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PS Mixed Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

PS Mixed Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode

PS/nVision retrieves information from your PeopleSoft database and places it into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, in a form that helps you see the big picture, explore details, and make decisions. You use familiar Excel commands to format and analyze the data. With PS/nVision, you spend your time analyzing results rather than summarizing data and entering it into a spreadsheet.

Try PS Mixed Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode

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PS Mixed Interview Questions & Answers - Learning Mode
Try PS Mixed Interview Questions & Answers - Exam Mode
Question: What is the difference between SaveEdit and FieldEdit?

Answer: Field edit can be used to locally check the syntactial errrors made by end user( mostly). It can be used for conplex checking operations too but rarely.

Save edit is used to check the logical existance or invalid datta inputs.It can be used for conplex checking operations.

Example if a broker becomes ineffective after a perticualr date, and if some calculations are done after that date, logic can be written in save edits to stop further processing and help the user identify anot Source:
Question: ?Trace 255 command line option produces the trace file with the name?

Answer: PID.AET Source:
Question: Two Program views of AE Program?

Answer: Definition, Program flow Source:
Question: Activate Event is Valid for following

Answer: Standard & Secondary Source:
Question: Different sql statements and metasql statements.

Question: What are different peoplecode events?

Answer: fiels edit,fi


field default,

field formula










Question: What the following command will do? psadmin -p start -d hrdmo

Answer: Starts a Process Scheduler Source:
Question: Meta-SQL where is it stored

Answer: a) Temp Table b) SQL Table c) Query Table d) Dynamic(Guess: Temp Table, check People books ? App Engine) Source:
Question: What are the differences between AE and SQR?

Question: What is the minimum number of objects an object group can consist of?

Answer: 1 19. Source:
Question: You just finished customization work that involved the creation of many new objects. You must now migrate these objects from your development database (source) to a testing database (target) to conduct more elaborate testing.Referring to the above information, why would adding your objects to a Project
streamline the migration to a new database?

Answer: Projects provide the ability to migrate all objects at once or each object type individually. * Source:
Question: What is the event that fires after all database updates are over

Answer: Save post change Source:
Question: What is commitment control?

Question: Display Characteristics are associated with which peolecode event

Answer: A & B Source:
Question: Where do u maintain hierarchies & Create access groupsTree Manager

Question: My Asst. Manager approves some document; She uses some screens which presents her with all the data. What she do to minimize the data

Answer: Advance search Source:
Question: Which of the following technology is used in app messaging

Answer: XML Source:
Question: Config. Command for JOLT

Answer: psserver in configuration properties Source:
Question: What is the logic used by Component Buffer

Answer: Depth First Algorithm Source:
Question: How do you debug your AE?


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