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Sybase Interview Questions

Below we have listed all the Sybase Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Sybase Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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Sybase is a computer software company that develops and sells database management system (DBMS) and middleware products. The company was founded in 1984, and the headquarters offices are in Emeryville, CA. Sybase was the first enterprise DBMS for the Linux operating system. Sybase is an enterprise software and services company that produces software to manage and analyze information in relational databases. Sybase is a standalone subsidiary of SAP.

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Explain about Power Designer Data modeling software?
4.3 Rating
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Explain about the mainframe connect tools from Sybase?
4.5 Rating
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Given a table which contains some rows with duplicate keys, how would you remove the duplicates?
3.0 Rating
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What is Open Server in Sybase?
3.4 Rating
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Explain about ETL data integration software?
4.0 Rating
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Explain about the Data integration suite features?
3.0 Rating
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Explain the benefits you can get from Mainframe connect?
3.0 Rating
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Explanation about replication server software?
3.0 Rating
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What is the command for quitting from Sybase?
3.0 Rating
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Explain about the features of Sybase IQ?
4.7 Rating
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what means of sybase ?? and how i can use sybase data base
on my computer
Iam the first use it >> any help please !
4.7 Rating
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Give the benefits of Data integration suite?
4.6 Rating
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Explain about Open switch business continuity software?
3.5 Rating
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