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Search Engine Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Search Engine Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

A web search engine is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. The search results are generally presented in a line of results often referred to as search engine results pages (SERPs). A search engine is really a general class of programs, however, the term is often used to specifically describe systems like Google, Bing and Yahoo! Search that enable users to search for documents on the World Wide Web. An alternative to using a search engine is to explore a structured directory of topics. Yahoo, which also lets you use its search engine, is the most widely-used directory.

Try Search Engine Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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Search Engine Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Search Engine Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: How you will observe to find problem why website is not ranking ?

Answer: I will check any kind of over optimization like over use of same anchor text, so many backlinks from penalized websites or same type of link building method every time or too many back links in less time etc. Source:
Question: What do you mean by Anchor Text?

Answer: Clickable text written on an hyperlink is known as anchor text. It is of great value to the search engines and is used for evaluating the relevance of web pages with respect to search queries. Source:
Question: What do you understand by Frames in HTML?

Answer: A Frame is a HTML technique which divides the content of a page onto several parts. Search engines see Frames as completely different pages and as such Frames have a negative impact on SEO. We should avoid the usage of Frames and use basic HTML instead. Source:
Question: What is the procedure to display the information of Search Results in a Search Engine?

Answer: Search engines are used to search for a query by the user and display the result by selecting the web pages that are related to the query.

The sites that are under, the result returns the algorithm that is being analyzed, in case of web pages and stored in the search index.

Search engine displays the file size of the web page and it calculates according to the percentage of users being visited the website.

The web pages can be optimized for the better search result and th Source:
Question: What is Google Sandbox in SEO?

Answer: Google Sandbox is an imaginary area where new and less authoritative sites are kept for a specified time period until they establish themselves of being displayed on the search results. It happens by building too many links within a short period of time. Source:
Question: What is the use of using Keyword Prominence?

Answer: Keyword Prominence works on the principle of the location of the given keyword in the HTML source code and the web pages.

It depends on the availability of the word, higher the word in a page more prominence/weight it will have.

The weight is being assigned by the search engine and the result also comes out on the basis of the keyword prominence.

The location is also very important of placing of the keywords in the individual HTML tags.

The tags like , , etc. can be Source:
Question: How does Search Engine Perform?

Answer: Search Engines are used on the web to place the websites according to the ranking or suggestions.

Search engines can be placed on any site that needs to be made as search engine friendly. It allows the search engines to search the sites and display them on the front according to the pre-defined ranking criteria.

Once the site is suggested for the search engine then the website information gets collected and the links are followed on each web site.

The linked websites work Source:
Question: Who is Rand Fishkin?

Answer: Rand Fishkin is the CEO and Co founder of Seomoz, the most popular SEO Software in the world. He started the informative "White Board Friday" series for explaining the concepts related to Seo and search engines. Source:
Question: What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

Answer: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization while SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEO provides organic traffic to a website with the help of search engines while SEM involves the use of Google adwords and other paid channels of advertising. Source:
Question: Which is better Robots.txt or Meta Robots Tag?

Answer: Meta Robots tag is much better as it helps in forcing the Search Engine Crawlers not to index and display the hidden pages in your server. Source:
Question: How important is to have a keyword in a Domain Name?

Answer: After the recent EMD update, the weightage on the presence of keyword on a domain has reduced. It is therefore important to go for a domain name that can focus on building a brand rather than using only keywords which could make a domain look spammy. Although having keywords in the domain helps but it would work only if the combination comes out as brandable. Some popular examples of website which succeded without having keywords in it are,,,, Source:
Question: Which is more important - Building backlinks to a Website or building Great Content?

Answer: Both are important. Building Great Content is necessary as it is your first step towards ranking; and building backlinks helps to build authority to your website and is an important metric for ranking well. Hence both should go parallel and both are equally important. Source:
Question: Does inter linking important for seo and how you will do it in better way?

Answer: Yes it helps in passing link juice and increasing page views also. We will use different anchor text every time for doing it and will make our web pages do follow so link juice can be passed. Source:
Question: Who is Matt Cutts?

Answer: Matt Cutts is the head of Google's Web Spam Team. Source:
Question: What are Out Bound Links (OBL)?

Answer: An Outbound Link is a link from your website to another website. For example you have given link of another's website on your website & when any user click on same link Known as out bound links.
Question: If a website has a Search Engine Saturation of 40%, what does it mean?

Answer: It means 40% of web pages from that particular website are indexed by the search engine. Source:
Question: How can you track Facebook likes using Google Analytics?

Answer: We can do this with the help of social interaction web tracking. I will add a custom script using FB.Event.subscribe function to start tracking clicks. ( Learn how to track Facebook likes ) Source:
Question: Which are the free tools available you use for search engine optimization ?

Answer: Google webmaster tools,, Ahrefs, open link profiler, drop my link etc. Source:
Question: What are the limitations of Title and Description tags?

Answer: Title tag can be between 66-70 characters and meta description tag can be between 160-170 characters. Source:
Question: How will you treat Web Standards while Optimizing a Website?

Answer: Google loves web standards hence I will apply the web standards provided by W3C while optimizing a web site. Source:

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