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Groupware Servers Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Groupware Servers Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

A groupware server is a computer server utilized as a connection for various clients who use it to host and share files as part of a collaborative work environment. The number of clients connected to this server typically depends on the scope and nature of the project. Since this is part of a groupware project, there is typically software installed onto the various client computers to allow for better communication between the clients and access to the server. A groupware server can be used to reduce unnecessary or repetitive communication between team members and to increase productivity.

Try Groupware Servers Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Groupware Servers Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Groupware Servers Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is the difference between Groupware Appointments and CRM Activities?

Answer: Groupware Appointments are synchronized using mapping techniques, whereas the CRM activities are getting class or category appointments using the CRM techniques.
CRM activities don?t include the exception that has occurred in the meeting series, whereas all the logs and exceptions are maintained in Groupware system.
CRM activities are present in different category but they are represented in task based list and then they will be synchronized to the groupware. Whereas, the category that is Source:
Question: Explain different types of setting's properties included for customization in Groupware Servers?

Answer: The setting?s properties which are involved in groupware having, value and description attached to it. These are as follows:

This is a transaction type that is used to create a new appointment and used in the CRM. This allows the process type to be chosen including the types like Business activity or meeting. This type gets created by default and user will be prompted for it.

This is also a transaction type that is used to c Source:
Question: What are the issues involved with Communication and Collaboration Layers of Groupware Servers?

Answer: The issues involved in communication as well as Collaboration layers are as follows:-
The email system that is designed to support the client must be able to handle the text, images, video and sound and allow the clients to upload or use the same.
The email support system should be able to check the format that is being used by the files that are getting uploaded or used. No file should have the same format.
The email support systems are not need to be compatible between different org Source:
Question: Which Control Panel tool enables you to automate the running of Groupware Server Utilities and other Applications?

Answer: Groupware systems come defined under two natures.
These natures are as follows:
Synchronous groupware: includes the class of application that assist a group of physically separated people to interact with one another using real time systems or objects that are shared over the network. Synchronous groupware requires real-time coordination with their clients to find out the exact nature of the communication they are having.
Asynchronous groupware: includes the use of electronic mails, s Source:
Question: What are the steps involved in building a custom export in case of Groupware Servers?

Answer: To build custom export certain steps has to be followed:
1. Construct a special URL in the browser to build a custom export and the URL should have the folder in which your installation step is present.
2. Choose parameters that are data specific like folders, view, begin, etc.
3. Navigate through the tree and place the complete dataset in the folder structure in which others are also placed. The folders can be represented by a number or a string. The example shows that: e.g. folder=10 Source:
Question: How is the Synchronized Information Stored in Groupware Servers?

Answer: There is a history that is maintained to store the information of the two entities that are related to each other and are already synchronized. This also keeps the information about the entity that is last updated on the server. This information is required to keep the link between the two always synchronized. This will help in not loosing any data and maintaining tasks, appointments and contacts as synchronized entities. It is very necessary for a large system to keep the data preserved. The sy Source:
Question: What are the main functions performed by Groupware Systems?

Answer: Groupware Systems are classified on the basis of the functions performed by them at higher levels.
The functions those are included:
Computer mediated communication- this includes direct communication with one another and have in implementation the meeting and decision support system to understand the nature of the conversation.
Shared applications- this includes the applications that are shared over the network like the objects that are required for the communication. The shared appl Source:
Question: Write a program that shows all the consolidated appointments at one place?

Answer: The program below shows all the appointments in a folder that is consolidated and filter is being used to sort out the result:
&filters=handle|eq|this is used to get all appointments together
The appointments are good way to remain organized and allow the data to be maintained in an orderly manner. The filters Source:
Question: What are the functionalities performed on the front end of the Groupware Server?

Answer: The front end server includes communication protocols that are used to communicate from one system to another system.
This includes:
Mail User Agent (MUA) - This allows easy delivery of mails from one user to another user and allows the user to communicate with one another as well.
Email Messages- This includes composing of the mails, managing the mails and taking certain actions on them, sending them to other person, and receiving mails from other people with whom the communication i Source:
Question: What are the possibilities that can occur if the Contact is Created or Changed on Groupware System?

