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CIW Associate Design Specialist Certification Exam Interview Questions

Below we have listed all the CIW Associate Design Specialist Certification Exam Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any CIW Associate Design Specialist Certification Exam Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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CIW Associate Design Specialist Certification is a perfect fit for academic and training organizations that want to deliver vendor-neutral Web design instruction and industry certification. Students will learn the basics of Web design along with today's most current information such as XHTML coding, image editing, validation, CSS, GUI editors, server-side and client-side languages, e-commerce models and much more! This program is retired, effective June 30th, 2011. Certifications previously awarded in this program will remain valid. No further credentials will be issued.

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Gordon has been asked to create a focus group to aid in finishing the
production of a Web site for the company World Stocks, Bonds and Currency Inc. What should this
process definitely include?
A. Asking the corporate customers for their favorite colors, and then incorporating those colors into a style
B. Choosing at least five individuals who represent the target audience demographic, and then using testers
with varying degrees of computer experience to
review the site
C. Creating a set of real-world activities that the company wants to provide to its customers, and then
assigning those activities as tasks to accomplish, with
step-by-step directions for completing them
D. Using the bottom-up approach to site development by asking the corporate customers for the type of
functionality they expect from the site, and then
designing the look and feel of the site around those functions
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Jared is creating an interactive Web site that is expected to respond to heavy
traffic. He needs to request new hardware in order to build a staging server. What requirement of the
staging server should he be aware of when ordering the new hardware?
A. The staging server should have the same hardware and software configuration as the production server.
B. The staging server should have a different operating system from that of the production server for
flexibility during testing.
C. The staging server should have a slower processor and less RAM than the production server because it is
just a test server.
D. The staging server should have more RAM and a faster processor than the production server because
testing is more intensive than production use.
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Question: 66
Which one of the following graphic formats is best suited for displaying line art on a computer
A. Bitmap
B. Dithering
C. Pixel
D. Vector
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Susan is creating some additional images for her customer's Web site. One
image will be used repeatedly on site pages. However, in order to support the site's topic-specific color
scheme, she wants one shape in the image's background to be a different color on each page. What is the
best way for Susan to accomplish this task?
A. Create the image using layers for its different components.
B. Create the image using series for its different components.
C. Create the image using pages for its different components.
D. Create the image using frames for its different components.
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When publishing a Web site using FTP, which of the following is typically required?
A. User name and password
B. E-mail client
C. Browser
D. Dedicated Internet connection
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Which one of the following choices lists three goals that should be achieved on every Web site?
A. Interest, activity, and accomplishment
B. Interaction, activity, and accomplishment
C. Interest, activity, and resolution
D. Interest, challenge, and resolution
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n programming languages, which term is used to describe object behaviors?
A. Attributes
B. Properties
C. Methods
D. Classes

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In which of the following formats do graphic files support 24 bits of color
information and work well with photographs?
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Question: 71
What is ICANN main responsibility?
A. Overseeing short-term technical issues of the Internet
B. Overseeing the leadership for technical management
C. Overseeing long-term research issues of the Internet
D. Overseeing the accreditation of domain name registrars
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When does an HTML specification become a standard?
A. After a working draft is ratified
B. After a new recommendation is ratified
C. When all browsers support all the tags
D. When development tools implement all the tags
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You are creating a database of contact information for all the employees at your company. Which
term describes the rows in your database table, each of which contains a complete set of
information (name, phone number and e-mail address) for one person?
A. Field
B. Schema
C. File
D. Record

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Question: 79
Which choice best describes a cookie?
A. A directory that stores information from a Web site on a user's computer
B. An executable file placed on a user's computer that passes marketing information to the
sponsoring Web site
C. An alert box that allows users to accept or reject marketing information from a Web site
D. A text file sent from a Web site to a user's computer that stores information for that user
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Question: 95
Jorge is developing a navigation scheme for his Web site. Which of the following guidelines
should he apply?
A. Provide quick links.
B. Expect users to have similar backgrounds.
C. Do not imitate other navigation schemes.
D. Develop by adapting to the browser buttons.
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Kellee wants to determine which areas of her company's Web site attract
visitors, and the frequency with which those areas are visited. Which of the following is the best way for
her to determine these facts?
A. Monitor network traffic during peak hours.
B. Place a hit counter on each page of the Web site.
C. Analyze the Web site server logs to measure page access.
D. Call users and ask them which sections of the site they visit often.
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Which NAME attribute value of the <META> tag helps search engines locate your site by
focusing on certain words?
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Which of the following choices best describes the features of an object-oriented programming
A. Methods, properties, and inheritance
B. Top-down, event-driven code that may inherit properties from the main program or another
C. Methods, portability, and top-down code refinement
D. Run-time interpretation and threaded execution
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Question: 76
Sasha uses the <BODY> tag elements MARGINHEIGHT="0" and MARGINWIDTH="0". How will
this affect her Web site?
A. It will create a borderless page structure when viewed with Internet Explorer browsers.
B. It will create a borderless page structure when viewed with Navigator browsers.
C. It will create a borderless page structure when viewed with any type of browser.
D. It will delete any text from the margins.
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Consider the following HTML code example:
<UL><LI>1st Item
<LI>2nd Item
Which of the following choices best explains the difference between XML and HTML?
A. XML does not allow uppercase letter usage.
B. XML does not allow multiple tagged items on the same line.
C. XML does not allow multiple nested closing tags to follow on the next line.
D. XML does not allow the inference of tags.
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What is the primary role of an HTTP server?
A. To provide access to port 21
B. To keep a stateful session with the client browser
C. To deliver Web pages and other media to a client browser
D. To deliver Web pages and e-mail services to the client browser
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Question: 69
Why do vector graphics perform better than other file formats within the Internet space?
A. Because they compress with absolutely no loss of visual quality
B. Because they can include sound without encoding the graphic with the file information
C. Because they are represented with bitmaps rather than mathematical formulas, and are easily
read by browsers
D. Because they are represented by mathematical calculations and are smaller than bitmaps by
orders of magnitude
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