one is using it as a default group, can you delete this group?
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Which file do you need to change to alter how the updatedb database is created?
Choose one:

a. /etc/which.conf
b. /etc/conf.updatedb
c. /etc/updatedb.conf
d. /etc/conf.which
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