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Abinitio Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Abinitio Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

The Ab Initio software is a fourth generation data analysis, batch processing, data manipulation graphical user interface (GUI)-based parallel processing tool which is commonly used to extract, transform and load data.

Try Abinitio Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Abinitio Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Abinitio Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is the function you would use to transfer a string into a decimal?

Answer: For converting a string to a decimal we need to typecast it using the following syntax,

out.decimal_field :: ( decimal( size_of_decimal ) ) string_field;

The above statement converts the string to decimal and populates it to the decimal field in output.

Submitted by Harendhiraprasad M N ( Source:
Question: What is AB_LOCAL expression where do you use it in ab-initio?

Answer: ablocal_expr is a parameter of itable component of Ab Initio.ABLOCAL() is replaced by the contents of ablocal_expr.Which we can make use in parallel unloads.There are two forms of AB_LOCAL() construct, one with no arguments and one with single argument as a table name(driving table).

The use of AB_LOCAL() construct is in Some complex SQL statements contain grammar that is not recognized by the Ab Initio parser when unloading in parallel. You can use the ABLOCAL() construct in this case to Source:
Question: What are the contineous components in Abinitio?

Answer: Contineous components used to create graphs,that produce useful output file while running continously

Ex:- Contineous rollup,Contineous update,batch subscribe
Question: How many components in your most complicated graph?

Answer: This is a tricky question, number of component in a graph has nothing to do with the level of knowledge a person has. On the contrary, a proper standardized and modular parametric approach will reduce the number of components to a very few. In a well thought modular and parametric design, mostly the graphs will have 3/4 components, which will be doing a particular task and will then call another sets of graphs to do the next and so on. This way total numbers of distinct graphs will drastically c Source:
Question: I am working on Informatica.I am interested to learn Abinitio.Please help me to find some stuff which helps me to start.
I am not understanding where to start... please guide me.. I have got abinitio gde 2.1 version.

Answer: The Latest version of GDE is 1.15 only,but where u got 2.1 version.
Question: How to create repository in abinitio for stand alone system(LOCAL NT)?

Answer: If you are trying to install the Ab -Initio on stand alone machine , then it is not necessary to create the repository , While installing It creates automatically for you under abinitio folder ( where you installing the Ab-Initio) If you are still not clear please ask your Question on the same portal Source:
Question: For data parallelism, we can use partition components. For component parallelism, we can use replicate component. Like this which component(s) can we use for pipeline parallelism?

Answer: When connected sequence of components of the same branch of graph execute concurrently is called pipeline parallelism.

Componets like reformat where we distribute input flow to multiple o/p flow using output index depending on some selection criteria and process those o/p flows simultaneosly creates pipeline parallelism.

But components like sort where entire i/p must be read befor a single record is writen to o/p can not achieve pipeline parallelism.
Question: Can anyone please explain the environment variables with example?

Answer: Environmental variables server as global variables in unix environment. They are used for passing on values from a shell/ process to another. <br><br>They are inherited by Abinitio as sandbox variables/ graph parameters like <br><br>AI_SORT_MAX_CORE<br><br>AI_HOME<br><br>AI_SERIAL<br><br>AI_MFS etc.<br><br>To know what all variables exist, in your unix shell, find out the naming convention and type a command like "env | grep Source:
Question: Have you worked with packages?

Answer: Yes, then name some of the packages which you have really worked with. Source:
Question: What is the difference between .dbc and .cfg file?

Answer: .cfg file is for?the remote connection and .dbc is for connecting the database.

.cfg contains :

1. The name of the remote machine

2. The username/pwd to be used while connecting to the db.

3. The location of the operating system on the remote machine.

4. The connection method.

and .dbc file contains the information:

1. The database name

2. Database version

3. Userid/pwd

4. Database character set and some more...
Question: How to retrive data from database to source in that case whice componenet is used for this?

Answer: To unload (retrive) Data from the database DB2, Informix, or Oracle we have components like Input Table and Unload DB Table by using these two components we can unload data from the database Source:
Question: what is difference between file and table in abinitio

Answer: Table means it maintaince relational data i.e it is a relational structure.
File means non relation structure.
it maintaince data.

Question: Which one is faster for processing fixed length dmls or delimited dmls and why ?

Answer: Fixed length DML's are faster because it will directly read the data of that length without any comparisons but in delimited one,s every character is to be compared and hence delays

Question: What is the difference between rollup and scan?

Answer: By using rollup we cant generate cumulative summary records for that we will be using scan. Source:
Question: What is an outer join?

Answer: An outer join is used when one wants to select all the records from a port - whether it has satisfied the join criteria or not. Source:
Question: Do you know what a local lookup is?

Answer: Lookup File consists of data records which can be held in main memory. This makes the transform function to retrieve the records much faster than retirving from disk. It allows the transform component to process the data records of multiple files fastly.

Question: Sift links to MFS files on Unix for Ab Initio ? what is this ....
2) $pound what is this
3) $? what for it is used
4) types of loading
5 overwrite when it used ?

Answer: Link is a command where in unix we use for when the original file is deleted when we create a link the other replaces file exists.

Example: ln file 1 file2

$# Total number of positional parameters.

$? exit status of the last executed command

types of loading are conventional loading and direct loading

Override not overwrite it is used in join, assign keys alternate key

In join it is used hen input need not be sorted.

Question: What is meant by fancing in abinitio ?

Answer: The word Abinitio means from the beginning. Source:
Question: How to do we run sequences of jobs ,,
like output of A JOB is Input to B
How do we co-ordinate the jobs

Answer: By writing the wrapper scripts we can control the sequence of execution of more than one job.
Question: What is mean by Co > Operating system and
why it is special for Ab-initio ?

Answer: Co > Operating System:

It converts the AbInitio specific code into the format, which the UNIX/Windows can understand and feeds it to the native operating system, which carries out the task.

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