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BaseKit Website Builder Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

BaseKit Website Builder Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

BaseKit is a professional tool that lets you create a website without the need for technical knowledge. BaseKit gives you complete freedom and control when creating your website. It works straight in your browser so there's no need to download. BaseKit is the world's most flexible website builder. It allows you to create professional websites from within your browser in just a few clicks. It is available with select HostGator web hosting plans.

Try BaseKit Website Builder Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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BaseKit Website Builder Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try BaseKit Website Builder Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: How to Set the Background Color of the Section in BaseKit Website Builder?

Answer: 1. We will grad an instance of the Background widget and place it on our page.
2. We will then change the color from transparent to white, and adjust the size of the inner
3. Next we drag the previous two widgets, and drop them inside of the background widget.
4. As the final step, we will adjust the placement of the previous content. Source:
Question: How to download/edit sites made with BaseKit Site Builder?

Answer: Go back to your cPanel and click on the BaseKit logo again to go to the BaseKit page. Click on the
radio button with your domain name to publish the site to your domain. Click the "publish" button on
the dialog box that comes up to publish.
If you want to unpublish your site or edit your site later, you can click on the BaseKit icon again, and
make those changes. (Clicking the green checkmark allows you to unpublish.) Source:
Question: How to Add a Google Map in BaseKit Website Builder?

Answer: In Basekit, you can use the Google Maps Content Widget insert a interactive Google Map. You can
specify a general location, such as a city or region, or you can specify a specific address. You have the
choice of showing a street map, satellite map or a hybrid of the two. You can even add markers to the
map showing locations you want to draw attention to.
Inserting a Google Map
1.Navigate to the page you want to edit in BaseKit (or create a new page). The list of pages will
be i Source:
Question: How to create a sub-navigation menu in BaseKit Website Builder?

Answer: 1. Select Top Level
2. Give the folder a name so you can easily identify the pages it contains. This name does not appear in the navigation menu.
3. Tick this box if you want the folder to contain an index page.
4. Click CREATE FOLDER. Source:
Question: How can we delete a Column Area in BaseKit Website Builder?

Answer: You can delete a column area by clicking on the column area you want to remove. Be careful not to click on content you placed into the columns, because you do not want to accidentally delete that instead. You can tell the column are is selected because the outside border of the column area will change to a bolder line with tiny stripes.

You can then click on the red X immediately above the column area you just selected.

It will ask you to confirm you wish to deleted this widget. Source:
Question: How to create multiple Columns in BaseKit Website Builder?

Answer: Click on "Widgets" on the left side of the screen.
Click on "Content" to expand the Content Widget icons (if not already expanded).
Drag the "Column Layout" icon to the section of the page you want to divide into columns. This will automatically divide the section into two columns.
Click on the Gear icon immediately above the columns you just created to view the Settings. A dialog box will appear with the Column Settings.
If you want more than 2 columns, select the number of column Source:
Question: How does BaseKit work?

Answer: Log into cPanel and click the icon that says BaseKit SiteBuilder under the Software/Services section of cPanel.

You will be given the option for which domain you'd like to build a website for. This will list all the domains, subdomains, and addon domains on your account. Then click on the Setup SiteBuilder icon for the domain on which you'd like to build a site.

Next, choose what subdomain you'd like BaseKit to use as your preview URL and click the Finish Setup button. Source:
Question: How to Add the Embed Code in BaseKit Website Builder?

Answer: 1. Select the video by clicking on it (if its not already selected).
2. Click on the Gear icon to open the Settings panel.
3. Paste the embed code you obtained from YouTube, Vimeo or any other video site into the
Embed Code field. If there is something already there, you can replace it with the new embed
code you just obtained. This should change the video.
4. Click on the X to close the Settings panel. Source:
Question: How to Add Media in BaseKit Website Builder?

Answer: To add media from your local computer, click the "+" link to choose what files you'd like to add.
BaseKit will upload this to your Media Center and it will display in a list below the add link. You can
search these files with the search function (that's the field with the magnifying glass) or you can scroll
through the files. They are organized in two groups: files and images. Source:
Question: How to Add a Flickr Image Gallery to Basekit Website Builder?

Answer: 1. Drag and drop an instance of the Flickr widget onto your page.
2. With the widget selected, click on the gear icon in the widgets options tab.
3. You can type the direct URL of the album to display, or you can search for
images based on a keyword or a specific user.
4. You can also adjust the number of images to be displayed by changing the "quantity" shown.
5. You can also adjust the number of images to be displayed.
6. Now you can adjust the size and position of the galler Source:
Question: How to Resize and Move the Google Map in BaseKit Website Builder?

Answer: 1.Click on the Google Map.
2.You will notice eight (8) white squares along the borders of the map. You can click on any of
those squares, and while you are holding down the left mouse button, stretch and resize the
various sides of the map.
3.You can also click anywhere on the map itself (other than the white squares) or on the Move
icon immediately above the map, and while holding down the left mouse button, drag the map
anywhere on the page you want it to appear. Source:
Question: What is the process of adding Your Own Marker Image in BaseKit Website Builder?

Answer: 1.Click on the Media tab in the left column.
2.If you have not added the image yet, you will need to add an image. You can do that by
clicking on "+ Add" and it will open a dialog box asking which image you want to upload. Find
the image on your hard drive and click on the OK or Open button to upload the image.
3.Locate the image in the images tab. (Click on the word "Images" to expand it, if necessary.)
4.Click on the image you want, and drag it to the gray square that says "Drop Source:


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