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C Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

C Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

C is a high-level and general purpose programming language that is ideal for developing firmware or portable applications. Originally intended for writing system software, C was developed at Bell Labs by Dennis Ritchie for the Unix Operating System (OS) in the early 1970s. With the increasing popularity of object-oriented programming, C is being rapidly replaced as "the" programming language by C++, a superset of the C language that uses an entirely different set of programming concepts, and by Java, a language similar to but simpler than C++, that was designed for use in distributed networks.

Try C Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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C Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try C Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What would be the output of the following program?
const int x=5;
int *ptrx;

Answer: It depends on compiler.

In C++, it is not allowed to convert const int* to int*. So error

In C, it is ok, and i = 10; So dont use C compiler, it is time to use C++ compiler, just my one cent
Question: What is hashing ?

Answer: To hash means to grind up, and that?s essentially what hashing is all about. The heart of a hashing algorithm is a hash function that takes your nice, neat data and grinds it into some random-looking integer.

The idea behind hashing is that some data either has no inherent ordering (such as images) or is expensive to compare (such as images). If the data has no inherent ordering, you can?t perform comparison searches.

If the data is expensive to compare, the number of comparisons u Source:
Question: What are bit fields? What is the use of bit fields in a structure declaration?

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: Can there be a mouse click and drag function used together to rotate a circle in c?please give which are they?

Answer: try the ncurses library for the linux systems........ there are hooks for events and actions over there,,, mostly ncurses lib is installed in distro,,,,,,,

compile by..

cc -c myprog.c -o myprog.o
cc myprog.o -lncurses myprog_exe Source:
Question: What is page thrashing?

Answer: Some operating systems (such as UNIX or Windows in enhanced mode) use virtual memory. Virtual
memory is a technique for making a machine behave as if it had more memory than it really has, by using disk space to simulate RAM (random-access memory). In the 80386 and higher Intel CPU chips, and in most other modern microprocessors (such as the Motorola 68030, Sparc, and Power PC), exists a piece of hardware called the Memory Management Unit, or MMU.

The MMU treats memory as if it were co Source:
Question: When should a type cast be used ?

Answer: There are two situations in which to use a type cast. The first use is to change the type of an operand to an arithmetic operation so that the operation will be performed properly.

The second case is to cast pointer types to and from void * in order to interface with functions that expect or return void pointers.

For example, the following line type casts the return value of the call to malloc() to be a pointer to a foo structure.

struct foo *p = (struct foo *) malloc(sizeof Source:
Question: How can we open a image file through C program

Answer: In C, generally we?can open files having text format...

other types of files can be opened in binary format only using

file *fp;

fp=fopen("filename","rb+");// where b stands for binary format
Question: A lift can accept a maximum load of 1000 kg.write a program to check how many people enter lift & what is the total weight currently present in the lift? If it exceeds maximum limit,set a variable for overweight.if overweight variable is set ring alarm.

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: What is the difference between unix and linux.

Answer: There is big difference Unix does not support GUI but Linux support it.
Unix is less secure over networking .
Linux is more secure than any other O.S.
Question: struct Foo
char *pName;
char *pAddress;
struct Foo *obj = malloc(sizeof(struct Foo));
obj->pName = malloc(100);
obj->pAddress = malloc(100);
strcpy(obj->pName,"Your Name");
strcpy(obj->pAddress, "Your Address");
printf("%s", obj->pName);
printf("%s", obj->pAddress);

Answer: this gives runtime error...

Question: What is a default TCP/IP socket assigned for SQL Server?

Question: What is difference between the test effort and the test procedure?

Answer: Both are different concepts. Test effort defines how much time required to execute a particular test case. Test procedure defines the required actions to execute that test case.
Question: What is the use of typedef?

Answer: Typedef is used to change the name of the variable used earlier.It is used specially in structures. Source:
Question: What is the output of the following program:
Int x = 3, y = 2;
foo(x, y)
{ x = x + 2;
y = y + 3;
printf (?%d %d?, x,y);
{ int x,y;
x = 5;
y = 5;
printf (?%d %d?, x,y);
a) 7 8 5 5 b) 5 5 5 5 c) 5 5 3 2 d) 7 8 7 8

Answer: 5 5 5 5 Source:
Question: What is the code to find our age,for example if my date of birth is 4/12/1986 and today date is 16/11/2008
answer should give our year,month,no of days

Answer: #include<stdio.h>
void main(void)
typedef struct date
unsigned int day;
unsigned int month;
unsigned int year;
struct date dob={0,0,0};
struct date present={0,0,0};
struct date age={0,0,0};

// struct dob={0,0,0};
printf(" Please enter your DOB");
scanf(" %d%d%d",&,&dob.month,&dob.year);
printf(" Your date of birth=%2d/%2d/%d",,dob. Source:
Question: How i can run *.bat or *.cmd file by using system function in c ?

Answer: system("c:/*.bat"); Source:
Question: using c-strings write a program that will analyse the text"1.1my brother is taller than me.1.2 I am a boy of sixteen years old". The program should remove multiple spaces betweem words,find the longest word in the text,search and identify the number of letters"e", extact the number of integers , extract the number of doubles, extract the number of words in each sentence and identify the number of sentences in the text.

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: Which language is not high-level language?

Answer: machine level language Source:
Question: Why does a linker error occurs for the segment:
extern int i;

Answer: You cannot define the value of an extern variable, should be defined in some other header or cpp file, so it will give a linker error. Source:
Question: void func1(int (*a)[10])
printf("Ok it works");
void func2(int a[][10])
printf("Will this work?");

int a[10][10];

Answer: Ok it works Will this work? Source:

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