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Testing Models Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Testing Models Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Testers can use various models when testing software, such as waterfall, iterative and agile styles. Scott Barber explains their differences to help you decide which is best for your software testing team. These testing models would all benefit from earlier attention to the testing activity that has to be done at some time during the SDLC in Software Testing. The selection of model has very high impact on the testing that is carried out. It will define the what, where and when of our planned testing.

Try Testing Models Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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RAD Model Interview Questions & Answers (9) Learning Mode | Exam Mode

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Testing Models Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Testing Models Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Explain Desktop application development and Test automation?

Answer: The software was written to provide a friendly interface for information workers: Spreadsheet jockeys, business people needing written reports, and game players. The full spectrum of desktop software could pretty well be categorized into spreadsheet, wordprocessor, database, and entertainment categories since desktop computers were rarely networked to other information resources. Desktop applications used the keyboard, and then later a mouse, to navigate through windows and a drop-down menu. Ins Source:
Question: What is Online Help Test?

Answer: Online help tests check the accuracy of help contents, correctness of features in the help system, and functionality of the help system.
Question: What is Load/Volume Test?

Answer: Load/volume tests study how a program handles large amounts of data, excessive calculations, and excessive processing. These tests do not necessarily have to push or exceed upper functional limits. Load/volume tests can, and usually must, be automated.

Focus of Load/Volume Tesing

* Pushing through large amounts of data with extreme processing demands.
* Requesting many processes simulateously.
* Repeating tasks over a long period of time

Load/volume tests, which involv Source:
Question: Explain Levels of Testing?

Answer: 1. Unit Testing.
* Unit Testing is primarily carried out by the developers themselves.
* Deals functional correctness and the completeness of individual program units.
* White box testing methods are employed

2. Integration Testing.
* Integration Testing: Deals with testing when several program units are integrated.
* Regression testing : Change of behavior due to modification or addition is called ?Regression?. Used to bring changes from worst to least.
* Incrementa Source:
Question: Explain Black Box testing for web-based application Part 5:

Answer: 27. Directory setup
The most elementary step of web security is proper setup of directories. Each directory should have an index.html or main.html page so a directory listing doesn't appear.
One company I was consulting for didn't observe this principal. I right clicked on an image and found the path "". I went to that directory manually and found a complete listing of the images on that site. That wasn't too important. Next, I went to the directory below t Source:
Question: What is Web-Enabled Application Measurement Tests?

Answer: 1. Meantime between failures in seconds
2. Amount of time in seconds for each user session, sometimes know as transaction
3. Application availability and peak usage periods.
4. Which media elements are most used ( for example, HTML vs. Flash, JavaScript vs. HTML forms, Real vs. Windows Media Player vs. QuickTime)
Question: When testing a Access database?

Answer: * If the database is creating Web pages from the datbase to a URL, is the information correct and updated? If the pages are not dynamic or Active Server pages, they will not update automatically.
* If the tables in the database are linked to another database, make sure that all the links are active and giving reevant information.
* Are the fields such as zip code, phone numbers, dates, currency, and social security number formateed properly
* If there are formulas in the database, do th Source:
Question: Explain Security Testing?

Answer: Usage " Security is a protection system that is needed for both securing the confidential information and for competitive purposes to assure third parties that their data will be protected.
" Amount of security provided depends upon risks associated with compromise or loss of information.
" Protecting the confidentiality of the information is designed to protect the resources of the organization.
" Used to check the adequacy of protective procedures and countermeasures..
Objectives " Source:
Question: Explain Error - Handling Testing Technique?

Answer: Background " Pre determination of Error handling features is the basic difference between Automated and manual systems.
" Manual System: can deal with problems as they occur.
" Automated Systems: Must pre program error handling.
Usage " It determines the ability of applications system to process the incorrect transactions properly
" Errors encompass all unexpected conditions.
" In some system approx. 50% of programming effort will be devoted to handling error condition.
Objecti Source:
Question: What is User Interface Tests?

