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General Interview Questions & Answers

Below we have listed all the General Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any General Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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General Interview Questions & Answers

Knowing how to put together a strong answer to the most common interview questions is obviously key to landing a job. The art and science of creating great answers involves being strategic in crafting your responses as well as practicing till you?re as strong a possible. The best job candidates are not lucky. They spend a ton of time both on preparation because they know how important that 30-60 minute interview can be to their entire career.

Subcategories for General Interview Questions & Answers :-

Following are sub categories for which Interview Questions & Answers are available under General Interview Questions & Answers. Please select the appropriate sub-category:-

Ambition Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Assertiveness Interview Questions & Answers (17)

Career Goals Interview Questions & Answers (47)

Communication Skills Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Company Knowledge Interview Questions & Answers (14)

Confidence Interview Questions & Answers (11)

Conflict Interview Questions & Answers (13)

Cooperation Skill Interview Questions & Answers (14)

Corporate Communication Interview Questions & Answers (15)

Creativity Interview Questions & Answers (11)

Decision Making Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Decisiveness Interview Questions & Answers (11)

Determination Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Diplomacy Skill Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Flexibility Interview Questions & Answers (12)

General Knowledge and Current Affairs Interview Questions & Answers (45)

General Knowledge and Current Affairs 2010 Interview Questions & Answers (50)

HR Interview Questions & Answers (221)

Imagination Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Initiative Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Interests Interview Questions & Answers (13)

Job Performance Interview Questions & Answers (39)

Judgement Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Leadership Interview Questions & Answers (22)

Leadership Skills Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Learning Skill Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Listening Skill Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Logical & Aptitude Interview Questions & Answers (237)

Motivation Interview Questions & Answers (18)

Negotiation Skills Interview Questions & Answers (11)

Organizational Skill Interview Questions & Answers (11)

Patience Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Personal Interview Questions & Answers (51)

Project Management Interview Questions & Answers (12)

Puzzles Interview Questions & Answers (16)

Quantitative Interview Questions & Answers (95)

Risk Taking Interview Questions & Answers (11)

Salary Interview Questions & Answers (15)

Self Assessment Interview Questions & Answers (40)

Self Worthiness Interview Questions & Answers (12)

Skills Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Teaching Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Team Work Interview Questions & Answers (15)

Time Management Interview Questions & Answers (10)

Tough Interview Questions & Answers (71)

Trick Questions Interview Questions & Answers (46)

Warm-up Interview Questions & Answers (12)

Work-History Interview Questions & Answers (15)

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What do you think about the college you studied?
View Answer
Are you a leader?
View Answer
Give some applications of oops programming language
View Answer
What motivates a person?
View Answer
Tell me about yourself ?
View Answer
Why u choose the field of Non Voice BPO sector?
View Answer
What salary you are expecting from company?
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Time management means planning
View Answer
What is the advantage of the team work?
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TEAM ? Together Everyone Achieves More
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Describe a difficult situation you have to handle?
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How will you handle confidential company matters?
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MBA after Biotech :- I m doing B.Sc Biotechnology final year & after that I want to do MBA. In the interview which is organized by the MBA colleges, they generally ask the question that why do you want to do MBA after Biotechnology. What should I answer them to attract the interviewer?
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How would you describe yourself?
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What do you mean by sensex and nifty?
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How to answer the question "TELL ABOUT YOURSELF"? Think you as a candidate and reply me how u answer to that question?
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What is the difference between programmer and developer
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How long do you want to stay with us?
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What is management round in the interview section
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There are two doors one goes to hell and another goes to heaven. There are two doorkeepers, one tells always right and second may lie (we can not believe). We don?t know who is right and who is wrong. So the question is What will be the common question that can be asked to both of them to verify which door goes to hell or which goes to heaven?
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