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Microsoft Basics Interview Questions

Below we have listed all the Microsoft Basics Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Microsoft Basics Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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Microsoft BASIC was the foundation product of the Microsoft company. It first appeared in 1975 as Altair BASIC, which was the first BASIC (and indeed the first high level programming language) available for the MITS Altair 8800 hobbyist microcomputer.

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The Hardware Inventory Client Agent is
enabled with the default configuration settings. You need to ensure that the Hardware Inventory
Client Agent is run every Tuesday at 19:00. What should you do?
A. Configure the Hardware Inventory Client Agent to use a Full schedule.
B. Add an IDMIF file to each client that sets the new schedule.
C. Configure the Hardware Inventory Client Agent to use a Simple schedule.
D. Change the SMS_def.mof to comply with the new schedule.
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How do you remotely administer MS IIS??

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Your SMS hierarchy consists of a single
primary site. Your SMS site consists of a single site server configured as a management point, a
client access point, a server locator point, and a distribution point. Employees use Pocket PC
devices. They only access the company network over a wireless connection. You want to use
SMS to manage the Pocket PC devices. You install and configure the Device Management
Feature Pack on the SMS site server. You now need to deploy the client software to the mobile
devices. What should you do?
A. Create an advertisement to install the Device Client on the computers running Microsoft
B. Create an advertisement to install the Device Client on the mobile devices.
C. Use Client Push Installation to install the Device Client.
D. Use a Web site to make the Device Client installation available.
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The SMS 2003 site hierarchy consists of a
single primary site. The SMS site server is configured as a management point, client access
point, server locator point, and distribution point. The hardware on the management point must be
replaced. You need to transfer the management point
role to a different server. The only computer available for this purpose runs Microsoft Windows
NT Server 4.0 SP4. You need to prepare this computer to be a management point. What should
you do?
A. Install Windows 2000 Server SP3 and IIS.
B. Install Windows Server 2003 with the default settings.
C. Install SP6 for Windows NT Server 4.0 and IIS
D. Install Windows 2000 Server SP2.
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How do you create Virtual Root in IIS

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You use SMS 2003 SP1 and the Security
Update Inventory Tool for patch management. The Security Update Inventory Tool is installed
and configured with the default settings. The package created by the tool is named Security. you
force the security sync advertisement to run and download new information on updates. you force
the security advertisement to run on a test server named 1 to collect software update data. three
hours later you discover that there is no new data. you need to ensure that the current software
update data is sent from 1 to the sms server as soon as possible. What should you do?
A. Change the Security advertisement to run the Security program.
B. Change the Security program to run Scanwrapper.exe /cache /kick.
C. force 1 to run a hardware inventory cycle.
D. force 1 to run a software inventory cycle.
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All servers run Microsoft Windows Server
2003. All desktop computers run Windows XP Professional. The company has a single SMS 2.0
SP3 site. You plan to upgrade the SMS 2.0 site to SMS 2003 SP1.
You need to test specific upgrade tasks before implementing SMS 2003 SP1 in the production
environment. Which task should you avoid performing in a production environment?
A. installingInternet Information Services
B. upgrading to SMS 2.0 SP4
C. running the Deployment Readiness Wizard
D. runningSetup.exe /testdbupgrade SMS_<site_code>
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What is the difference between web service and web application?

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I want questions in windows DNA.
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How many data types are supported in Vbscript

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