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Test Director Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Test Director Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Test Director allows you to deploy high-quality applications quickly and effectively by providing a consistent, repeatable process for gathering requirements, planning and scheduling tests, analyzing results, and managing defects and issues. TestDirector is a test management tool which includes: Requirements Management - Gillogley Services is experienced in the recording and linking of software requirements in TestDirector to ensure traceability of requirements through to test cases and to defects.

Try Test Director Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Test Director Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Test Director Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is the main purpose of storing requirements in Test Director?

Answer: The TestDirector is completely management tool. So the fields in STLC which are not covered in functional tool like WR (Test Planning,TestDevelopment etc), the remaining are covered here in respect to automate the total testing process.

So once put the requirements in TD then for future reference or verifying the testcases or modification etc.
Question: What is the use of Test Director software?

Answer: Test Director is an efficient Management tool
for having more than 2-3 years of experience in testing.

Mostly Test Lead/Quality Lead can use this Tool for managing,organizing,planning the software projects.

Question: In Quality center, when you email a defect, the subject line for the email is shown as the project name + defect ID. How can we customize this subject line to be the SUMMARY of the defect? (not for each individual defect but I would like to customize the template so that I can use it for all the defect the I email)

Answer: You can always change the subject line by deleting the default subject and typing your own . Source:
Question: How Many Types tab in Testdirector and explain it

Answer: There are 4 tabs available in Testdirector.

1. Requirement -> to track the customer requirenments

2.Testplan -> to design the testcases & to store the testscripts

3.Testlab -> to exectue the testsets & track the results

4.Defect -> to log a defect & to track the logged defects
Question: Does anyone know of any integrations between Test Director and Rational Robot? Any ideas on the technical feasibility of such an integration and level of effort would also be interesting

Answer: Testdirector is software management tool. It is a Mercury Interactive product.

Rational Robot is a Rational product. It comes included with "TestManager" module for software management.

Integrating Testdirector and Rational robot is not feasible.
Question: What is Coverage status, what does it do?

Answer: Coverage status is percentage of testing covered at a given time. If you have 100 test cases in a project and you have finished 40 test cases out of total test cases than your coverage status of the project is 40%.Coverage status is used to keep track of project accomplishment to meet the final deadline of the deliverables.
Question: What is the difference between Master test plan and test plan?

Answer: Master test plan is the doccumaent in which each and every functional point is validated.

Test case docuument contains test cases, Test case is the perception with which probability of finding the defect is more.
Question: What does Test Grid contains ?

Answer: The Test Grid displays all the tests in a TestDirector project.

The Test Grid contains the following key elements:

Test Grid toolbar, with buttons of commands commonly used when creating and modifying the Test Grid.

Grid filter, displaying the filter that is currently applied to a column.

Description tab, displaying a description of the selected test in the Test Grid.

History tab, displaying the changes made to a test. For each change, the grid displays the f Source:
Question: What is meant by Test Lab in Test director?

Answer: Test cases to be executed in test lab. In this lab we are adding the all test cases as a test set and then run all test cases. Source:
Question: How can we export multiple test cases from TD in a single go?

Answer: Export to where? you didnt specify that. Anyway, if you want it to any office tools

1. select the multiple steps / cases you need

2. right click -> save as and proceed

Answer: QAInspect allows QA Professionals to convert WinRunner scripts into Security Scripts. QAInspect will then take these security scripts and scan the process and authentication type for Web Application Security vulnerabilities. QAInspect also has reports that are tailored to QA Professionals. WebInspect does not give you the ability to convert WinRunner Scripts.


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