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SQR Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

SQR Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

SQR (Hyperion SQR Production Reporting, Part of OBIEE) is a programming language designed for generating reports from database management systems. The name is an acronym of Structured Query Reporter, which suggests its relationship to SQL (Structured Query Language). SQR is a specialized programming language for accessing, manipulating, and reporting enterprise data. With SQR, you build complex procedures that perform multiple calls to multiple data sources and implement nested, hierarchical, or object-oriented program logic.

Try SQR Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode


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SQR Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try SQR Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: Outer join, inner join in sql?

Question: Exp in Object oriented prog?

Question: How do u decide between appeng/Ci and SQR while conversion?

Question: Diff b/w BI,CI,IB?

Question: How can you send emails using SQR

Answer: using call system command
Question: Tell me ur experience with CI?

Question: What is difference between Load Look up and Array

Answer: Load Lookup is essentailly an array which acts in the form of a table. Load Lookup is used to reduce the complexity of joins - it populates the values of a certain field depending on the ke field specified from a certain table. Then the users can query from the preloaded lookup table instead of joining tables.

While arrays are used to store and retrieve data using the get and put commands
Question: What is search Record?
How to create SQC?
How to connect other application in component interface?

Answer: Search record is a record that has at least one search key. Sqc is nothing but sqr program , but the saving convention is sqc. By using Keys , methods , and properties we can connect other application in ci.<br> Source:
Question: Performance tuning of SQR?

Question: Normalization in oracle?

Question: What are the compulsary SQC's that should be used in SQR Program?

Answer: Setenv.sqc,setup02.sqc,prcsapi.sqc,prcsdef.sqc,curdttim.sqc,datetime.sqc are some of the SQC's that should be present. Source:
Question: How do you generate tow output files from one SQR.

Answer: Using create report you can create multiple reports in one single SQR report
Question: Did u worked with functions, procedures in SQR?

Answer: Yes. It is similar to use function, procedure and packages in SQR. The only difference is - Use begin-Sql Begin procedure(param1,param2) End End-Sql Source:
Question: Did u worked with functions, procedures in SQR?

Answer: Yes. It is similar to use function, procedure and packages in SQR. The only difference is - Use begin-Sql Begin procedure(param1,param2) End End-Sql Source:
Question: Experience in UNix?

Question: What is the difference in using inner join and outer joins?

Answer: Inner join : An inner join (sometimes called a "simple join") is a
join of two or more tables that returns only those rows that satisfy the join condition.

Outer Joins : An outer join extends the result of a simple join. An
outer join returns all rows that satisfy the join condition and also returns some or all of those rows from one table for which no rows from the other satisfy the join condition
Question: We wish to print the EMPLID in the BARCODE Format. What are the commands we have to be used in SQR?

Answer: PRINT-BAR-CODE Source:


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