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ELearning Software Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

ELearning Software Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

E-learning authoring tools are software or online services that enable users to create courses, simulations, or other educational experiences. Quite simply, e-learning is electronic learning, and typically this means using a computer to deliver part, or all of a course whether it's in a school, part of your mandatory business training or a full distance learning course. Building partnerships with quality training providers, and combining this with a dedicated experienced technical team and support staff, Virtual College provides the perfect blended learning environment, offering anyone the chance to take their online training to the next level.

Try ELearning Software Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
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ELearning Software Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try ELearning Software Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What else is there beside Captivate to create short videos?

Answer: Two other commonly used tools for video creation are Camtasia and Adobe Premiere. Camtasia has the advantage of having other e-learning features such as screen simulations for systems training. Source:
Question: Does Microsoft provide support for my LMS?

Answer: Microsoft recognizes that some customers have an internal LMS and prefer to host the Software AssuranceE-Learning in-house. With such a large number of LMS systems available in the industry, Microsoft is unable to provide support on loading these files into any specific LMS. If you are choosing to host the Software AssuranceE-Learning, you should contact your LMS provider for support on loading these files. Once loaded, if you need support regarding how the courses are playing. Source:
Question: What systems are used in e-Learning ?

Answer: A key element in any e-learning structure is a Learning Management System (LMS) or a
Learning Content Management System (LCMS), a software program that stores and
delivers the course content, and tracks student access and progress. A good example of
an up-to-date system is the eLeaP LMS that leverages Web 2.0 technology. We?ll talk
more about how an LMS works in a later section. Source:
Question: How does e-learning benefit your organization?

Answer: e-Learning is reusable, cost effective training process, where content is prepared and paid
for once but used again and again. It can be deployed rapidly and it is totally flexible to
meet the needs of an organization. Once created, the material can be delivered anywhere
and anytime with virtually no additional cost. Since e-learning is primarily self-directed,
there is no need for individuals to resolve the typical conflicts between their ongoing work
projects and required traini Source:
Question: How do determine the course titles that are within the .iso file I have downloaded?

Answer: Inside of each .iso file there is a file named readme.txt. This file contains the titles that correspond to the numbers on each of the zip packages. Source:
Question: What are Microsoft E-Learning downloads ?

Answer: In addition to the access and use of some online E-Learning courses, Software Assurance customers are also entitled to download some Microsoft E-Learning content files for use behind their organization?s corporate firewall. Source:
Question: What are the requirements for using this content?

Answer: . You will need a SCORM 1.2 conformantlearning management system (LMS) if you would like to track the results of your learners.

SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model)
? SCORM is a set of standards for building, hosting, and displaying e-learning content created by the Department of Defense under the Advanced Distributed Learning project. (
? The Microsoft E-Learning content has been tested for SCORM conformance using the ADL Conformance Test Suite.
? Mic Source:
Question: What is the difference between an LMS and an LCMS?

Answer: A, LMS (learning management system) is about how the learners interact with the content. An LMS can serve as the course catalog, a way for courses to be assigned, and a way for managers to track completion. A learning content management system (LCMS) is more about how developers create and manage the content from the developer?s perspective. An LCMS can provide a collaborative authoring environment, a reusable asset library, review tools, and ways to output content in multiple formats (such as s Source:
Question: What are the best options for graphics?

Answer: When working with graphics for e-learning, you need to make sure that you read the terms and agreements of whatever site you are working with. Be careful about assuming that you can use images from a Google search. You might instead want to consider fee-based sites like iStock, Shutterstock, or ThinkStock. Many of these sites have per-image and subscription plans. If you are likely to use a lot of characters in your courses, consider a subscription to the eLearning Brothers? character library. I Source:
Question: Do you have a recommended software that meets or is less constraining in 508 compliance ?

Answer: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and Lectora are all excellent choices for creating Section 508 courses for people with disabilities using assistive technology. Source:
Question: What does it cost to obtain this content?

Answer: E-Learning downloads are provided at no charge to Software Assurance customers. You can either download them from the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) website or order the learning kit of CDs for a small shipping and handling charge. Contact your large account reseller (LAR) to order the learning kits. Source:
Question: Is there a preference or reason for choosing xAPI, AICC, SCORM over the other?

Answer: xAPI, AICC, and SCORM are all communication protocols about how learning events talk to tracking systems. All are still in use today. AICC was the first standard, developed specifically for the aviation industry when there were no standards. It was useful enough that people outside of the industry started using it. Then SCORM was developed as a broader standard for all industries. xAPI is the much newer version that allows for more flexibility, especially with newer technology.
At this point, Source:


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