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Microsoft Powerpoint Interview Questions & Answers

Below we have listed all the Microsoft Powerpoint Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Microsoft Powerpoint Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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Is there a way to adjust "kerning" or "tracking" in PowerPoint?
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How do I move a slide?
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Any way to keep some slides from printing?
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Why does the speed of animation effects change on different computers?
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Visual Basic 6 All the questions are compulsory. The first five questions shall be of 16 marks each and the last question shall be of 20 marks. Q1. A. Discuss the various types of variables. B. How to control the file? Q2. A. How the image application? B. Write short notes on trees structures work. Q3. A. How to load and unload child forms. B. When should we use recursive programming Q4. A. Write short notes on ?The ole control?s shortcut menu? B. How to test the AX stat class Q5. A. How to use advanced data-bound controls. B. Write notes on manipulating the record set object Q6. A. What is script control? B. How to down load image properties. C. What is meant by building a recordset.
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Can I save my presentation to HTML?
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Why won't my branched presentations work when presented with the Viewer?
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How can I change the speed of the transitions?
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Can I play QuickTime movies in PowerPoint?
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Is there a way to make my own animations and play them in PowerPoint?
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How can I make the background of my logo transparent?
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Can Power Point slides be made into PDF files?
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Is there a way to copy slides into a specific location in my presentation?
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How do I open PowerPoint?
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How do I make bitmaps and captures screens display well in slide show?
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Why do my movies start and end with black boxes?
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How do I get graphs to look right when the file is transferred to the Mac?
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How do I print my presentation?
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My pictures turned to Big Red X's--what happened?
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How can I make font animation (like in Microsoft Word) work in PowerPoint?
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