Answer: Changing of contact or creation of it requires some steps to change few settings to allow it to be synchronized with the groupware system:
- If there is any change in the contact then for the private data there won?t be any special handling that has to be done.
- If there is any business related data that includes account name, work address and phone number, etc. then a request is sent to the server to synchronize all the addresses and it links the changed account with the server. A search Source:
Question: What are the different types of modules that are included in groupware?

Answer: Modules are assigned to every folder structure, in groupware it is maintained in the form of tree structure. The permissions have to be set respective of the users or groups and the folders associated with it.
The modules that are associated with groupware are as follows:
- Portal module is a customizable module having an overview page that consists of the summaries of the folders and web-pages.
- Search module offers wide range of global search results by searching it throughout the f Source:
Question: What are the general implementation issues in the Groupware Systems?

Answer: The issues involved are as follows:-
1. Collection: The collection of all the files at one place need to be done to increase the possibility of having the files properly indexed.
2. Organization: The resources need to be properly indexed and organized to make the search faster in case of any query.
3. Management and Processing: The management of the resources needs to be done to allow the processing of new entries and replacing the old entries with the new one.
4. The function nee Source:
Question: What is the process, if the synchronization of same file has to be done on different machines?

Answer: The problem that arises due to the synchronizing the same file on different machines will have an impact on the overall system. This will happen due to outdated file on one system has to overwrite or an error might occur when trying to overwrite the file due to signature problem.

The process that can be followed is as follows:
1. Load history files that consist of the information regarding the server?s transaction.
2. Check with the server that the new entries exist when the other Source:
Question: What is a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) in case of Groupware Servers?

Answer: The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) consists of a link and the path of the folder structure where all the files are located and associated with each other. The example is given below:

This is used to export the data like news feed in RSS format and display according the view that is selected. The time can also be added to represent the actual date on which the export Source:
Question: What is the difference between Contact and Account Synchronization?

Answer: Contacts are synchronized using the business partners and their co-operation in synchronizing the contacts, whereas the accounts are not synchronized using this method.
Contacts consists of the individual listing of all the clients associated in groupware, whereas accounts consists of the consolidated list of all the contacts in total that are present in the overall groupware management panel.
Contacts are synchronized using the company information that includes address and contact number Source:
Question: What is the function of Binary Large objects (BLOBS) in Groupware Systems?

Answer: Binary Large objects (BLOBS) allow the application to be portable and that they can be multi-platform. These applications are platform dependent but not the architecture dependent. They provide copies of the application that can be used on different platforms. The files that are created get stored in a single database file and proper indexing is being done to make the search faster. B+ tree algorithm is used to make the search function and pointers are used that points to the beginning of the fi Source:
Question: What is Tomcat?

Answer: * Tomcat is a Java Servlet container and web server from the Jakarta project of the Apache software foundation.
* A web server responds with web pages to requests from client browsers.
* Web servers can provide dynamic content based on the requests sent by the user.
* Tomcat is very good at this because it provides both Java servlet and JavaServerPages (JSP) technologies.
* Tomcat can also be used as a web server for many applications even if free servlet and JSP engine is wanted.
Question: What are the steps involved in identifying new or deleted entries in groupware?

Answer: The entities that are new or deleted can be identified by groupware just be seeing the history that consists of all the records and the data for the entry. The entry in the history usually is having a missing entry on one side and it is to be deleted. The appointment can be checked in this case by moving the timeslot that is not included in the current time frame. The new or deleted entries can be identified by looking at the ID and have a search for the entries in the database. If the exact res Source:
Question: What are the ways to access various Groupwares?

Answer: There are several data sources through which the simple groupware can be accessed. The accessing services are as: IMAP, SMTP, POP3, etc. The data that is outside the database need to be read by creating a folder and creating a mount-point for that data source. The data source can be imported by uploading the files to ?<sgs-dir>/import? folder and the mount-point is set on that folder. The mount-point that is externally defined will allow easy integration of the groupware tree structure and Source:
Question: How to handle the addresses for the contacts in groupware?

Answer: Address handling of contacts is not an easy task as it requires quite up and down from the server. It requires the data to be transferred from server to client and this is simple. The data that is sent to client is overwritten or if it is not already created then it gets created at that time. The transaction from client to server is complex procedure as the contacts that are being given from client to the server requires ample amount of time and it requires the server to accept the messages from Source:

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