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Data Structures Interview Questions & Answers

Below we have listed all the Data Structures Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any Data Structures Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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Elements of an array are stored _______ in memory
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What is a one way chain or singly linked linear list?
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StackLinkedList class inherits the LinkedList class
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Value of the first linked list index is _______ A) One B) Zero C) -1 D) None of the above
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Define Simulation?
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What does the symbol * signifies
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How can a node be inserted in the middle of a linked list?
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Define data structure in terms of relation?
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A doubly linked list is a linked list consisting of nodes that have both the previous and next elements
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The depth of a tree is the _______ of a tree
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Explain the three applications in which stacks are used?
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List out the areas in which data structures are applied extensively?
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char *ptGrade;The use of the symbol ; ( semi colon) in the above example is wrong
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What is a linked list?
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The size of a structure is determines by the Product of sizes of all primitive data types within the structure
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The _______ process places data at the back of the queue
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If the depth of a tree is 3 levels, then what is the Size of the Tree?
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Why is the isEmpty() member method called?
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What member function places a new node at the end of the linked list?
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How do you define a vector for a data structure?
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