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Testing Models Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Testing Models Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Testers can use various models when testing software, such as waterfall, iterative and agile styles. Scott Barber explains their differences to help you decide which is best for your software testing team. These testing models would all benefit from earlier attention to the testing activity that has to be done at some time during the SDLC in Software Testing. The selection of model has very high impact on the testing that is carried out. It will define the what, where and when of our planned testing.

Try Testing Models Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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Testing Models Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Testing Models Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is Release Acceptance Test?

Answer: The release acceptance test (RAT), also referred to as a build acceptance or smoke test, is run on each development release to check that each build is stable enough for further testing. Typically, this test suite consists of entrance and exit test cases plus test cases that check mainstream functions of the program with mainstream data. Copies of the RAT can be distributed to developers so that they can run the tests before submitting builds to the testing group. If a build does not pass a RAT Source:
Question: Explain Structural System Testing Techniques?

Answer: Usage " To determine if the system can function when subject to large volumes.
" It includes testing of
input transactions
Internal tables
Disk Space
Out put
Computer capacity
Interaction with people.
Objectives " To simulate production environment
" Normal or above normal volumes of transactions can be processed through the transaction within expected time frame.
" Application system would be able to process larger volume of data.
" System capac Source:
Question: What is Click-stream measurement tests?

Answer: Makes a request for a set of Web pages and records statiestics about the response, including total page views per hour, total hits per week, total user sessions per week, and derivatives of these numbers. The downside is that if your Web-enabled application takes twics as many pages as it should for a user to complete his or her goal, the click stream test makes it look as though your Web site is popular, while to the user your Web site is frustrating. Source:
Question: What is Security Tests?

Answer: Security measures protect Web systems from both internal and external threats. E-commerce concerns and the growing popularity of Web-based applications have made security testing increasingly relevant. Security tests determine whether a company's security policies have been properly implemented; they evaluate the functionality of existing systems, not whether the security policies that have been implemented are appropriate.


* Applic Source:
Question: What is Increas Capacity Testing?

Answer: When you begin your stress testing, you will want to increase your capacity testing to make sure you are able to handle the increased load of data such as ASP pages and graphics. When you test the ASP pages, you may want to create a page similar to the original page that will simulate the same items on the ASP page and have it send the information to a test bed with a process that completes just a small data output. By doing this, you will have your processor still stressing the system but not t Source:
Question: Explain Black Box testing for web-based application Part 3:

Answer: 16. Interface Testing
Many times, a web site is not an island. The site will call external servers for additional data, verification of data or fulfillment of orders.

16. Server interface
The first interface you should test is the interface between the browser and the server. You should attempt transactions, then view the server logs and verify that what you're seeing in the browser is actually happening on the server. It's also a good idea to run queries on the database to Source:
Question: Explain Data validity?

Answer: The most common data errors are due to incorrect data entry, called data validity errors. Source:
Question: What is Ping tests?

Answer: Ping tests use the Internet Control Message Protocol(ICMP) to send a ping request to a server. If the ping returns, the server is assumed to be alive and well. The downside is that usually a Web server will continue to return ping requests even when the Web-enable application has crashed.
Question: What is Performance Test?

Answer: The primary goal of performance-testing is to develop effective enhancement strategies for maintaining acceptable system performance. Performance testing is a capacity analysis and planning process in which measurement data are used to predict when load levels will exhaust system resources.
Question: How to write testing documentations?

Answer: Testing of reference guides and user guises check that all features are reasonably documented. Every page of documentation should be keystroke-tested for the following errors:

* Accuracy of every statement of fact
* Accuracy of every screen shot, figure and illustation
* Accuracy of placement of figures and illustation
* Accuracy of every tutorial, tip, and instruction
* Accuracy of marketing collateral (claims, system requirements,and screen shots)
* Accuracy of downloadab Source:
Question: What is Boundary timeing testing?

What happens when your Web-enabled application request times out or takes a really long time to respond Source:
Question: What is the Software Testing?

Answer: Software testing is more than just error detection;

Testing software is operating the software under controlled conditions, to (1) *verify* that it behaves "as specified"; (2) to *detect* *errors*, and (3) to *validate* that what has been specified is what the user actually wanted.

1. *Verification* is the checking or testing of items, including software, for conformance and consistency by evaluating the results against pre-specified requirements. [*V**erification: Are we building Source:
Question: How to performance Compatibility and Configuration Testing?

Answer: Compatibility and configuration testng is performanced to check that an application functions properly across various hardware and software environments. Often, the stragegy is to run the functional acceptance simple tests or a subset of the task-oriented functional tests on a range of software and hardware configurations. Sometimes, another strategy is to create a specific test that takes into account the error risks associated with configuration differences. For example, you might design an ex Source:
Question: What is black-box (or functional) testing?

Answer: Black Box Testing is testing without knowledge of the internal workings of the item being tested. The Outside world comes into contact with the test items, --only through the application interface ,,, an internal module interface, or the INPUT/OUTPUT description of a batch process. They check whether interface definitions are adhered to in all situation and whether the product conform to all fixed requirements. Test cases are created based on the task descriptions.

Black Box Testing assum Source:
Question: When testing a SQL server?

Answer: * If the Web site publishes from inside the SQL Server straight to a Web page, is the data accurate and of the correct data type?
* If the SQL Server reads from a stored procedure to produce a Web page or if the stored procedure is changed, does the data on the page change?
* If you are using FrontPage or interDev is the data connection to your pages secure?
* Does the database have scheduled maintenance with a log so testers can set changes or errors?
* Can the tester check to see h Source:
Question: What is Deployment Acceptance Test?

Answer: The configuration on which the Web system will be deployed will often be much different from develop-and-test configurations. Testing efforts must consider this in the preparation and writing of test cases for installation time acceptance tests. This type of test usually includes the full installation of the applications to the targeted environments or configurations. Source:
Question: What is External Beta Testing?

Answer: External beta testing offers developers their first glimpse at how users may actually interact with a program. Copies of the program or a test URL, sometimes accompanied with letter of instruction, are sent out to a group of volunteers who try out the program and respond to questions in the letter. Beta testing is black-box, real-world testing. Beta testing can be difficult to manage, and the feedback that it generates normally comes too late in the development process to contribute to improved Source:
Question: Other important Database and security feature

Answer: * Credite Card Transaction
* Shopping Carts
* Payment Transaction Security

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
SSL is leading security protocol on the Internet.
When an SSL session is started, the server sends its publice key to the browser, which the browser uses to send a randomly generated secret key back to the server to have a secret key exchange for that session.
SSL is a protocol that is submitted to the WWW consortium (W3C) working group on security for consideration as Source:
Question: Explain Clicent/Server Development and Test automation?

Answer: The original intent for client/server applications was to separete presentation logic from business logic. In an ideal system design, the client was reponsible for presenting the user interface, command elements (drop-down menus, buttons, controls), displayed results information in a set of windows, charts, and dials. The client connected to a server to process functions and the server responded with data.

In a client/server environment the protocols are cleanly defined so that all the cl Source:
Question: Explain Black Box testing for web-based application Part 4:

Answer: 23. Printers
Users like to print. The concept behind the web should save paper and reduce printing, but most people would rather read on paper than on the screen. So, you need to verify that the pages print properly. Sometimes images and text align on the screen differently than on the printed page. You need to at least verify that order confirmation screens can be printed properly.

24. Combinations
Now you get to try combinations. Maybe 600x800 looks good on the MAC but not on the Source:

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