Answer: Easy-of-use UI testing evaluates how intuitive a system is. Issues pertaining to navigation, usablility, commands, and accessibility are considered. User interface functionality testing examines how well a UI operates to specifications.


* Usability
* Look and feel
* Navigation controls/navigation bar
* Instructional and technical information style
* Images
* Tables
* Navigation branching
* Accessibility Source:
Question: What is Unit Tests?

Answer: Unit tests are positive tests that eveluate the integrity of software code units before they are integrated with other software units. Developers normally perform unit testing. Unit testing represents the first round of software testing--when developers test their own software and fix errors in private. Source:
Question: When test a FoxPro database?

Answer: * If the database is linked to other database, are the links secure and working?
* If the database publishes to the Internet, is the data correct?
* When data is deployed, is it still accurate?
* Do the queries give accurate information to the reports?
* If thedatabase performs calculations, are the calculatons accurate? Source:
Question: What is Testing Web Sites Applications?

Answer: Many developers and testers are making the transition from testing traditional client/server, PC, and/or mainframe systems, to testing rapidly changing Web applications.

Web test: This testing forcuses on how well all parts of the web site hold together, whether inside and outside the website are working and whether all parts of the website are connected.

Web sites Server consist of three back-end layer:

* Web server
* Application server
* Data layers Source:
Question: What is Real-world User-level Test?

Answer: These tests simulate the actions customers may take with a program. Real-World user-level testing often detects errors that are otherwise missed by formal test types.
Question: What is the Stress Testing?

Answer: Overwhelm the product for performance, reliability, and efficiency assessment; To find the breakpoint when system is failure; to increase load regressively to gather information for finding out maximum concurrent users.

Stress tests force programs to operate under limited resource conditions. The goal is to push the upper functional limits of a program to ensure that it can function correctly and handle error conditions gracefully. Examples of resources that may be artificially manipulate Source:
Question: Explain Data integrity

Answer: Data stored in the database should include such items as the catalog, pricing, shipping tables, tax tables, order database, and customer information. Testng must verify the integrity of the stored data. Testing should be done on a regular basis because data changes over time.

Data integrity tests

Data integrity can be tested as follows to ensure that the data is valid and not corrupt:

* Test the creation, modification, and deletion of data in tables as specified in the busin Source:
Question: Explain Black Box testing for web-based application Part 2:

Answer: 7. Images
Whether it's a screen grab or a little icon that points the way, a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, the best way to tell the user something is to simply show them. However, bandwidth is precious to the client and the server, so you need to conserve memory usage. Do all the images add value to each page, or do they simply waste bandwidth? Can a different file type (.GIF, .JPG) be used for 30k less?
In general, you don't want large pictures on the front page, s Source:
Question: Explain Boundary Test?

Answer: Boundary tests are designed to check a program's response to extreme input values. Extreme output values are generated by the input values. It is important to check that a program handles input values and output results correctly at the lower and upper boundaries. Keep in mind that you can create extreme boundary results from non-extreme input values. It is essential to analyze how to generate extremes of both types. In addition. sometime you know that there is an intermediate variable invol Source:
Question: What is Forced-Error Test?

Answer: The forced-error test (FET) consists of negative test cases that are designed to force a program into error conditions. A list of all error messages thatthe program issues should be generated. The list is used as a baseline for developing test cases. An attempt is made to generate each error message in the list. Obviously, test to validate error-handling schemes cannot be performed until all the handling and error message have been coded. However, FETs should be thought through as early as possi Source:
Question: What is Functional System Testing?

Answer: System tests check that the software functions properly from end-to-end. The components of the system include: A database, Web-enable application software modules, Web servers, Web-enabled application frameworks deploy Web browser software, TCP/IP networking routers, media servers to stream audio and video, and messaging services for email.

A common mistake of test professionals is to believe that they are conducting system tests while they are actually testing a single component of the s Source:

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