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Abinitio Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Abinitio Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

The Ab Initio software is a fourth generation data analysis, batch processing, data manipulation graphical user interface (GUI)-based parallel processing tool which is commonly used to extract, transform and load data.

Try Abinitio Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Abinitio Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Abinitio Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What does layout means in terms of Ab Initio

Answer: Layout describes the following to the co>operating system:

1.the location of a serial file

2.the number and locations of the partitions of the multifile

3.the number of, and the locationsat which the program components execute.

layout is one of the following:

1.location of the serial file.

2.location of the control partition of the multifile.

Question: How can you run a graph infinitely?

Answer: I wonder why u require this Infinite loop concept if so how to get out if a graph runs recursively..


Answer: Until u r in the room On one switch and just before u leave the Off the first and On the second and immediately check the heatness of bulb if it is not On(we have ruled out one option here), if its hot then first switch is correct for it otherwise the unused one is correct . Source:
Question: What are Cartesian joins?

Answer: A Cartesian join will get you a Cartesian product. A Cartesian join is when you join every row of one table to every row of another table. You can also get one by joining every row of a table to every row of itself.

Question: How will you test a dbc file from command prompt ??

Answer: You can test a dbc file from unix command prompt using m_db test <name-of-the dbc file> which tests the data base connection, data base version, user name, password, database objects and other required mandatory values checking.

Here, the syntax is on below

m_db test <name-of-the dbc file>


m_db test my_db_connection_test.dbc

Here the my_db_connection_test.dbc file should be in current directory.
Question: can anyone tell me what happens when the graph run? i.e The Co-operating System will be at the host, We are running the graph at some other place. How the Co-operating System interprets with Native OS?

Answer: when ever you press Run button on your GDE,the GDE genarates a script

and the genarated script will be transfered to your host which is specified in to your GDE run settings. then the Co>operating system interprets this script and executes the script on different mechins(if required) as a sub process(threads),after compleation of each sub process,these sub_processes will return status code to main process this main process in tern returns error or sucess code of the job to GDE

Question: What are the different versions and releases of ABinitio (GDE and Co-op version)

Answer: for GDE 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, and 1.15 is latest one. For Co-Op latest one is 2.14. Source:
Question: What is the difference between look-up file and look-up, with a relevant example?

Answer: A lookup is a component of abinitio graph where we can store data and retrieve it by using a key parameter.

A lookup file is the physical file where the data for the lookup is stored.
Question: How can we implement refrential integrity in Abinitio?

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: How to Improve Performance of graphs in Ab initio?
Give some examples or tips.

Answer: There are somany ways to improve the performance of the graphs in Abinitio.

I have few points from my side.

1.Use MFS system using Partion by Round by robin.

2.If needed use lookup local than lookup when there is a large data.

3.Takeout unnecessary components like filter by exp instead provide them in reformat/Join/Rollup.

4.Use gather instead of concatenate.

5.Tune Max_core for Optional performance.

6.Try to avoid more phases.
Question: What are primary keys and foreign keys?

Answer: In RDBMS the relationship between the two tables is represented as Primary key and foreign key relationship.Wheras the primary key table is the parent table and foreignkey table is the child table.The criteria for both the tables is there should be a matching column. Source:
Question: How do you improve the performance of a graph?

Answer: There are many ways the performance of the graph can be improved.
1) Use a limited number of components in a particular phase
2) Use optimum value of max core values for sort and join components
3) Minimise the number of sort components
4) Minimise sorted join component and if possible replace them by in-memory join/hash join
5) Use only required fields in the sort, reformat, join components
6) Use phasing/flow buffers in case of merge, sorted joins
7) If the two inpu Source:
Question: Explain the difference between the ?truncate? and "delete" commands.

Answer: Truncate :- It is a DDL command, used to delete tables or clusters. Since it is a DDL command hence it is auto commit and Rollback can't be performed. It is faster than delete.

Delete:- It is DML command, generally used to delete a record, clusters or tables. Rollback command can be performed , in order to retrieve the earlier deleted things. To make deleted things permanently, "commit" command should be used.
Question: What are the most commonly used components in a Abinition graph?

can anybody give me a practical example of a trasformation of data, say customer data in a credit card company into meaningful output based on business rules?

Answer: The most commonly used components in to any Ab Initio project are

input file/output file

input table/output table

lookup file

reformat,gather,join,runsql,join with db,compress components,sort,trash,partition by expression,partition by key ,concatinate

Question: I'm unable to connect sever database(oracle) from GDE(db config file) local system.i set all these

Answer: ChalapathiFirst we can check the properties in internet options and then u can check in cmd format telenet abinitio ip_add . Source:
Question: How to Schedule Graphs in AbInitio, like workflow Schedule in Informatica? And where we must is Unix shell scripting in AbInitio?

Answer: As like in Informatica, the scheduling cannot be completely done in Ab Initio. In the Ab Initio GDE versions 2.14.X there is a Plan>It which replaced DTM plans.

Through Plan>It plans we can have different methods to have pre and post process and also triggers. there are sepearte method to carry out particular process on success and failure of the graphs.

As concerned to my knowledge, the scheduling of these plans are done thru the cron job only.

Question: What about DML changes dynamically?

Answer: A>I has came up with new concepts of metaprogramming. You can use functions like make_dmlnot sure syntax) to create DML dynamically.
Question: How can you force the optimizer to use a particular index?

Answer: Use hints /*+ <hint> */, these acts as directives to the optimizer Source:
Question: Describe how you would ensure that database object definitions (Tables, Indices, Constraints, Triggers, Users, Logins, Connection Options, and Server Options etc) are consistent and repeatable between multiple database instances (i.e.: a test and production copy of a database).

Answer: Take an entire database backup and restore it in different instance.

Take a statistics of all valid and invalid objects and match.

Periodically refresh
Question: How to handle if DML changes dynamically in abinitio

Answer: If the DML changes dynamically then both dml and xfr has to be passed as graph level parameter during the runtime.


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