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C++ Interview Questions & Answers

Below we have listed all the C++ Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any C++ Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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Subcategories for C++ Interview Questions - The following are sub categories for which Interview Questions are available under this category. Please select the appropriate sub-category:

Arrays, Strings, Pointers and References in C++ Interview Questions (48)

C++ Basics Interview Questions (66)

Control Flow in C++ Interview Questions (3)

Exceptions in C++ Interview Questions (5)

Functions in C++ Interview Questions (27)

Inheritence in C++ Interview Questions (30)

Input and Output Operations in C++ Interview Questions (12)

Object Oriented Programming in C++ Interview Questions (42)

Operator Overloading in C++ Interview Questions (18)

Operators in C++ Interview Questions (24)

Templates in C++ Interview Questions (12)

Variables in C++ Interview Questions (13)

Virtual Functions in C++ Interview Questions (26)

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Can you think of a situation where your program would crash without reaching the breakball, which you set at the beginning of main()?
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What issue do auto_ptr objects address?
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Is there any problem with the following:
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Why do C++ compilers need name mangling?
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Is there anything you can do in C++ that you cannot do in C?
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What is problem with Runtime type identification?
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What is Pure Virtual Function? Why and when it is used ?
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What about Virtual Destructor?
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Is it possible to have Virtual Constructor? If yes, how? If not, Why not possible ?
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Explain about reference parameter?
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State the methods through which parameters can be passed?
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Can I define a type that is an alias of another type (like typedef in C++)?
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Is it possible to restrict the scope of a field/method of a class to the classes in the same namespace?
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How can I create a process that is running a supplied native executable (e.g., cmd.exe)?
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What is an interface class?
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