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QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Quick Test Professional (QTP) is an automated functional Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing tool created by the HP subsidiary Mercury Interactive that allows the automation of user actions on a web or client based computer application.

Try QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What if storage limit of shared object repository exceeds its limit(2 MB).how this kind of situation can be handled?

Answer: One can use advanced object repository Editor from Sirus SQA Source:
Question: What are the properties you would use for identifying a browser & page when using descriptive programming?

Answer: Name would be another property apart from title that we can use. Source:
Question: I have faced one question in interview

he has given one screen with one bitmap and one edit box.

The original bitmap is in data base.

Question is first we get the bitmap from database and compare with the screen bitmap

How we can get the bitmap from database.

Answer: Try using Database checkpoint here.

Question: How to add my own function in QTP.
when I run my function in QTP then its throw an error "Error in library file. Your function library may not be valid.
Do you want to continue running the test?"

Now how to add library file & which file.
DO u have any example of function how to write in QTP

Answer: For Ex:Create a VBS file and save the below mentioned statement as example.vbs.

msgbox "Hi,Im execueted from VBS library"

Open QTP>>New >>type

msgbox "Hi,Im execueted from QTP"

Open QTP>>test>>Settings>>Resources>>Try to click "+" button and add the example.vbs

now when u execute,the text -

"Hi,Im execueted from QTP"

"Hi,Im execueted from VBS"

are displayed.
Question: How do u do batch testing in WR & is it possible to do in QTP, if so explain?

Answer: Batch Testing in WR is nothing but running the whole test set by selecting Run Test set from the Execution Grid. The same is possible with QTP also. If our test cases are automated then by selecting Run Test set all the test scripts can be executed. In this process the Scripts get executed one by one by keeping all the remaining scripts in Waiting mode. Source:
Question: Explain the concept of how QTP identifies object.

Answer: QTP uses the Object Repository file to recognize objects on the application. When QTP runs a action, it uses the Object Repository to locate objects. It reads an object?s description in the Object Repository and then looks for an object with the same properties in the application being tested Source:
Question: What are different execution modes available in QTP & explain them.

Answer: There are 3 execution mode in QTP they r:

1. Normal - the default mode where expected & actual results are verified & output is given.

2. Update - When u want to update the expected result then update mode is used.

3. Debug- this requires Microsoft debugger..
Question: How to pass parameters from one test to another test in QTP

Answer: am giving one exmple passing the values into 2 actions

Step1 : U will select the Action1 Properties and set input and output


'Action1 Script

Dim sum

sum = Parameter("t") 'Input parameter


Parameter("a")=89 'Output Parameter

Step2 : Go to Action2

'Action2 Script

RunAction "Action1", oneIteration,"20",x

Msgbox(x) ' First Action Output parameter comes to Act Source:
Question: what is keyword driventest ?

Answer: Keyword driven test has been introduced in QTP 8.0. Its like tree view. Source:
Question: What is test object model in QTP?

Answer: The test object model is a large set of object types or classes that Quick Test uses to represent the objects in your application. Each test object class has a list of properties that can uniquely identify objects of that class and a set of relevant methods that Quick Test can record for it. A test object is an object that Quick Test creates in the test or component to represent the actual object in your application. Quick Test stores information about the object that will help it identify and c Source:
Question: How can we return values from userdefined function? anybody provide code with small example its great for me.

Answer: The syntax of a Function:

[Public [Default] | Private] Function name [(arglist)] [statements] [name = expression] [Exit Function] [statements] [name = expression]End Function
Indicates that the Function procedure is accessible to all other procedures in all scripts.
Used only with the Public keyword in a Class block to indicate that the Function procedure is the default method for the class. An error occurs if more than one Default pr Source:
Question: How the exception handling can be done using QTP

Answer: Recovery scenario manager provides a wizard that guides you through the defining recovery scenario. Recovery scenario has three steps
1. Triggered Events
2. Recovery steps
3. Post Recovery Test-Run
Question: Explain QTP Testing process?

Answer: Quick Test testing process consists of 6 main phases:
1.Create your test plan
Prior to automating there should be a detailed description of the test including the exact steps to follow, data to be input, and all items to be verified by the test. The verification information should include both data validations and existence or state verifications of objects in the application.
2. Recording a session on your application
As you navigate through your application, Quick Test graphically Source:
Question: How many types object repository in QTP?

Answer: There are two types of objrct repositry in QTP.

1.object repositry per action mode.

2.Global object repositry.
Question: How can we validate any date format like todays date(02/15/06)?

Answer: HITHIS BELOW CODE IS FOR VALIDATING TODAYS DATEJUST COPY AND PASTE IN EXPERT VIEW. AND RUN.AS DATE CHAGES EVERY DAY IT GIVES THE CORRECT DATE.Function todaydate'Return current monthCurr_Month = Month(Now)a=len(Curr_Month)If a=1 ThenCurr_Month = "0"&Curr_MonthEnd If'Return current dateCurr_Day = Day(Now)b=len(Curr_Day)If b=1 ThenCurr_Day = "0"&Curr_DayEnd If'Return current yearCurr_Year =Year(Now)c=Len(Curr_Year)If c=4 ThenCurr_Year = Right (Curr_Year, 2)End If todaydate = Curr_Month& Source:
Question: What is the difference between Image Check point and Bit map check point

Answer: Image checkpoint :Checks the property values of an image.

Bitmap Checkpoint:Checks an area of a webpage or application after capturing it as a bitmap
Question: I am using the QTPlus Repositories Merge Utility to merge all my different repositories into a single one.

After having merged some repositories, I notice that, from the test, you can't see the web objects that were merged into the reposotory.

If you open the merged repository in the Merge Utility, the web objects appear there.

Has anyone encountered this problem? Am I missing something obvious? Does anyone have a solution?

Answer: Merge Utility have a lot of problems, try don't use this for file biggest the 8 MB
Question: Recording a session on your application

Answer: As you navigate through your application, Quick Test graphically displays each step you perform in the form of a collapsible icon-based test tree. A step is any user action that causes or makes a change in your site, such as clicking a link or image, or entering data in a form. Source:
Question: What is descriptive programming?

Answer: To do any thing with qtp we need OR. But if we use Descriptive program we can work with the objects which are not there in Object Repository.If we use descriptive program we can reduce the size of object QTp performance also increases.
Question: How to use the Object spy in QTP 8.0 version?

Answer: There are two ways to Spy the objects in QTP
1) Thru file toolbar
---In the File ToolBar click on the last toolbar button (an icon showing a person with hat).

2) Tru Object repository Dialog
---In Objectrepository dialog click on the button"object spy..."

In the Object spy Dialog click on the button showing hand symbol.
the pointer now changes in to a hand symbol and we have to point out the object to spy the state of the object

if at all the object is Source:

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