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Win Runner Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Win Runner Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

HP WinRunner software was an automated functional GUI testing tool that allowed a user to record and play back user interface (UI) interactions as test scripts. As a functional test suite, it worked with HP QuickTest Professional and supported enterprise quality assurance. Win Runner is an automated functional GUI testing tool that allows a user to record and play back UI interactions as test scripts. Win Runner is functional testing software for enterprise IT applications. It captures, verifies and replays user interactions automatically, so you can identify defects and determine whether business processes work as designed.

Try Win Runner Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Win Runner Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Win Runner Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is the difference between object repository and object spy?

Answer: ObjectRepository

It is a storage place which is used for storing the objects information and it also acts as an interface between the testscript and application inorder to identify the objects while execution or during execution.

Object Spy

It is a handy feature Provided by QTP to display the complete object information like methods,properties,syntax for methods,description of methods of both text and runtime objects then and there immediately Source:
Question: How many folders and files are created when we create a test script in Winrunner?

Answer: the folders are:exp:exoted result

db:debug folder

script:store recorded script

header: header function

guimap: write all gui object

lock: security

script.doc: backup for script

Question: How cache memory is released in winrunner?

Answer: Restart the winrunner.It will help you.
Question: If the object does not have a name then what will be the logical name?

Answer: If the object does not have a name then the logical name could be the attached text. Source:
Question: what are the advantages and disadvantages of waterfall model?

Answer: Advantages

if our Requirements are constant means there is no chance of changing of requirement means before going to Development we can freeze the requirements then it is a best model. and as it is the simplest model so if we will use this model then it is cost saving also


If our Requirements are not constant means there is some chance of changing the requirements in between then it is not the better practice to use this one

Lastly keep one thing in min Source:
Question: What is the purpose of return statement?

Answer: This statement passes control back to the calling function or test. It also returns the value of the evaluated expression to the calling function or test. If no expression is assigned to the return statement, an empty string is returned.
Syntax: return [( expression )]; Source:
Question: what are the limitations of winrunner in testing?

Answer: Limitations of winrunner in testing:

1.It should not support Dotnet applications.

2.It should not support XML.

3.It should not support Multimedia.

Question: Why you use reload function?

Answer: If you make changes in a module, you should reload it. The reload function removes a loaded module from memory and reloads it (combining the functions of unload and oad).
The syntax of the reload function is:
reload ( module_name [ ,1|0 ] [ ,1|0 ] );
The module_name is the name of an existing compiled module.
Two additional optional parameters indicate the type of module. The first parameter indicates whether the module is a system module or a user module: 1 indicates a system module Source:
Question: What is TL step?How do you use it in winrunner?This question was asked in my interview.I dont know the exact answer.can any one help

Answer: tl_step is a function with the help of which we can mention about the pass or fail status of a particular step or point in the test script.

The syntax is tl_step(step_name,Description,0/1)

step_name: The name that we want to get appeared in the Test Result.

Description: The description of the step name.

0/1: It tells whether the step gets passed or failed. 0 is used when the test step gets passed and 1 is used when it fails.
Question: How to iterate through each worksheet of an excel file in win runner tsl?

Answer: 1. write code using one set of data or one complete cycle2. go for tools and select data driven approch3. their u will get a window asking existing database or create new go for existing and select exel sheet4. press nextit will ask which field to be replaced with which do it and complete Source:
Question: What are the virtual objects and how do you learn them?

Answer: You can teach WinRunner to recognize any bitmap in a window as a GUI object by defining the bitmap as a virtual object.
You can create virtual push buttons, radio buttons, check buttons, lists, or tables, according to the bitmap?s behavior in your application. If none of these is suitable, you can map a virtual object to the general object class. Source:
Question: How to test the stored procedure???

Answer: You first unit-test each procedure by feeding it appropriate test data, observing the outcome, and retesting as needed to make sure the bug fixes contain no new errors. Unit-testing a stored procedure involves a series of test-debug-retest cycles. The number of cycles will depend on your company's defect tolerance, your application's release date, and, of course, the "bugginess" of your code. Source:
Question: How do you edit the expected value of an object?

Answer: We can modify the expected value of the object by executing the script in the Update mode. We can also manually edit the gui*.chk file which contains the expected values which come under the exp folder to change the values. Source:
Question: what is the new feature add in qtp 8.0 compare in qtp 6.0

Answer: QuickTest Professional 8.2 contains the following new features: The new Business Component Keyword View helps you design your components quickly and easily, in a self-documenting tabular user interface that requires no programming knowledge. The Business Component Keyword View is similar in appearance and functionality to the Steps tab in the Business Components module in Quality Center. This enables both QuickTest and Quality Center users to see the same component content.The new Function Defin Source:
Question: can we check spell check using WinRunner if yes? how?

Answer: We can check the spellings in winrunner using Gui checkpoints.

create->Gui checkpoint
Question: Write and explain various loop command?

Answer: A for loop instructs WinRunner to execute one or more statements a specified number of times. It has the following syntax:
for ( [ expression1 ]; [ expression2 ]; [ expression3 ] )
i. First, expression1 is executed. Next, expression2 is evaluated. If expression2 is true, statement is executed and expression3 is executed. The cycle is repeated as long
as expression2 remains true. If expression2 is false, the for statement terminates and execution passes to the first statemen Source:
Question: How do you create parameterize SQL commands?

Answer: A parameterized query is a query in which at least one of the fields of the WHERE clause is parameterized, i.e., the value of the field is specified by a question mark symbol ( ? ). For example, the following SQL statement is based on a query on the database in the sample Flight Reservation application:
i. SELECT Flights.Departure, Flights.Flight_Number,
Flights.Day_Of_Week FROM Flights Flights WHERE
(Flights.Departure=?) AND (Flights.Day_Of_Week=?)
SELECT defines the columns to incl Source:
Question: What is the command in Winrunner ti invoke IE Browser?
And once I open the IE browser is there a unique way to identify that browser?

Answer: web_invoke_application("window name", url, time to create) Source:
Question: In Winrunner we have two types of recording modes i.e, Analog and Context Sensitve mode.
Is it possible to record both the modes for one application. Give me a clarification.

Answer: It is possible to record both mode in one application

while recording gui obj. we use context sensetive mode and if in our application there is digital signature then we switch to analog by pressing F2.
Question: 1) What is start up script.
2) what is ment by cookies.
3) what are the attributes of a bug.
4)What is start point and end point of testing.
5)what is entry and exit criteria of v.s.s .

Answer: Start up Script

Start up script is a script which will start automatically when we will start Winrunner for our use....

For this we have to set this script in Start up Path.........


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