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Abinitio Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Abinitio Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

The Ab Initio software is a fourth generation data analysis, batch processing, data manipulation graphical user interface (GUI)-based parallel processing tool which is commonly used to extract, transform and load data.

Try Abinitio Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Abinitio Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Abinitio Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Describe the elements you would review to ensure multiple scheduled "batch" jobs do not "collide" with each other.

Answer: Because every job depend upon another job for example if you first job result is successfull then another job will execute otherwise your job doesn't work. Source:
Question: Describe the process steps you would perform when defragmenting a data table. This table contains mission critical data.

Answer: There are several ways to do this:

1) We can move the table in the same or other tablespace and rebuild all the indexes on the table.

alter table <table_name> move <tablespace_name> this activity reclaims the defragmented space in the table

analyze table table_name compute statistics to capture the updated statistics.

2)Reorg could be done by taking a dump of the table, truncate the table and import the dump back into the table.

Question: What is semi-join?

Answer: In abinitio,there are 3 types of join <br><br>1.inner join. 2.outer join and 3.semi join.<br><br>for inner join 'record_requiredn' parameter is true for all in ports.<br><br>for outer join it is false for all the in ports.<br><br>if you want the semi join you put 'record_required' as true for the required component and false for other components.<br> Source:
Question: Have you worked with packages?

Answer: Packages are nothing but the reusable blocks of objects like transforms, user defined functions, dmls etc. These packages are to be included in the transform where you use them. For example, consider a user defined function like




let string(35) trimmed_string = string_lrtrim(input_string);



Now, the above xfr can be included in the transform where you call the above function Source:
Question: What is data mapping and data modelling?

Answer: data mapping deals with the transformation of the extracted data at FIELD level i.e. the transformation of the source field to target field is specified by the mapping defined on the target field. The data mapping is specified during the cleansing of the data to be loaded.

For Example:


string(35) name = "Siva Krishna ";


string("01") nm=NULL("");/*(maximum length is string(35))*/

Then we can have a mapping like:

Straight move.T Source:
Question: How to Create Surrogate Key using Ab Initio?

Answer: There r many ways to create Surrogatekey but it depends on your business logic. here u can try these ways...

1. use next_in_sequence() function in your transform.

2.use Assign key values component (if ur gde is higher than 1.10)

3.write a stored proc to this and call this stor proc wherever u need

Question: When running a stored procedure definition script how would you guarantee the definition could be "rolled back" in the event of problems.

Answer: There are quite a few factors that determines the approach such as what type of version control are used, what is the size of the change, what is the impact of the change, is it a new procedure or replacing an existing and so on.

If it is a new, then just drop the wrong one

if it is a replacement then how big is the change and what will be the possible impact, depending upon you can have the entire database backed up or just create a script for your original procedure before messin Source:
Question: How do you add default rules in transformer?

Answer: Double click on the transform parameter of parameter tab page of component properties, it will open transform editor. In the transform editor click on the Edit menu and then select Add Default Rules from the dropdown. It will show two options - 1) Match Names 2) Wildcard. Source:
Question: How will you test a dbc file from command prompt ??

Answer: try "m_db test myfile.dbc"
Question: Have you used rollup component? Describe how.

Answer: If the user wants to group the records on particular field values then rollup is best way to do that. Rollup is a multi-stage transform function and it contains the following mandatory functions.
1. initialise
2. rollup
3. finalise
Also need to declare one temporary variable if you want to get counts of a particular group.

For each of the group, first it does call the initialise function once, followed by rollup function calls for each of the records in the group and fin Source:
Question: what is backward compatibility in abinitio

Answer: No answer available currently.
Question: How would you find out whether a SQL query is using the indices you expect?

Answer: Explain plan can be reviewed to check the execution plan of the query. This would guide if the expected indexes are used or not. Source:
Question: What is the latest version that is available in Ab-initio?

Answer: The latest version of GDE ism1.15 AND Co>operating system is 2.14
Question: What is the difference between a DB config and a CFG file?

Answer: Both DBC and CFG files are used for database connectivity, basically both are of similar use. The only difference is, cfg file is used for Informix Database, whereas dbc are used for other database such as Oracle or Sqlserver
Question: What is .abinitiorc and What it contain?

Answer: .abinitiorc is the config file for ab initio. It is found in user's home directory. Generally it is used to contain abinitio home path, different log in information like id encrypted password login method for hosts where the graph connects in time of execution.

It may contain inf like EME host and others.
Question: How do we handle if DML changing dynamicaly

Answer: There are lot many ways to handle the DMLs which changes dynamically with in a single file. Some of the suitable methods are to use a conditional DML or to call the vector functionality while calling the DMLs.

Question: How to find the number of arguments defined in graph?

Answer: $# - No of positional parameters<br><br>$? - the exit status of the last executed command.<br> Source:
Question: How do you convert 4-way MFS to 8-way mfs?

Answer: To convert 4 way to 8 way partition we need to change the layout in the partioning component. There will be seperate parameters for each and every type of partioning eg. AI_MFS_HOME, AI_MFS_MEDIUM_HOME, AI_MFS_WIDE_HOME etc.

The appropriate parameter need to be selected in the component layout for the type of partioning..

Question: How to run the graph without GDE?

Answer: In RUN ==> Deploy >> As script , it create a .bat file at ur host directory ,and then run .bat file from Command prompt
Question: Describe the ?Grant/Revoke? DDL facility and how it is implemented.

Answer: Basically,This is a part of D.B.A responsibilities GRANT means permissions for example GRANT CREATE TABLE ,CREATE VIEW AND MANY MORE .

REVOKE means cancel the grant (permissions).So,Grant or Revoke both commands depend upon D.B.A.

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