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QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Quick Test Professional (QTP) is an automated functional Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing tool created by the HP subsidiary Mercury Interactive that allows the automation of user actions on a web or client based computer application.

Try QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Explain the need to use analog recording in qtp?

Answer: This mode records exact mouse and Key Board operations you perform in relation to the screen /Application Window. This mode is useful for the operation which you can record at Object Level, such as drawing a picture, recording signature. The steps recorded using Analog Mode is saved in separated data file, Quick Tests add to your Test a Run Analog File statement that calls the recorded analog File. This file is stored with your action in which these Analog Steps are created. The Step recorded in Source:
Question: How can we test a stored procedure ?

Answer: After writing ur function and save it asa .vbs file.U double click on it and make it error free.

Then in QTP , you go to Test->Settings->Resources.. and then click on the "+" symbol and browse the .vbs file and click on Apply Button.

After that Call ur procedure with the "Call" Statement..It will work

There is another way also

u can write this command like

executefile path,

specify the path of .vbs file , It will work

U can do either of the Source:
Question: How can i add a action (external action) programatically?

Answer: You can add an external Action programatically using the Command

RunAction ActionName, [IterationMode , IterationRange]

Before you can use the RunAction statement in the Expert View for an external action, you must first call or copy the external action into your test by choosing Insert > Copy of Action or Call to Action. If the external action does not exist in your test, the RunAction statement is not recognized.


The following example calls the Searc Source:
Question: What is Analog recording,What is the difference between analog recording and low level recording

Answer: Analog Recording: enables to record exact mouse movement, drag mouse and keyboard operation in relation to either the screen or the application window

lowlevel and analog recording are almost same, except if the exact coordinates of the object are important for your test or component then should use this recording mode
Question: Testing > QTP

Which feature of QTP would you like to improve ?
How would you go about implementing it ?

(This question is only to test the candidate, I dont expect any strong answers. How should be able to convince the interviewer, thats it.)

Answer: 1.Merging of Object Repository ,Sometimes provides problem

perhaps any mechanism so that we can manually add an object to the desired frame.

2.Easy facility to remove checkpoints
Question: How do you test oracle application using qtp?

Answer: For testing Oracle Apps with QTP, I would suggest you define your test cases using MS Word documents. Then categorize them by complexity into low, med and high. After that, I would target your low complexity scripts for QTP and use them as regression testing scripts.
Question: How to get a text from a list box,a cell from a table,and edit a text box?

Answer: 1)To obtain a text from List box just select the range of items inthe list box and use GetSelection method along with the object name. You also have GetContent method to get all the items from the list.

2) To obtain a text from cell, Record: Click inside the cell and use GetROProperty("text") then you can see the text value. Same is the case with Table also.
Question: Can anyone tell me which is the best SDLC model from the QA'S point of view?
or which SDLC model is the best and fast?

Answer: In my veiw V-Model(it is one of the sdlc model) is the best model for qa's becoz in all phases of v-model qa role is must be there and qa has to do review's from starting phase to ending phase. qa is process oriented,his task

is to do verification it involves reviewing the plans and all documents . overall

he prevents the defects
Question: How many Actions possible in QTP

Answer: There are 3 types of Actions available in QTP.

1). Non-reusable

2). Reusable

3). External Actions
Question: What are the disadvantages or drawbacks in QTP?

Answer: QTP requires more memory. And some knowledge of VB Script programming to create functions in project.

Question: How Does Run time data (Parameterization) is handled in QTP?

Answer: You can then enter test data into the Data Table, an integrated spreadsheet with the full functionality of Excel, to manipulate data sets and create multiple test iterations, without programming, to expand test case coverage. Data can be typed in or imported from databases, spreadsheets, or text files. Source:
Question: How to debugging your test?

Answer: If changes were made to the script, you need to debug it to check that it operates smoothly and without interruption. Source:
Question: If I give some thousand tests to execute in 2 days what do u do?

Answer: Adhoc testing is done. It Covers the least basic functionalities to verify that the system is working fine. Source:
Question: How many types of recording modes in QTP?describe each type with an example where we use them?

Answer: There are three types of recording modes available in QuickTest Pro.
1.Normal mode
2.Analog mode
3.Low-level recording modeNormal mode:
This is the default mode of recording in QTP ,Object and the Operation associated/performed with Object can be recorded.This mode takes full advantage of QuickTest's test object model,recognizing the objects in AUT regardless of their location on the screen.Analog mode:This mode records exact mouse and keyboard operations you perform in relation Source:
Question: How can I implement error handling in QTP and

How to recall a function in QTP

Answer: Through exception handling we can implement error handle.In QTP we have four types of exception handles.

we can call the function as below

function functionname (parameter1,parameter2,....)

end function
Question: What is the difference between Call to Action and Copy Action.?

Answer: Call to Action : The changes made in Call to Action , will be reflected in the orginal action( from where the script is called).But where as in Copy Action , the changes made in the script ,will not effect the original script(Action) Source:
Question: How i can get class name of test object by repository logical name?

Answer: Right-click an object with the property or value you want to find in the Keyword View or Active Screen and choose Object Properties (or View/Add Object in the Active Screen), and then click the Repository button, choose Tools > Object Repository, or click the Object Repository toolbar button Source:
Question: If winrunner and QTP both are functional testing tools from the same company.why a separate tool QTP came into picture.

Enchanments can be implemented in the winrunner and release a new winrunner version.

Answer: Winrunner was the first tool developed by Mercury Interactive for only functionality testing. Which is why Winrunner is called a defined tool.

And Astra was the first company to develop a tool for conducting web tests. The tool developed by Astra company was AQT. Later Mercury Interactive bought the tool AQT from Astra company and built a new tool with all the features of Winrunner and features of AQT thus naming the new tool as Quick Test Pro (QTP).. this is why QTP is called a design Source:
Question: 1. How to open multiple instances of an application from QTP?
2. How to recognize each instance and setting values and triggering events in a particular application?

Answer: Up to my Knowledge we cant open multiple instances at once.


For recognization we must have to add each instance in the repositary.

Question: How do I create an Action Sheet and ensure each row in the Action Sheet is executed in a single test iteration?

Answer: Unlimited. Although I believe it will only support up to 255 excel documents. It then becomes a question of how much memory your system has...


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