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Siebel General Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Siebel General Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

Siebel is an application for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Siebel supports different industry applications (Pharma, Finance, Communications). Typical Siebel applications areas are call center applications, sales and marketing, field service, campaign management, customer management.

Try Siebel General Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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Siebel General Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try Siebel General Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is the difference between siebel sales and call center applications ?

Answer: Siebel sales application is use to enabling sales force to do work effectively.sales application is use to identifying top opertunity and to better manager those oppertunity.
callcenter application is use to give service and support to customer,create new customer Source:
Question: What are the differences between siebel 7.8 and 8.0?

Answer: The Major differences between siebel 7.x and 8.x

1) Siebel 8.0 has introduced Task UI for task automations.

2) Siebel 8.0 has Object Level check out which was not possible before.

3) Business user properties have become drop down list in tools and hence no need to remember syntax for each Source:
Question: What is eapps.cfg file. and what is its significance.

Answer: Eapps.cfg file means swse.

This significance is which application should point to which object manager.

Question: What is All Mode Sort?

Answer: This property determines whether or not siebel will override the sort specification and if so determines the sort that will be applied to the BC for All or Manager's view. The values are TRUE, FALSE or NORMAL

NORMAL --uses BC defined sort specification
True --Overrides the BC osrt and Uses the U1 index
False - Removes all sorting.
Question: How is load balancing maintained in Siebel?

Answer: Load balancing is maitained by the Gateway server using the third party software Resonate Central Dispatch. Source:
Question: How do you configure a MVG.

Answer: To Configure MVG Both join and link are necessary.Expand BC Where u have the joined field. Go to multi value link create a new record give any name as it should not be null. In Destination BC property choose the BC where the joined field is originating (Child BC).In Destination link press F2 and pick the appropriate link.Go to field of parent BC create a field as ssa primary and give a join if BC has extensions like S_org_ext for account BC and give the column name (foreign key). Thengo to Multi Source:
Question: What is the use of catch in escript?

Answer: The catch clause is used to handle the exception. To raise an exception, use the throw statement.
When you want to trap potential errors generated by a block of code, place that code in a try
statement, and follow the try statement with a catch statement. The catch statement is used to
process the exceptions that may occur in the manner you specify in the exception_handling_block.
The following example demonstrates the general form of the try statement with the catch clause. In < Source:
Question: What is the difference between EIM and EAI?

Answer: EIM : It is batch mode Integration. When data valume is large then we have to go to EIM

EAI : It is real time Integration. When data valume is small then we have to go to EAI
Question: Is it possible to have multiple database servers for one gateway server.

Answer: YES, But it needs multiple enterprise servers, for multiple database. As not more than one database, could be added to an enterprise server, these inturn could be connected to a single Gateway Server Source:
Question: What are the different types of Columns.

Answer: Columns: 1.Data (Public), 2.Data (Private), 3.Denormalized, 4.Extension, 5.System
Question: What is an extension table and how is it related to base table?

Answer: Extension table may be 1:1 realation table to the base table or a 1:M relation to the base table.

1:1 extension table and the base table are logically considered as a single table.

Par_row_id will be the foriegn key.

Question: How to run Genbscript.exe?

Answer: The syntax for running genbscript is:

When you run genbscript.exe, all browser scripts in the repository are generated. They are placed in a directory that you specify using the destination directory parameter (dest_dir). The genbscript.exe utility is located in:

siebsrv_root/bin or client_root/bin

genbscript config_file dest_dir [language]

For example:

genbscript c:sea15022clientinenuuagent.cfg c:sea15022clientpublicenu enu
Question: Why do we use Symbolic Strings in Siebel 77

Answer: In Siebel the text that is displayed on the screens and views are stored in the repository and compiled to an SRF file. This includes the names of every screen, views and fields. When you display a page the server uses the SRF file to determine which fields to show and what test (strings) are associated with each fied. This model of keepijng the strings from the view definition is called symbolic strings.

Reduces the redundancy
Simplifies maintenance because only you have to Source:
Question: the employee in the database?

Answer: The employee details will be stored in contact (his personal information), employee (his position, organisation) and user (his user ID, pasword and other details) entities.

Question: Where does the Primary Field of an MVG stored?

Answer: Primary Id Field will be stored in the Parent BC. Source:
Question: What does install.ksh and imprep.ksh files do?

Answer: Imprep.ksh : This is a database unix shell script provided by siebel for importing all your sif files in siebel repository.It is automatically run while installing siebel and it prepares Repository file in tools.
Install.ksh : contains all manually applied installation files. Source:
Question: What is the difference between Links and Multi Value links?

Answer: Link is used for Master Detail View of two BCs. where as MVL is used to view the child records using MVG. MVL uses Link to get the records from the child BC. Source:
Question: What is s_party table?

Answer: S_PARTY Table is the Base Table for all the Party related tables.





and etc.

the party tables can have the implied joins. the party related BC's have the S_PARTY as the base table. so, any of these tables are extension tables.
Question: What is the use of LDAP user ?

Answer: It is used as a third party authentication for an end user which can be modified to have a single sign on to multiple application apart from Siebel. Source:
Question: How will you improve your performance in views?

Answer: The basic factors for performance decrease in views will be. more number of applets. which led to many links. and more joined fields in a single applet. MVG's which do not have the primaries set. Source:

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