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PL-SQL Interview Questions & Answers

Below we have listed all the PL-SQL Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any PL-SQL Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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What is difference between a PROCEDURE & FUNCTION ?
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State the difference between implicit and explicit cursor's.
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Explian rowid,rownum?What are the pseduocolumns we have?
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What is difference between stored procedures and application procedures,stored function and application function?
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How we can create a table in PL/SQL block. insert records into it??? is it possible by some procedure or function?? please give example...
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State the advantage and disadvantage of Cursor?
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What is Raise_application_error ?
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Explain the usage of WHERE CURRENT OF clause in cursors ?
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Name the tables where characteristics of Package, procedure and functions are stored ?
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What will the Output for this Coding? Declare Cursor c1 is select * from emp FORUPDATE; Z c1%rowtype; Begin Open C1; Fetch c1 into Z; Commit; Fetch c1 in to Z; end;
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1)What is the starting "oracle error number"? 2)What is meant by forward declaration in functions?
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How to debug the procedure ?
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What is ref cursor?
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What is trigger,cursor,functions in pl-sql and we need sample programs about it?
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Can Commit,Rollback ,Savepoint be used in Database Triggers?If yes than HOW? If no Why?With Reasons
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How many types of database triggers can be specified on a table ? What are they ?
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Explain how procedures and functions are called in a PL/SQL block ?
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What is pl/sql?what are the advantages of pl/sql?
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What will happen after commit statement ?
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Where the Pre_defined_exceptions are stored ?
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