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Testing - Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Testing - Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Software testing is the process used to assess the quality of computer software. Software testing is an empirical technical investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under various test conditions.

Try Testing - Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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Testing - Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Testing - Basics Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is the difference between missing&mistake in S/w defects?

Answer: In c++ delete will automatically call destructor, which then free the allocated memory..delete itself never free the memory.. Source:
Question: What are the main things we have to keep in mind while writing the testcases? pls explain with format by giving an example.

2. how we can write functional and integration testcases?pls explain with format by giving examples

3. explain the water fall model and V- model of software development life cycles with block diagrams

Answer: The main focus while writing test cases should be to cover all the documented requirements, a rudimentary form of doing this is by specifying the exact requirement number/id against every test case. A better way of doing this is by preparing a Traceability Matrix<br><br>We should also try and write which cover the implicit requirements along with the expliocit stated ones, some negative test cases to cover unpredicatable scenarios. Effort should be made to test all possible inputs an Source:
Question: What is installation shield in testing

Answer: Install Shield is the software which is used to create the setup files. There is Installation testing which ensures that the user can install the software without any problem and the files are getting stored at proper place and all the register entry are getting stored properly. There is nothing called Installation Shield testing Source:
Question: What is Scalability Testing? Which tool is used?

Answer: Scalibility Testing::
Performance testing focused on ensuring the application under test gracefully handles increases in work load.

LoasRunner, Winrunner, Astra, Rational Robot
Question: What is the ONE key element of a Test Plan?

Answer: The TestPlan consists of somany things.These are Test scope, Test Strategy, Testing Schedule, Resource planning, What to test and What not to test, What can do in manual and What can do in Automation, If Automation then which tool is preffered etc.
Question: What is the difference between a defect and an enhancement?

Answer: Defect: Defect is the problem or error found in the application while testing, which is unnecessary or which my hindrant to the other functions of the application.

Enhancement: Its the additional feature or functionality found and added to the application as desired by the end user/real word customer or tester during the testing process.

Enhacement is done to imrove the quality of the software where as Defect is removed or repair to maintain the quality of the software.

Enha Source:
Question: What is business process in software tesing

Answer: Business Process in Software Testing is:

Describe what testing means, why it is necessary, why it can be inadequate and when it is complete.
Understand and distinguish among common testing techniques, such as documentation reviews, black and white box, unit, integration, system, boundary, stress, static and dynamic testing.
Describe how testing fits into a typical Software Development Life Cycle.
Understand the unique testing characteristics for web, client/server, mainframe a Source:
Question: What is smoke testing and user acceptance testing?

Answer: Smoke testing is a type of regression testing. It is done to to check the basic functionalities of the product after there is modification in the software either due to the change in functionality or due to fix defect .
Acceptance testing is done by the end user to valudate whether or not accept the producr Source:
Question: What is alpha testing and beta testing ?

Answer: Alpha testing: When customer tests the product for acceptance in Developer's plave in presence of developer.

Beta testing : When customer tests a product in his own environment without the presence and influence of developer. Source:
Question: Hi there, i am interested in pursuing a career in software testing. every interview i go to they ask "why do you want to become a tester" and " do you think you can cope with it, i.e. what makes you think you could be good at it" i would appreciate any answers from you testing experts. thanks a bunch in advance!!

Answer: Testing is forever.

There is no need to depend on other technologies.

A developer himself cannot perform testing effectively as one does not try to identify their own errors.

Question: What is meant by test strategy and test data?

Answer: Test Strategy:
It is a document prepared by test lead describing test schedule,testing activities,testing environment,features to be tested in the application.

Test data:

Input required for testing in the application is test data.

Question: What's main difference between smoke and sanity testing? when these are performed? explain with example

Answer: According to Josh Smoke testing :In which the application is tested initially inorder to ensure whether all functionalities are available to perform detail testing on them

sanity testing:In which one can perform testing on an overall application initially to check whether the application is proper in terms of availability and Usability.
Question: What is SQA testing? tell us steps of SQA testing

Answer: Software QA involves the entire software development PROCESS.monitoring and improving the process.making sure that any agreed-upon standards and procedures are followed.and ensuring that problems are found and dealt with.It is oriented to 'prevention'.The life cycle begins when an application is first conceived and ends when it is no longer in use. It includes aspects such as initial concept, requirements analysis, functional design, internal design, documentation planning, test planning Source:
Question: On what security parameters do you test a "Web based application?

Answer: The security parameters on which a web based application is tested are-
1.Only authorized users can logon and access the application.
2.For displaying any confidential information authentic person should be checked by matching their personal details at the time of registration to that application. Source:
Question: What is Adhoc testing?

Answer: Adhoc testing is done randomly on the application, without any proper procedures or test case.It is usally done at the end of the project after executing all the test cases.Adhoc testing testing is done usally when the tester does not have enough time. Source:
Question: What is difference between a Test Plan, a Test Strategy, A Test Scenario, and a Test Case? What?s their order of succession in the STLC?

Answer: Test Plan: Test plan is a Document, developed by the Test Lead, which contains "What to Test","How to Test", "When to Test", "Who to Test".

Test Strategy: Test Strategy is a Document, developed by the Project manager, which contains what type of technique to follow and which module to test.

Test Scenario: A name given to Test Cases is called Test Scenario. These Test Scenario was deal bythe Test Enggineer.

Test Cases:It is also document andit specifies a Testable condition t Source:
Question: Can we write Functional testcase based on only BRD or only Use case ?

Answer: Yes we can,but you can not have a full flow on that test case.because BRD and use cases used to prepare FRS.with help of FRS we can write our testcase. Source:
Question: 1-How to carry out manual testing for a background process which does't have any user interface ?

2-whta is open beta testing? ans it done at which end?
what is the difference b/w open beta testing and beta testing?asked me in the interview.

3-What part of the testing phase is the most important part for testing in the cycle?

4-which frame work we use commonly in QTP?

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: How do you promote the concept of phase containment and defect prevention?

Answer: Phase Containment is incorporating QA into all the phases of SDLC. It results in Defect Prevention. If Qa team performs Requirements Review, Design Review and Code Review, defects would be few when actual application is tested. That means we have prevented many defects by performing reviews at each stage of SDLC.
Question: What is meant by test environment?
What is meant by DB installing and configuring and deploying skills?

Answer: Test Environment :Environment that is to be created for the testing team to execute the tests manually as well as by automation.This test environment is the integration of software,hardware,networks,servers,database etc according to the client requirements.In the same way software developers also integrate an environment according to client requirements.Any defects that occur in test environment ,should also occur in the developers environment when developer try to reproduce those defects.If it Source:

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