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UNIX Interview Questions & Answers

Below we have listed all the UNIX Interview Questions and answers. Feel free to comment on any UNIX Interview Questions or answer by the comment feature available on the page.

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Unix command to concatenate (attach) two strings?
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What is Semaphore?
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Explain Memory Partitioning, Paging, Segmentation.
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Explain Scheduling.
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What is Concurrency? Explain with example Deadlock and Starvation.
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What is difference between lilo and stub?
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What is the difference between soft link and hard link in Unix operating system ?
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How can you get/set an environment variable from a program in UNIX?
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Name two paging states for a page in memory?
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What are the phases of swapping a page from the memory?
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What is BSS(Block Started by Symbol)?
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What exactly is UNIX?
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How to find some partuicular lines in unix Vi editor which starts with a paricular word and end with another particular word?? For ex - There are 10 lines in the editor and only 4 lines start with the word APPLE and end with the word MANGO.Now how to find out these particular lines in Unix .
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In what way the Fault Handlers and the Interrupt handlers are different?
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Explain about cat?
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How to get a computer aided instruction?
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What are shell variables?
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Explain the types of interrupts in detail?
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How can you find your id on a system?
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How do you create a decision tree in a shell script?
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