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QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Quick Test Professional (QTP) is an automated functional Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing tool created by the HP subsidiary Mercury Interactive that allows the automation of user actions on a web or client based computer application.

Try QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Can we call QTP test from another test using scripting.

Suppose there are 4 tests and i want to call these tests in a main script. Is this possible in QTP?

Answer: Yes, we can call Any numbers of Test Scripts from Main Script.

For this, whatever scripts you want to call, you need to make The Actions in those scripts are Re-Usable actions. And then you can give a call to these scripts.

Question: How to Handle dynamic WebList in QTP...

Values in Weblist are different

Answer: Look at qiuck test plus with searching the word dynamic (i will give u apaste)
Using Property Pattern to Identify Objects
If certain object property values in your Web site or application are generated dynamically for all objects of a given type, you can create a property pattern configuration file that instructs QuickTest to automatically record the object property string as a regular expression.

Note: The property pattern configuration file applies only to constant test object pro Source:
Question: Give one example where you have used Regular Expression?

Answer: for the date format "dd/mm/yyyy" the equivalent regular expression would be

Set regExp_Term = New RegExp
regExp_Term.pattern = "11/11/1981"
validation=regExp_Term.test("date to be validated")

if validation="True" Then


End If
Question: Where is the bitmap chekpoint information saved?

Answer: The Bitmap Check Point Information saved in the Below File:C:Program Files Mercury InteractiveQuick Test ProfessionalTestsAction NameRes1 Source:
Question: How can we generate script for exception handler in QTP?

Please can any one explain script also?

Answer: We can generate the script for exceptions using recovery scenario manager or with in the script as well.
1)using recovery script get the properties of the exception object and add it in the resources by naming the exception. We can create the recovery scenario in the options and add it in the resources of the file menu.when generating the script after the exception comes in type wait() please specify some umber like 10 or any value in() so that it will wait and then add the recovery scenario Source:
Question: How to make QTP to recognise the activeX controls.

Answer: QuickTest records and runs steps on ActiveX controls as it does on any other object.

Using the Insert>Step Option , we can activate ActiveX control methods, retrieve and set the values of properties and check the object exists.

It is recommended that to begin recording session before opening the application containing the ActiveX controls on which you want to record.
Question: When there is a task that gets repeated in multiple scripts, what do you do in QTP?

Answer: Task can be a Function and can invoke them any no of times if the task is applicable to a single action.Else..can be made as 'Reusable action.'

Question: How to perform Cross platform testing and Cross browser testing using QTP?Can u explain giving some example?

Answer: Cross Platform Testing:

There is a provision of getting the Operating system in QTP by using the Built in Environment. Eg. Platform = Environment("OS"). Then based on the Platform you need to call the actions which you recorded on that particular platform.

Cross Browser Testing:

First get the type of browser you are using: Eg. Browser("Core Values").GetROProperty("version")

This will give you internet explorer 6 or netscape 5. Based on this value you call the actions Source:
Question: How can we do the Frame work in QTP

Answer: Frame Work:
1.Smoke Testing - Environmental checkup of the application.
2.Driver - Business functionality
3.Application Business Functionality Execution
4.Verification checker
5.Reporter generation
6.Terminator Source:
Question: Can any one explain how to call a winruner script from qtp?
can we execute qtp scripts from test director.

Answer: We can call winrunner main test and compile modules using menu function



TSLTest.RunTestEx "MainTestPath",TRUE,FALSE

TSLTest.CallFuncEx "CompileModule path",TRUE,FALSE
Question: What is the difference between qtp script and vb script?

Answer: QTP uses vbscript for recording. All the features ( functions) of vbscript are supported by QTP script. QTP scrips consist ofcheckpoint,synchronization,DDT functions, iteration repeat statements,action call etc. Source:
Question: How to select particular value from the combo box in the current page which is entered in the previous page edit box after parameterization?

Answer: To add the previous answer, in the Value field,

Datatable.Value(<parameterized column name>)

This will select the item with the name of the parameterized value.
Question: I want to open a Notepad window without recording a test and I do not want to use SystemUtil.Run command as well How do I do this?

Answer: 1.

insert->step->step generator->select a function invokeapplication,mention the path to notepad.exe file.


2.otherwise in Expert view write a builtin funtion

invokeapplication"c:/whatever the path"

Question: How can I implement error handling in QTP, I know with Recovery Mangaer but how please give me detailed execution to how to handle giving an example?

Answer: By Using Recovery Scenario MAnager it has the following things1.Trigger Event 1.Pop-Up Window 2.Object State 3.TestRun Error 4.Application Crash2.Recovery Operation 1.Keyboard/mouse input 2.Function Call 3. 4.Restart Windows3.Post Recovary Operation4.Scenario Nameuse the Scenario Name in Resourcesmay this infor is helpful to u. Source:
Question: What is the use functions in QTP. public, private

Answer: Public : In any testing tool not only the QTP if we declare as a Public then we can use that variable to any function within the script

Private : we can use that variable within the function

Question: We have readonly mode I want to modify my script I want to change it to writeonly mode can anyone give me the process.

Answer: Open the test & select 'Save As' Option from File menu..then edit the test.

Question: How can we recognize objects in Flex application using QTP? When I record scripts, it takes all objects as winobjects whether they are cjheckboxes or hyperlinks? Can anyone pls help me in this

Answer: This may occur if you are recording in the low level mode.In this mode every object is indetified as under only 2 classes.

a) WinObject b) Windows

so please try out with the other modes while recording i.e. either Normal or Analog
Question: Choosing appropriate Scripting Languages in QTP
(Java Scripts / VBScripts) and When/How to choose between the two.

Answer: At the time of installation itself u can choose the scripting languages vb script or java script.if ur using qtp for window base application then its better to use vb script & if ur working on java/web base application then use java is also depend on ur skills.

Question: Does qtp allows us to execute sql statements(like select..) with the help of any vb functions? winrunner does this with the help of db_connect(),db_execute_query(),db_write_records().

Answer: Ya QTP has this facility

for this u r require to create dsn and then recordset for more information refer

QTP plus help file it contain code how to write SQL statment for the QTP

means "database connection" help
Question: What is Object Spy in QTP?

Answer: Using the Object Spy, you can view the properties of any object in an open application. You use the Object Spy pointer to point to an object. The Object Spy displays the selected object?s hierarchy tree and its properties and values in the Properties tab of the Object Spy dialog box. Source:

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