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QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Quick Test Professional (QTP) is an automated functional Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing tool created by the HP subsidiary Mercury Interactive that allows the automation of user actions on a web or client based computer application.

Try QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try QTP Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: How can i execute QTP scripts through commandprompt?

Answer: Here it goes:"C:Program FilesMercury InteractiveQuickTest PlusUtilitiesCommandLineQuickTestLauncher.exe" /t "C:Automated ScriptsRegressionReg_Drilling" /r "D:results1" /logThe Syntax will be:"" /t "" /r "" /log Source:
Question: How can i call a external action which is not added external action of an action. Means I want to call ActionC from ActionA. but ActionC is not an exteranl action of ActionA.

Answer: Yes u can do it by copying the Action c to Action A...

In QTP 8.2 there is an menu called insert-Copy of Action...
Question: How does QTP identify objects in the application?

Answer: QTP identifies the object in the application by Logical Name and Class. Source:
Question: How to handle dynamic objects in QTP?

by changinf the property that Quick test uses to identify that object.
for example:object repository learnt an image propert ,
object name or image is dynamic,
in such case you can use a property which identifies the location of object on your AUT. Source:
Question: What is action split and the purpose of using this in QTP? Also please explain calling an action. How is this done and why is it done?

Answer: split action is mainly used for re-usability of the application.

action split is nothing but spliting a action in to two parts saperatelly.

on calling an action go 2 call action properties and select call existing action.

for suppose use have save a file in your desktop then this property comes in picture.
Question: I have a list box in my .net application. This list box is having some items. Each item is a check box and to its side a label. When i record such a object QTP understands the item selected in terms of coordinates. How do i make QTP recognise such a object.

Answer: I have the same type of the application.I used Object property for the list box to know the status of the check box in side the list and selected/deselected according to my testing. Source:
Question: How to write QTP test results to an Excel application,

Please provide the exact code if possible ASAP

Answer: Example

Dim fso, f1
Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set f1 = fso.CreateTextFile("D: estfile.xls", True)

and Then use If condition's

to store the results

If Browser("abc").Page("xyz").Exist Then
f1.writeline("Step1 Login details is pass")
f1.writeline("Step1 Login details is Fail")
End If
Question: How to load a .tsr file(object repository) in QTP thru code as it is in the Winrunner like, gui_load. Is there any script exist in QTP8.2

Answer: This might be helpful....

Dim qtApp 'As QuickTest.Application ' Declare the Application object variable
Dim qtTestResources 'As QuickTest.Resources ' Declare a Resources object variable

' Specify an external Data Table file and a shared object repository
qtTestResources.DataTablePath = "C:ResourcesDefault.xls"
qtTestResources.ObjectRepositoryPath = ""
' Make this shared repository the default for all new tests
qtTest Source:

Answer: U can do it thru Recovery Manager..


Suppose there is an Edit box called Uname n PWD...

Just type in uname n don't enter in PWD..

It displays a pop up msg called plz,,enter PWD...

Then stop recording..

Goto Recovery MGR and call POPUP exception handling./../
Question: Which environments does QTP support?

Answer: Quick Test Professional supports functional testing of all enterprise environments, including Windows, Web,..NET, Java/J2EE, SAP, Siebel, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Visual Basic, ActiveX, mainframe terminal emulators, and Web services. Source:
Question: When a script is recorded in quick test for connecting 10 rows in the database, can we change script later for 20 rows
either using vbscripting or from front-end can we make that particular change? If 'yes' how?

Answer: yes, parmetrize the SQL statement Source:
Question: what is the use of command tab in Debug viewer ?can we execute any user defined queries

Answer: while debugging your script, using command tab you can execute a line of script to change or set the current value of a variable or object. Further execution of your test will use the changed value. Source:
Question: What is the Difference Between Bit map Check point & Image Check point
Please explain in detail

Text & text area check point?

Answer: For Bit map Chkpoint we need not have any image, It goes by the screen area.

But for image chk point we need to have an image.
Question: How to create database checkpoint while testing any web application

Answer: The syntax of Database Check point is

DbTable.check checkpoint("DbTable")

DbTable is nothing but Data Table which contains all info.regarding database

Question: I am create the test script in qtp.?when i am open the it is telling readonly mode now i want to modify the script?can any one explain the process.

Answer: While opening the test the open dialog box opens

there is check box like as read only as it is on

then the test is read only

"while open the test uncheck the read only"
Question: What is the procedure of doing SQL/database testing?Is a tester suppose to create procedures,functions,views,triggers etc?

Answer: Please refer the QuickTest Plus Helpfile and refer the link

Libraries Funtions->Microsoft Object->Database function collections

here you would get database releated functions

Question: What are envirnment variables in qtp?

Answer: There are two types of environment variables


2)User defined
Question: How do we test Links using Quick Test Professional and confirm that the page we are requesting is seen after clicking?

Answer: The links are tested using the property of 'href' and 'url' of that link. Here the link can be image or any. If the link is an image then the image has the properties as follows.Href or URL : check the hyperlinkAlt: Specifies the text of an imageSrc: Specifies image sourcefilename: specifies the name of the image file Source:
Question: How to call from one action to another action in QTP?

Answer: Using "Call to Existing Action" we can call one action from another action.

Go to Insert ->select Call to Existing Action

Select which action wants to call.
Question: What is meant by Keyword driven testing and what is Data Driven testing?kindly tell me the meaning with actual differences

Answer: Keyword driventesting is new concept in qtp.

QTP has two views:

1.Keyword view

2. expert view

in keyword view one can see the object ,the operation performed on it and it's value

In keyword driven testing you use the recorded object to generate operations on it.

i mean you select a object and press f7 or right click the mouse and select insert step menu.that way you can generate code without having to generate it manually.

This is called keywo Source:

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