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Bluetooth Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Bluetooth Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short-wavelength UHF radio waves in the ISM band from 2.4 to 2.485 GHz) from fixed and mobile devices, and building personal area networks (PANs). A Bluetooth device uses radio waves instead of wires or cables to connect to a phone or computer. A Bluetooth product, like a headset or watch, contains a tiny computer chip with a Bluetooth radio and software that makes it easy to connect. When two Bluetooth devices want to talk to each other, they need to pair.

Try Bluetooth Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Bluetooth Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Bluetooth Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is RJ-45 and full name of RJ-45?

Answer: RJ45 (Registered Jack 45) is a physical interface often used for terminating twisted pair type cables. "RJ" stands for Registered pack which is part of theUnited states Code of Federal Regulations. It has eight "pins" or electrical connections per connector.

It is frequently terminated using the T568A or T568B pin/pair assignments that are defined in TIA/EIA-568-B:
Question: Describe TCP flow control

Answer: The receiver will have buffers in order to collect the frames sent by sender. the buffer should not get over loaded. if the buffer becomes full, the receiver sends a stop signal to sender. the sender then stops transmitting data. after the receiver processes all data in buffer, it sends a go signal to the sender. then, the sender starts its transmission. it is flow control in tcp.
Question: Why is Bluetooth called a cable replacement technology?

Answer: Bluetooth technology allows the creation of Personal Area Networks without cables or wires that are usual in home networks. Source:
Question: What is Piconet?

Answer: A collection of devices connected through Bluetooth technology in an ad hoc fashion. Source:
Question: How does traceroute work

Answer: traceroute is used to find the quality of internet connection.

the cmd is used as: tracert

depending on the ms values displayed after the processing of the cmd, the latency is found and the quality is determined.
Question: What is IP Spoofing? What do hackers do with it

Answer: Ip spoofing is a technique used to gain unauthorized access to computers, whereby the intruder sends messages to a computer with an IP address indicating that the message is coming from a trusted host. To engage in IP spoofing, a hacker must first use a variety of techniques to find an IP address of a trusted host and then modify the packet headers so that it appears that the packets are coming from that host. Source:
Question: How can you keep a TCP connection from tearing down when no data will be sent for a long time?

Answer: What ever type of connection it is TCP cannot go tearing unless and untill the connection type is cut i.e if the connection type is dialup and you hung it up / if it is Ethernet port and you remove the rj 45 chord. No matter what time you send / do not send the data.
Question: What are the other (competing or not) wireless technologies?

Answer: Wi-Fi, IrDa, EDGE, UWB (Ultra Wide Band) Source:
Question: What are the different applications of bluetooth?

Answer: Bluetooth applications are cellphones to transfer data between two mobiles.Using bluetooth device connection can be possible with internet to computer using cellphones. Source:
Question: Which technology is used in Bluetooth for avoiding interference?

Answer: Frequency hopping is the technology used in Bluetooth. Source:
Question: What is ICMP, ARP, Multicast, Broadcast

Answer: ICMP:internet control message protocol

for PING command dis ICMP packets will come


To see the properties of TCP/IP protocol, means like if v want to know odar ssystem MAC address it ll b use ful

in dis (arp -a) and (arp -s) commands r der


class D is useful 4 multi casting

Broad casting

if all HID portion bits ones dat s broadcasting
Question: What companies are involved in the Bluetooth initiative?

Answer: Global technology leaders Ericsson, Nokia, IBM, Intel and Toshiba founded the Bluetooth SIG in 1998. These companies are now supported by over 1,000 other organizations with a wide range of expertise, including Widcomm, Inc. Source:
Question: What types of routing are possible in a wireless network

Answer: Static routingdyanmic routing(rip, igrp,eigrp and ospf) Source:
Question: What is Service Discovery Protocol?

Answer: Discovery services are crucial part of the Bluetooth framework. These services provide the basis for all the usage models. Using SDP, device information, services and the characteristics of the services can be queried and after that, a connection between two or more Bluetooth devices can be established. SDP is defined in the Service Discovery Protocol specification. Source:
Question: Difference between TCP and UDP

Answer: TCP-Transmission Control Protocol.
Protocol responsible for control over Transmission of data over the network.
It breaks the data into packets.
It supports error correction.

UDP-User Datagram Protocol
It also breaks the data into packets like the TCP.
But it does not support error correction. Source:
Question: What is the data throughput speed of a Bluetooth connection?

Answer: Bluetooth transfers data at a rate of 721 Kbps, which is from three to eight times the average speed of parallel and serial ports, respectively. This bandwidth is capable of transmitting voice, data, video and still images Source:
Question: Explain TCP connection establishment and tear down

Answer: Tcp connection is made as follows:

1) sender and receiver synchronizes so that a connection is made. The OS in both the end are informed that a conenction is established.

2) then sender starts transmitting data. it also gets acknowledgements. a timer is started as soon as the sender starts sending data.

3) if the sender has not received any ack even after the timer exceeds it limit, then it retransmits data.

4) in case of windowing,if the buffer on the recei Source:
Question: How many devices can communicate concurrently?

Answer: A Bluetooth device playing the role of the ?master? can communicate with up to 7 devices playing the role of the ?slave?. This network of ?group of up to 8 devices? (1 master + 7 slaves) is called a piconet. A piconet is an ad-hoc computer network of devices using Bluetooth technology protocols to allow one master device to interconnect with up to seven active slave devices (because a three-bit MAC address is used). Up to 255 further slave devices can be inactive, or parked, which the master dev Source:
Question: What is the data throughput speed of a Bluetooth connection?

Answer: Bluetooth transfers data at a rate of 721 Kbps, which is from three to eight times the average speed of parallel and serial ports, respectively. This bandwidth is capable of transmitting voice, data, video and still images Source:
Question: Name few applications of Bluetooth?

Answer: Wireless control of and communication between a cell phone and a hands free headset or car kit. This is the most popular use.<br>* Wireless networking between PCs in a confined space and where little bandwidth is required.<br>* Wireless communications with PC input devices such as mouses and keyboards and output devices such as printers.<br>* Transfer of files between devices via OBEX.<br>* Transfer of contact details, calendar appointments, and reminders between devices Source:

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